[Updated] Black Ops 2 Logo Allegedly Leaked Including Debut Trailer Release Date

Update: CoDInform has informed us of yet another leaked Black Ops 2 image, this time with the additional subtitle, “Reveal Trailer is Coming.” In our eyes, this one seems rather fake as the subtitle itself is of a different quality than that of the font used for “Black Ops 2” and “04.28.12.” Check out the image below to judge for yourself.

Original Story: Another Call of Duty: Black Ops leak! This time, it seems to be the official logo for Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2, including a potential release date for its debut trailer.

Call of Duty 9 has suffered a number of leaks recently, including confirmation of its name, Black Ops 2, along with a release date as well as some multiplayer information that we got a hold of earlier.

This time, YouTuber CoDInform was able to catch what looks to be Black Ops 2’s logo which we’ve included above as the featured image. Three reasons it could possibly be legitimate: First, it looks professional; Second, it was removed from the official Call of Duty website upon discovery; Third, if you look at the date in this image, 04.28.12, it happens to be the exact date of two years earlier that the original Black Ops reveal trailer was released.

On top of this, the original URL linking to this image read ‘http://www.callofduty.com/bo2/images,’ which happens to be a similar URL used for Modern Warfare 3 images:


If it does turn out to be fake, at least this one was rather well researched. So, props to whoever created it. If it is real, expect a reveal trailer of Black Ops 2 this month on the 28th!

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  • Monkeyzking

    If it has zombies, count me in. But if BF3 will get a dinosaur mode or horde-type mode with “End Game” count me out. But I actually like Black Ops, because it innovates a bit, and adds some stuff, and is fun with friends. Oh, well, I’ll just see the trailer then, if the poster is legit.

    • A_Wise_Man

      You like playing close quartered maps with shotgun snipers in BF3? Leave that failure out of this. EA has ruined Battlefield all they want is COD cash.

      • yaouza

        note a wise answer for such a wise man…

        • A_Wise_Man

          prove me wrong, Or is EA paying you to much?

          • Not_A_Wise_Man

            EA is paying me too much, obviously.

    •  same only buying BO2 for zombies

  • geust

    so its released in 21 days for australia and 22 for america?

    • guest

      by the picture

    • Clown13

       No, that would be the trailers release date. It’ll come out in November like all the other ones.

  • Krzyedwin

     *yawn* same shit different name

    •  true BUT its treyarchs shit!!

      • Gangstaaaron7

        Yea! Zombies!!!!! YAY!

        • asgaro

          If you want zombies, I hope you are aware of other zombie titles like Left 4 Dead?

          • ya but cod zombies is such a blast. Only reason i get Trey archs kak and i get it 2nd hand…

          • Gangstaaaron7

            Yea other games do zombies but not the way 3arc does. I’ve playd and heard of them all. Lol i watch Walking Dead. But i love 3arc zombies plus the zombie story line is pretty good. Overall Zombies from 3arc is great enough to sell BO 1 and 2 and WAW map packs. 

          • WasabeJuice

            you surely havent’ played COD zombies, the L4D series is so boring, cartoony and where is the shooter feel in that game? Just spray all over.
            COD Zombies, using most weapons in game, is a blast.

        • its ganna be awesome cant wait ? :L xD

    • bandido

      TRUE STORY BRO !worst game ever, call of copy paste !!

    • Ben

      Agreed but Treyarch seems to be more of a public fav..more so then infinity ward

  • Rockhead

    Or they can just call it Black ops DLC 2012 pretty sure it’s just the same shit like every year i’m done with COD never buying a new game of them 

  • PlatinumSoldier

    i think its a fake, it has the same letters of mw3 

    • Chasemacd

      That’s how we know its real.

      • PlatinumSoldier

        yes but each game they change something to the the letters they change the color, make a 3d effect idk..
        but if its real im very excited

  • Fake, fake and fake. I’d bet the reveal teaser/trailer for the next CoD will be released somewhere around 28th-29th of May. There’s a bunch of reasons why that is very plausible.

    There’s no way that the logo is simply going to be “CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops 2.”

    Even if that’s the name of the game, i’m sure the logo will look different.
    Maybe Black Ops 2 will be the focus of the logo, with the COD trademark just being small and sitting in on top as a reminder that it’s part of the franchise, just like in the MW2 logo.

    Or perhaps they’ll do something like IW did with MW3, and just write “Call Of Duty: BO2” instead of the full name.  In my mind, there’s just no way they’ll stick to “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2” like that on the box. It’s way too basic. It doesn’t look professional.

