Black Ops 2 – Leaked In-Game Footage of Hidden Weapon Camos [Updated]

Yesterday, YouTuber TheJaRniBoi gave us an in-game glimpse of some of the upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC weapon camos by searching through some of the Black Ops 2 game files on his PS3.

These are the same four camos that are currently being voted on to see which two will make the cut to become available as in-game, DLC micro-transactions, along with customized weapon reticles and calling cards, all which will become available on May 29.

Through his exploration, TheJaRniBoi was also able to find and unlock a number of hidden Black Ops 2 camos, ones that were never intended for release, but were tucked away somewhere in the game’s files.

Here’s what he found.

Blue Tiger Camo

Zombies Pap Camo

Ice Blue Camo

Dev Camo

Nevada Camo

Swamp Camo

UPDATE: More camos

Tiger Camo

Electric Camo

Flora Camo

Sahara Camo

What do you guys think? Any camos you find cool enough that should have made it to the final game?

Source: MP1st Forums

  • SubXero

    I like the Ice Blue and Zombies PAP.

  • TriguyRN

    Can’t this be done with mods?

    • SubXero

      I don’t believe this could be done with mods on the PS3. It could be done on the PC but that’d be a hell of a lot of work. Some of those camos are extremely detailed. Think it’d make more sense to just take credit for the hard work instead of saying it was some hidden stuff already in game.

  • It just camos for god sake .. not needed .. I can kill without them

  • xHDx

    I`m sorry to say this but i think Treyarch would have charged users to unlock these. It was done with a Zombie pack too on BO or BO2. People always seem to fall for this too. If they weren`t needed, they would have been removed. Just another Marketing trick.

    • xFAILZx184

      Hate to burst your bubble, but this happens ALOT with stuff left in the game when it wasn’t used. They aren’t likely to use this stuff, it was development stuff. Look up the “default weapon” from World At War, tell me you think they intended to release that.

      • xHDx

        They didn`t intend to release that obviously that was Dev stuff, you can tell by the simplicity of the images, but if these camo`s are Dev stuff, why aren`t they going to be released? – They look better than some already on BO2. There isn`t a reason why they wouldn`t release them. ohh and guess what? they just removed the vids due to “Activisions copyright claim”! even more coincidental.

  • blondbassist

    I’ve bought Black ops II just so I could use these camos.


    When is someone gonna dig thru the files and figure out a way to fix the lag issues?

    • Paladog1239

      I realize that lag is an issue for many people, but is it really necessary to bring it up on every BO2 article? After seeing those posts on ALL the COD articles I am getting really annoyed by it. We all understand there are lag problems but spamming lag complaints on all the articles instead of discussing the topic of the article is unnecessary and annoying.

  • mickeythemoose

    dat ice blue looks cool, but still wouldn’t dare spend even a penny for micro transaction shit

  • buttfacebob545

    So those are the same camos which are up for vote, which you must then PAY for as DLC? Is this a joke? Camos are already in game, but now you just need more money to activate them… come on.

  • zacflame

    ohhh yessss sweet jesus nevada is back.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Great, they finally incorporate Zombies camos and it’s micro-transactions. Fuck you, Treyarch.

    • Paladog1239

      If your referring to the PaP camo, that is not confirmed to be a future DLC. No proof= no valid complaints.

      • Morgan Freeman

        There is a chance it will be since it is found in the game’s files; a chance that wasn’t there before. So they at least designed them, and I’m very confident they aren’t planning on releasing it for free.

        • Paladog1239

          Yeah whether or not there is a chance is irrelevant, until it is announced you have no reason and doing so without such a reason makes you look bad.

  • Enrique IX el sabio

    swamp camo for me is the best, finally a yellow camo, yeeeeees !

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Are we sure that he is not just on PC making his own camos? I used to do it for MW2 on PC all the time.

  • lol paying for camos

    no surprise, the bo1 camos are still in the game and alot unused calling cards like these

  • PlatinumSoldier

    Isn’t blue tiger already in the game?

    • falldruid37


      • PlatinumSoldier

        No, Siberia is black and white
        Blue tiger is exactly the same, it’s already in the game

        • falldruid37

          Sorry, someone on my computer wrote that. I agree.

  • DonCookie

    How Did he get this Cammos??

  • Veex

    i didn’t did he find them??

    • StoneC

      The developers already have all of their camos and dlc already in the coding. You can get these if you want on PC by going into their code and deleting [LOCKED]. Therefore; allowing DLC.

      Helpful? 🙂

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    this much camo no weapon

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  • falldruid37

    DEV, and ICE

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  • kida

    Just give me a camo editor so I can make my own custom camos…

  • McChickenMonkey

    I don’t understand why they just can’t put all these camos in

  • Emre

    most camos are from the campaign so don’t be stupid.

  • bob

    Where is the camo that shows BF4. That would be epic.

    • Paladog1239

      That statement makes no sense considering this is a COD article, so either your a troll or a BF fanboy either way you do not belong on this article.

      • Sabre Fade (Xbox)

        Troll, BF fanboy or not, all gamers are welcome. Besides, both games are good. (except cod.) I still play it though, once in a while it amuses me.

  • kuzmaa

    its fake or we wouldnt be looking at the vids…

  • Sabre Fade (Xbox)

    I want the electric animated camo. that is BADASS.

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  • Some of the camos are used in the campaign part of Black Ops 2, like Flora for example. I’d like to see the Zombies Pack-a-Punch camo in multiplayer though. I think that it would be sick.