Black Ops 2 Game of the Year Edition Re-Appears on Amazon, Includes Revolution DLC

Last month, a listing for a Game of the Year edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was spotted on the online retailer, Amazon, for a brief time, before being removed.

Earlier today, Amazon has updated their product listing once again to show that a Game of the Year edition for Black Ops 2 will indeed ship on May 29, 2013 for $59.99 (previously rumored for a May 21 release date).

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 1.18.00 PM

More interestingly, the product image also indicates that this particular edition will come shipped with the Revolution map pack, boasting a four new multiplayer maps, a new zombie map and game mode, along with the brand new Peacekeeper SMG for use in multiplayer.

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 1.24.51 PM

It’s unclear if any additional items come included with this Game of the Year edition.

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  • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

    GOTY edition? Really? I mean, I like BLOPS II but how the heck did this title score GOTY???

    • lag of the year

      • awkenney

        LOTY. I love it!

      • Jason Davis


      • Raymond Featherston

        Im really tired of seeing lag complaints on every COD article (yours is humorous so I can put up with it), but I really don’t see why it is needed for someone to bring up lag on every article. Yes we get it there is lag, after posting almost exactly the same comment on dozens of articles you can just stop now it is really getting annoying and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

        • Thomas

          People of the internet love to beat dead horses.

        • Firm like mutton

          That, my friend, is the voice of frustration. Annoying? Perhaps. The true annoyance is the faith that fans put into their favorite franchise, and in return? Getting slapped in the face with an old trout.

          • Raymond Featherston

            No, I’m pretty sure the thing annoying me is the constant complaints about lag on all the COD articles, when it is not at all needed anymore at this point. I actually have very little lag problems while playing BO2, so that is not where my frustration lies. My frustration lies within the spamming of lag complaints on articles that do not even have anything to do with the lag (there has been at lead one somewhat dedicated to the lag issue). Its been a good 5 months, we get it there is lag there is no need to bring it up constantly in the form of off topic blog comments.

            • Firm like mutton

              Yes, I understand your annoyance, I was just expressing what I believe is the catalyst for all of the lag complaints. Btw, congratulations on a generally lag free experience, you are amount the fortunate few.

            • Firm like mutton


            • DanDustEmOff

              Quick and easy solution. Stop reading them.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Quick solution stop spamming the same comment over and over again on different blogs. It is almost impossible to avoid them when they make up nearly 50% of the comments on some articles.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Or you could stop reading them.

            • Lulz_Dragon

              It would be nicer if everybody wouls stop posting them, at this point everyone knows there is lag and there is absolutely no reason for people to post those types of comments at this point in time. Please come up with a better argument than “Don’t read them” because like he said on some articles they are pretty hard to avoid seeing. The point of the comment section IS to discuss the topic at hand, not to literally copy and paste a complaint that has little to no relation to the article.

            • DanDustEmOff

              OK. This is a forum where people can make comments on a subject relating to the article. The article is Black Ops 2, black ops 2 has really bad lag problems (see how its relevant). The article further more is about a new edition of the game (GoTY). To suggest that the developers fix a broken product before they try and sell another edition of said product is also a reasonable argument.

              Even further someone that may be interested in buying this game may come to this page looking to see what people think of the games multiplayer and may be genuinely interested in their opinion.

              People have the right to express their opinion, if you to attempt to suppress their opinion and tell them what they can and can’t write on the internet is a breach of their freedom and makes you no better than a Nazi or any other despot dictator.

              So like I said if you don’t like it do not read it.

            • Raymond Featherston

              The article is about the GOTY edition, while those comments are loosely related there is not a direct relation there. Any comments not directly regarding the GOTY edition premise is not directly related. P.S preventing such spam comments (yes they are spam as they say almost the same thing, and are often posted by the same users over and over again) from being seen is nothing like the Nazis, many sites already employ such a thing (See Youtube, IGN, Gamefaqs, or any dedicated wiki) so are those sites “Nazi like”? Im sorry but preventing unnecessary spam and being an opinion opressing dictator are two diffrent things. Its fine to dislike the lag, but it is unnecessary to post an average of 10-15 comments about it on an article that does not have a substantial direct link to the lag issue. P.S Just because the article is about BO2 does not give it a substantial link to the lag issue. Thats like saying im watching a video about Israel’s economy, and I start posting comments about how I hate jews (I don’t its just an example), while the video is a about a jewish nation, my comment still does not have a direct enough link to the topic of the video to warrant me posting it.