    • KillerSparrowThing

      I doubt box art. The file size is big enough to be a decent wallpaper. I also from the perspective of a marketer or artist i wouldn’t use the letters “BO” as a vocal point. Mainly because of its traditional meaning, and I personally wouldn’t want to give haters anything to use. But on the flip, the red two does look like copy pasta.

      • I wasn’t saying that the logo Will look like what i described, i was just giving some examples. The “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 with Black Ops 2 being a small subtitle like that is just Way to basic and i really don’t think that the logo will look anything like that.

    • Averagejoejesse

      I believe “Call of Duty” Will have a bigger sized font for the foreseeable future. So a logo like this is totally possible. I read somewhere that activision’s marketing regretted making Call of Duty such a small part of the mw2 title because it was symbolically killing the name that started the franchise. 

  • Gangstaaaron7

    I dont think BO2 will start makeing Buzz tell MW3 runs its coarse like MW3 did after the last MP they started marketing

  • Gannon

    Hahah alright no hate intended at all here. So lets not jump all over me. But am I truly the only one that thinks Zombies is terrible? Like really terrible? To me it makes Call of Duty seem like a childish game. I fully recognize the issues IW has with their games, but ive always enjoyed the look AND feel of Modern Warfare games way more than Treyarchs. They have their strong areas, no doubt, but Black Ops just looked so damn cartoony and just cheesy overall.


    • Lee

      I agree, i really didn’t like zombies.  I found it boring probably because i only played it a handful of times.  However i really like the survival mode the IW put into MW3.  Lets hope that if they do put zombies in (which we all know they will) they will have a more advanced UI so you can’t just round them up like sheep

      • Cjmguitarist87

         Definitely think the treyarch games look like a toon compared to mw series. i do like zombies, as its the only part of call of duty where people actually try to work together. But im pretty sure we are at the point of activision running the entire CoD series in the ground. they are all just going to be a re package of the last one. MW3 is MW2 with slight updates, expect the same for BO2. They want to do as little work as possible, and make the most money

        • Jonchr2

          Treyarch has said they recognize What fans are complaining about on Modern Warfare. Treyarch has made it clear that they will use another game engine that the other CoD games.

          • When did they say that then?

          • Rick

            Really? When….?

      • Nate

        Idk how a better user interface could help..

      • Gannon

         Yeah I’ve always thought that Zombies has such a hardcore following that it should have been a separate game from Call of Duty.  Like Nicolas and many others have said, theyll buy the next game solely for black ops.  Ive just never enjoyed it. I cant complain i suppose because obviously i dont have to play it, but i bet that if they put thee time and effort that went into zombies and all the little “cool” extras that treyarch has in their games, into standard multiplayer, it could have been a lot more fun to me.

        Thanks to all for all the polite responses by the way. Its a hard thing to get here on the internet.

        • Gannon

          *Solely for Zombies

    • No I love it 🙂 only reason i get Trey Arch COD is because of the zombie mode 🙂 but it is a love hate game mode I guess…

    • Mark Wyant

      I love Black Ops, and MW3 is eehh OKAY at par!! But I HATE Zombies, it’s dumb….If it weren’t for people and dumb ass Zombie mode the game would be better online….

      • Gangstaaaron7

        If 3arc and IWard would make 1 game every 3 years it be supposivly or hypothetically the best. Let I Ward and 3 arc work on the multiplayer. I love BO’s multiplayer the maps where great in size i dont mw the maps are to small and like fight middle ground.  ANyways, Zombies are amazing. just hard to explain but Zombies is so much fun and great with friends

      • Hmm I didn’t exactly hate Zombies but I wasn’t overjoyed about it either.  Sure I had some fun moments but I didn’t play it every time I was on Black Ops.  I did find myself enjoying BO’s multiplayer more than Modern Warfare 3’s though.  I think Black Ops 2 has a lot of potential if done nicely.

      • WasabeJuice

         There are always exception to the rule or those who have a different view, but calling COD Zombies dumb is pure retarded as there are as much as COD zombie as MP fans out there.

