Black Ops 2 Free on Steam This Weekend, Double XP ‘Til Monday

Two reasons to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this weekend: Treyarch is hosting another double XP event, and Steam users get to enjoy the game for free.

Starting today, Friday, February 22, at 10 am PST until Monday, February 25, at 10 am PST, Treyarch will be hitting the double XP switch for Black Ops 2’s multiplayer on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii.

Steam users might want to head on over to the store to catch some free play time with Black Ops 2 on the PC. A special “free weekend” event is being held from now until this Sunday, February 24, at 1 am PST.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 8.40.10 AM

Remember, February 28 marks the day PlayStation 3 and PC users get a chance at at downloading Black Ops 2’s first DLC, Revolution. Check out our review here.

  • Own on xbox but never never play it . I might get this and get back into the game!

  • Sterling

    Do just need to be patient? It’s not on!!!

  • lolol

    Oh boy, a COD article! Since I’m a pathetic losere who has nothing to do better in life, I’m going to troll it and faff on about how COD sucks and BF3 is better and how my subjective opinion is somehow the undeniable truth. It’s the only way I can get any degree of fulfillment in my pitiful existence.

    • Done with this shit.

      Yeah its become a norm now around here in mp1st. How in every cod or bf article(or console topics whatsoever) there’s this one man who keeps on making condescending and sarcastic comments that’ll always happen to start a fanboy clash, and everytime somebody reacts on to him, he’ll start to say something about fishes and baits, and replying something contradicting to them afterwards.

      Really David, shits gone utterly stupid down here in the comments section. Site needs some moderation or some other mechanism or whatever.

      • Niosus

        You can report those posts by clicking the little arrow in the top left corner of the comment and clicking “flag as inappropriate”. I know it’s really hard to find, I wish Disqus would at least give us the option to make the report button more visible. Using report notifies us immediately and we do remove posts.

        There will always be a few rotten apples, Just downvote and report. For more in depth and mature discussion you might want to check out the forums. There is barely any cod/bf fanboying going on over there and our mods do a very good job at keeping thing clean.

        • Yeah I’m Mad As Hell

          I know its over there, but most of the time they always come back (With a different username, on a different post/article, etc). I really find it hard to enjoy a normal, unbiased, and intellectual conversation when the guy I’m talking to is just plugging his ears with his fingers and starts yelling “lalalalala I can’t hear you X still sucks Y is still better hahaha another fish bites again”. It just pains me how quick an actual decent thread can go to shit once a troll starts messing around.

          Thanks for the reply though.

          • Niosus

            I know they can come back, but 99% of them don’t bother masking or changing their IP. We can list all comments placed by the same IP so changing the username or posting on a different post is not going to help them.

            No matter what, clicking the report button will always have more effect than not clicking it. Also note that after a comment gets reported a few times it will become hidden until a mod approves it.

            With a little bit of help from the community I’m sure we can get the comment section cleaner!

  • brad

    i assume this is mp only and i wont be able to play zombies?

  • Ahh noooo I’m busy at the weekend whyyy!!!

  • mackan

    black ops 2 is a good game!!!

    • hm

      Black Ops 2 is a good game with lag compensation that completely kills it!

      • bob

        Only bad players complain of lag. I’ve played with a slow wifi connection and a fast ethernet connection and had no issues. I have a 1.51 k/d in Black Ops 2 and only had .8 k/d in MW3

      • Stephen

        black ops 2 on PC doesnt have lag compensation because it uses dedicated servers something the console couterparts dont use.

        • Trevor

          No, Black Ops 2 doesn’t use dedicated servers. Past cods on PC have used it, like cod 4 and waw, but MW2 didn’t, I think Black Ops 1 did, MW3 had a tool that allowed it, but Black Ops 2 never used it. It’s dumb as shit.

  • Stephen

    This is really nice for those undecided on the PC version to try the game and see if its worth buying or not.

    well for those who don’t know it does use dedicated servers but of course it is matchmaking. in other words it match makes you to a nearby dedicated server.

    Enjoy and have fun to those who get it

    • HighBob

      I was undecided. Now I think that it’s a great comeback in series after not that great BO 1 and terrible MW3. I just love balance, badges, game not announcing 1000 things because you gained a kill (just silently shows you badges) and no connection problems as it was in MW3. I’m level 50 now, so you should guess I am entertained. 🙂

      • hm

        BO1 is the best in the series 🙁

        • HighBob

          without famas, ak74u and wa2000 it would be good. Apparently, these weapons make bigger imbalance than g18 akimbo from mw2. In BO2, I think that PDW got a little bit too big range, and swat-556 should have its weapon jam mechanics tweaked a bit. If BO1 was as balanced and stable as BO2, it would actually be best in series. But they learned by their mistakes, and it seems like this CoD is decent at last.

  • Hot-wire

    Wish it was double weapons Xp. I’m already prestige master from the last event.

  • lll

    holy shit,only noob and idiots on my team jesus

    • taj1994

      Welcome to Call of Duty

  • Nah

    Free is the only way I will play COD. Copy and paste should be free.

    • taj1994

      The campaign is definitely not copy and paste. That’s half the game right there. The multiplayer also has some big changes this time, instead of just minor ones.

  • Jamic

    I tried it and…
    – Controls feel kinda loose
    – Sounds are flat
    – Moving doesnt feel right (IMO)
    – Graphics are okay but could use some colour grading
    – Campers everywhere, I thought people were joking about this… (though I find it easy to bust these campers out)
    – ADS drops my FPS (from 60 to 45-50) which itself isnt a big deal but constant transistioning feels highly irretating

    I do enjoy it but not enough to get me buy it.

  • Double XP next weekend too?

    Will there still be double xp when they release the maps on the 28th?