Black Ops 2 – Game Design Director Hints at Possible “War-Like” Game Mode

Treyarch Game Design Director hints at some possible new game modes making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, including something similar to the old fan-favorite, “War.”

In a recent Reddit “Ask-Me-Anything” along with Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows, David Vonderhaar was asked if Treyarch would ever consider bringing back the game mode “War” to Black Ops 2, originally introduced in Call of Duty 3 and later, World at War.

In War, two teams would fight to capture up to five different territories set up in a straight line across a map. Your job was to push back enemy forces, fighting for and capturing their territory until all territories have been claimed, thus winning the match. Treyarch also introduced a “momentum” system that allowed teams to capture flags faster by getting kills.

In response to the request of it’s return, Vonderhaar said, “no plans to bring back War at this time.” Though, he added, “never say never. Here is a hint. We have a very War like mode, that isn’t exactly War, that I would love to tell you about, but I can’t because … dragged away by PR.”

However, according to Vonderhaar, there is more than one game mode that the team is currently testing out. When asked if “All or Nothing” would ever make a return in Black Ops 2, Vonderhaar answered, though he would “absolutely” like to see something like that added in, “we haven’t released any details, or even decided which [game modes], nor could I give you a count or time, we have several games modes we play in development.” He added, “we have some [of] our own new game modes we are eager to try out.”

That brings us to ask the question, what game modes would you like to see added to Black Ops 2 in the future? Is “War” or “All or Nothing” on your list?

  • please

    Or a patch to fix ps3 issue would be better

    • They ARE working on it, you know. And they’re already released one patch, so you can’t claim otherwise.

      • please

        Did i say otherwise . . . No so go play on the motorway before you play big mans

      • Joe

        Don’t worry about PS3 people — every year at launch they bitch & moan at how unplayable the game is & how Xbox gets preferential treatment & yada yada yada. Yet every year they buy the fucking game again. Call me crazy, but if a game fucks me over annually, I quit buying it after year 2 (I’ll give people a 2nd chance), I’m not still bitching in year 7…

        • Dirtknap

          Short memory huh? XBOX players were jipped following the launch of MW2, there were issues months after release, whereas the PS3 versions issues were resolved much more swiftly. BLOPS took a while to be ironed out, though that was nothing lobby shopping couldn’t fix, MW3 was a lag comp nightmare regardless of platform but had little else wrong with it post launch. BLOPS II has already improved on PS3, the reality is (though further dev support and tweaks are required) a ton of the complaints PS3 guys have can be addressed by ensuring they have the best possible physical connection in use, setting up port forwarding and choosing the “best” matchmaking option (amongst other things).

  • we got 4 hc modes and he is talking about more game modes. thanks mr. vonderhaar

    • pre launch this guy (or was it Mark Lamia)talked it up about more support for hardcore game modes. What a dissappointment that turned out to be

      • It has only been a week.

        • totally beside the point. I recall both Black Ops and Mw3 both had more hardcore options available at launch

          • They have plenty of time to add more if hardcore proves to be popular enough to validate adding the extra game modes.

  • Mike Shinoda

    War got you shit loads of XP on World At War! I’d love this to come back

  • Skrying

    Honestly, More hardcore modes would be nice.

    • nightwing2097

      i dont play hardcore, but i agree with this statement, theres a lack of them, 4 modes? seems a bit under par,

    • therapiist

      Yes more hardcore modes!! I was pretty shock that we only get 4.

      • can we get one without a respawn timer like in MW3? HC Dom was good as it was fast gameplay because of no respawn timer but hard – surprised they don’t have HC Hardpoint since it’s their new mode…

    • dpg70

      Agreed. I just played my first ever CoD hardcore round on Friday. went back and played one round of standard and I haven’t touched anything but HC since. Absolutely loving it. Definitely need more playlists

  • Dan

    Team Snipers like in Halo

  • Ed

    And yet there are still only 4 hardcore modes. What ah bunch of monkeys.

  • Dazza464

    I’d like to stop playing the game type, lets get shot in the back every thirty seconds.

    • Lagged in the Back

      Dazza464 •Said “I’d like to stop playing the game type, lets get shot in the back every thirty seconds.”

      That’s a better mode than “Get Shot In The Back Every Three Seconds : Mode” that I play.

      • Lagged in the Back Mode

        Or the other modes – “I Shoot First, But I Die First Mode”, “One Clip, One Kill – But I Still Die First Mode”,

        • But none of them compare to the “I’m not doing well so it MUST be the developer’s fault” palylist

          • I am doing well apart from the occasional game of ‘Hardcore try to capture the flag but we will only let you make 2 steps before you get spawn killed”

          • chris

            really? why are all of you missing the BIGGER deal, why won’t a billion dollar every two year franchise like activison continue to not implement dedicated servers, while a less popular franchise like DICE can? I couldn’t care less what PR moron told you that dedicated servers couldn’t be put into the game and that it wouldn’t make a difference when I can tell you that matchmaking and lag are VASTLY different in every COD title. played BO2 compared to BO? or mw3 to mw2? I can play bf3 with people in DIFFERENT countries and have the same LAG as “regional” and “ping” based matchmaking with people in my “area”

            • Darth Lag

              The Lag made me miss the “bigger deal”

  • I wonder what the War like mode is. Maybe just less flags?

  • How would All or Nothing work without the specialist strike package? Wont happen.

    Can’t wait to see this War-esque game type though.

    • Captain Prinny

      just give everyone scavenger. problem solved. dont need anything else. mw3’s all of nothing was stupid because as soon as someone got more than 3 perks, they were a god and no one could touch them

  • MikePembo951

    Like if you agree 😀

    • Hardpoint…Headquarters…

      Don’t you have enough king-of-the-hill variant game modes?

  • bigger maps, more strategy, its 2 hectic now………….

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  • colin

    what happened to sabotage and infected? can we have those in black ops 2, please?

    • I think they got rid of sabo as it was one of the least played modes in previous titles

  • Man War in WaW was awesome 😀 I’d love them to bring it back.

  • EcHo84

    Fix the spawns first, then introduce more mode. COD BO2 can be chalked up to Fudgepack fest 2025! Always someone sniffin yo rear.

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  • Wish they would bring over Team Defender. It got pretty campy, at times, but what CoD game mode doesn’t?

  • Walter Kronkite is my dad

    I’d like to see some more HC game modes added. At least KC.

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  • JasJw

    Fix the bloody lag compensation broken perks and release some big more open maps before any new game modes.

  • JasJw

    Haha now everyone seems to be moaning about the shitty servers and lag comp, the whole I put a full clip in the guys face only for him to turn round a put one bullet in my foot and I die crap. Haha I’ve been moaning about this from day one andi got slagged off saying I’m a noob lol.

    Oh what about the, I knew the guy was coming around the corner but he kills me before I see him yet on his kill cam he sees me and has 5 bullets in my chest.

    Oh the, I ruin for cover and was well hidden for half a second yet the enemys is from the film wanted and his bullets bend sound the corner to get me in the arse.

    Haha now you all moan.

    But will treyarch do anything about it?

    NO, No they won’t, just like they didn’t in black ops 1′ just like IW didn’t in mw3.

    And why you ask?