            • DanDustEmOff

              The article is about Black ops 2 they are more than loosely related . The lag in the gane is its main flaw. People have the right to say whatever they like just like the moderators have the right to remove anything they feel is offensive or against the code of conduct. That is not the same as telling people what they can and can not talk about.

              What do you have against Jewish people? You say you don’t hate them but your opening statement refers to them as Jew’s rather than Jewish people that statement in itself is offensive. Anyway thats also off topic.

              If the video was about how Israels economy is booming whilst actively cripling the Palestilian people then yes it is a direct link. If a Palestilian then chooses to comment on how he dislikes the Jewish economic policy then he has the right to do so.
              You seem intelligent enough for me to not point out every detail and how exactly alike the comparisons are.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Lol, the funny thing here is that im jewish XD. Dirtknap got my point in a sense, but like he said people can give context to a lag complaint which does make it ok even by me. However the types of comments that bug me are the following: Lets pretend we are on an article about camos, you will have at least 5 comments that say “Lag sucks, this game is s**t” yes they can have an opinion, but that type of comment is definitely not on topic unless they add context relating it to the new camos (most people spam that type of comment without adding context, and that is the annoying part because without proper context it has no business being posted on that article). P.S never compare someone’s argument to Nazis for two reasons 1:Nothing that anybody could say online could be as bad as the holocaust 2: That is extremely disrespectful, and I guarantee you if you continue to make that comparison with people not many of the people you talk to will like you because of the comparison you made.

            • DanDustEmOff

              If your name is Raymond Featherstone which I believe it is then you are of anglo saxon descent not Jewish. Also you would not reffer to Jewish people as Jews in the third person. But again thats off topic. If you were Jewish then your parents and grandparents would have drummed into you the importance of free speech.

              I never said anything anyone said online is as bad as the Holocaust. I said to attempt to deny someone their fundamental right to free speech makes you as bad as a Nazi or any other despot dictator.

              The first thing Adolf Hitler did when he rose to power was to take control of all media and deny people their freedom. This made everything that followed easier for him to accomplish.

            • Raymond Featherston

              You can be of the jewish faith and not have jewish ancestry so my last name is irrelevant, but that is off topic. So by your example sites like youtube and wikia are like Hitler and his regime because they often delete or block spam comments. The answer to that is a simple no, there is a diffrence between silencing a persons voice and deleting a comment if it is posted more than once by the same person within a set time period (many of that type of comments are posted by the same people over and over again). Also regardless of someone’s right to an opinion there are right and wrong places and ways to express that opinion, and posting off topic (without context) spam is both one of the wrong places and one of the wrong ways to express that opinion.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Someones opinion is not spam, constantly bombarding someone with advertising is. Expressing an opinion and Spamming are two seperate things. Its a human right to express an opinion, it is not a human right to repeatedly hit people with adverts. So no sites like YouTube and Wikia are not like a Nazi (I never said like Hitler).
              This is absolutely the right place to disscuss an opinion on Black Ops 2. You have no right to tell people how they can and can not express their opinion. As I have said you do not have to read these comments.
              I could tell you to stop moaning about what people write on articles as this has nothing to do with the article. But I beleive you have the right to so I wont. Your arguments do not make any sense to a reasonable person, they are full of contradictions and attempts to put words in my mouth to make your own argument seem more reasonable.
              I suggest that if you can not understand simple things like free speech, its importance to the Jewish people, what defines spam and opinion and how to read a comment properly you would be wise to avoid making comments to start an argument.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Spam is often defined on the internet as posting something repeatedly or for example sending someone messages over and over can and is often considered “spamming messages” spam does not always have to be about ads. So by simple definition (at least one of the common internet definitions) if someone were to repeatedly post the same comment over it could and is considered spamming, the fact that it is an opinion does not change this. The point about wikia and Youtube was about their treatment of spam comments (Youtube hides them, and any dedicated wiki like the COD wiki deletes them outright) and you did say in one of your comments that doing something like that is like how the Nazis and dictators oppressed peoples opinions. So by simple logic between the Nazi/dictator comparison you did a good job of indirectly comparing Youtube ancd Wikia to Nazis and dictators.Also you did bring up Hitler and his regime several times in your last comment, and although you did not use a direct comparison it was implied however, so no words were put in your mouth. Also I make perfect sense you are the only one that has replied that does not understand my logic (Two of the three other people disagreed with me but admitted that they understood my point), so you are the only one here that is having trouble here. Your whole argument is that people have the right to opinions, which they do but it is not necessary to post the same comment 5 times on every article wheter its opinion or not is irrelevant (it could be fact or funny and it would still be grounds for hiding). Im sure if I posted 5-10 comments about how I love broccoli on every article, im sure that some people would ask me to stop eventually because it would get annoying. But according to your logic I should be able to post it as many times as I want even though it would get annoying to others and that it would be off topic spam. Maybe look up the greatest good principle, because the heart of that legal term applies here if you fully understand it.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Thats not whats going on here there was one comment refering to lag and another laughing at it and you got all menstrual about it. How is that spam?

              So now you are not only twisting my words you are attempting to tell me what I meant when I wrote something

            • Dirtknap

              I’m going to weigh in here for a moment. What you are describing as off topic, is actually part and parcel to many of the conversations to be had on MP1st.

              The subject of netcode is absolutely relevant to almost every piece on BLOPS II. For example, news on the latest patch notes in which addressing lag issues is a conspicuously absent, legit topic. News on new weapon skin DLC, a legitimate question to ask is, why are they adding another straw to this camels back with even more aesthetic content? or, what are they doing with all that money that could be put toward fixing netcode?

              As you can imagine, for those effected by “lag” it will of course remain a hot topic for the duration it exists, if you don’t want to partake in a particular part of the conversation, don’t. As Firm like mutton says “congratulations on a generally lag free experience, you are among the fortunate few.”

              (I see Dan has replied to someone else with a similar sentiment, see his comment too)

            • Raymond Featherston

              I see where you are coming from, but at a certain point it really does get annoying just to see them. Like you said they are sometimes on topic if put into proper context, but if the same person literally posts almost the exact same comment over and over again on diffrent articles. After he/she has already gotten whatever answers he/she may have gotten, there is no need to repost the exact same thing on every single COD article that you see in the future because you have already gotten your answer and gathered other opinions on the topic,so at that point it is spam. Dan made some decent points, but he went way out of line when he compared my viewpoints to the Nazis or a vicious dictator.

            • Dirtknap

              Gotcha dude, I just wanted to give you a different perspective. My other thought, if we strictly stuck to the topic of each article it would make conversation fairly sparse, and we’d miss out on some pretty entertaining posts. Yet, I can understand how over saturation can be frustrating. I am one of the community members who has a really inconsistent experience on BLOPS II and I got sick of trying to prove the existence of “lag” (I use inverted commas there because there’s so much more that simple lag playing a factor) to the nay-sayers.

              I see you’re newly registered, I’m not sure if you’ve been around for a while posting as a guest or not, but anyhow, welcome.

            • Raymond Featherston


            • DanDustEmOff

              “People have the right to express their opinion, if you to attempt to suppress their opinion and tell them what they can and can’t write on the internet is a breach of their freedom and makes you no better than a Nazi or any other despot dictator.”
              This was not aimed at you as an individual, more of a hypothetical. If you thought that it was aimed at you and it offended you, then this was not my intention as you do not have the ability to suppress anyones opinion. Reading it back I can see why you thought that it was a personal attack. This was not what I intended when I wrote this and I apologise.

    • HELLO

      It didn’t it would be GOTY only if it said on the cover. I remember they did this for the original Blops to boost mid life sales.

      • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

        Ha! Good point, I guess this is more the self proclaimed “GOTYE”, whew.

    • zacflame

      as long as one official thinks so.
      there are about 200 people who can give such a title.

      • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

        I didn’t realize it was that easy, like those members only jackets, LOL!

    • Raymond Featherston

      Not all of the games that get a GOTY edition actually win GOTY. It is just what they call the edition of a game that includes dlc on the disc, (some titles go with ultimate edition or another type of label) but the point is that it does not actually have to have won GOTY to get a GOTY edition.

  • betosobreira

    I definitely would not buy it.

  • Morgan Freeman


    • Jason Davis

      Good God… DAT FACEPALM!

  • blondbassist

    It won Activisions Award ceremony.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    You would think they would also put the 2nd map pack since it is now also released on all consoles.

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  • unknowncast

    Game doesn’t have the salt to be considered GOTY; hell, Journey was worthy of that title and it named it’s version just an collection.

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