    • Rdorer408

       i agree with you Gannon mw2 was by far the best cod i’ve played in the series but blackops
      was so cartoonish it looked like a jtag mod gone wrong and i think you’ll agree in mw2 10th prestige modded lobbies did happen and it was crazy i mean now mw2 is full of 10th prestiges and black ops zombies was o.k. i’m not too familiar of the easter eggs and multi-player was totally in-accurate and sniping is still garbage after patch i mean cod  when it gets something right it fails in alot of other things robert bowling quit infinityward and mw3 has had crazy issues since its release and still has these issues, i hate to say it but i’m going halo4 and i aint hatin on cod im just bored of playing the exact same thing with different coating and halo’s fine theres always something cool in halo its always evolving and getting better thats what i expect from 343 and bungie and i expect the same from 3arc and iw however they’ve failed to meet my expectations and they didnt even come anywere close

    • Mexigirl88

      thats what i like to call an opinion 🙂

  • Hikaru-storm

    Cant see link

    • You won’t be able to since it was taken down/removed by Activision. We simply included it to demonstrate where it originally came from 🙂

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  • Matthew Seaman

    its the date of the first trailer

  • meh, I gave up on COD a while ago.  They need to be creative and bring back some innovation.  It is a console franchise now nothing for the PC player at all.  If they ever decide that PC is worth investing in again then maybe I will invest in them again.  Until then meh!

  • Anonymouse (-_-)

    Yay, let’s party like it’s 1999……again

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  • Hazzy

    i think its quite legit

  • Cjmguitarist87


  • daniel nonyabuisness

    And it’s gonna sell a shit load 

  • Savwig10

    the new storyline has to be from the last map moon, on the moon there was element 115 the element, the element 115 infected the rockets. the rockets launched from the easter egg in the map, and ripped off part of earth the explosion of element 115 infected the untouched part of earth

  • Nate

    I wonder if activision and the developers will ever make a new game. My guess is that 2013 will bring cod 5. I just don’t think IW could make MW 4. There’s already so little innovation in the series, they need a reboot of some sort if they want to keep satisfaction up.

  • As we at charlieINTEL posted, this picture has no official marking. On every CALL OF DUTY image, at the end of the Y there is a ®. So it should read: CALL OF DUTY® . And April 28th is Saturday. Since when does ATVI announce things on Sat? 

  • what kind of an article is this?
    where’s the leaked trailer?

    •  It got removed by Activision

      • lol…damn Activition man, I wanna watch it!

        I only like Modern FPS COD for it’s story

  • Jwm2hot

    Well atleast the logo is different……….:p

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  • Outlawz

    The worst part about getting a new COD is getting use to all the new bullsh*t they add. 

  • Outlawz

    I want to see how they handle DLC with Elite. If its anything like MW3 then I’m not buying Elite this year. I wasted my money because I still wait a month after Xbox. I also want to see how they handle Zombies. I don’t want to see 1 map for 3 months until DLC. I want to see ALL the old maps playable from day 1 so we can continue the story. Maybe have 1 or 2 new maps from day 1 but this is just my opinions. I doubt it will happen…

  • Mark Wyant

     I liked CoD when it was WWII…They should do a modern mode and WWII mode…Diff weapons for each mode…I WISH

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  • KillerSparrowThing
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  • TheVaporz

    Coming from a graphic designer, I’m pretty sure this is probably fake. There are spacing, centering and kerning issues through out. If it’s real, the designer needs to take another year of typography class. 

    • Hobes

      I agree.  Not to mention it has the old COD wordmark.  I doubt they would go back after updating it last year.

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  • TheKillerEon

    Another year, another likely half-assed Call of Duty title pushed out by the always money hungry beast known as Activision! Like no one saw this coming from a mile away. Depending on what is seen in the trailer assuming it does come out on the 28th, I may reconsider on giving Activision another penny within my lifetime. What I want to see is a substantial push forward in the game engine behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game engine in the last few Call of Duty titles hasn’t seen significant changes. 

    Only after World at War did we see a graphical increase and otherwise game engine boost, but it’s been many years since then. Sure, MW3 had minor graphical tweak that made the game look a bit better, but the gameplay aspects were nearly a direct copy and paste from MW2 and at times worse than before. In my eyes, MW3 was a bit of a flop. I gave it a chance, but there was never a map I actually liked but instead disliked more than others. I still don’t like how they eliminated Stopping Power BUT if they bring it back on BO 2 that will definitely boost the odds in me giving the game a chance. Back in MW2 Stopping Power was almost a balancing perk since almost everyone used it. Guns felt right when they did have Stopping Power in effect and when you opted for something like Cold Blooded you were giving up quite a bit of your power. Without it, now everyone runs around in Black Ops (the current one out there that everyone either loves or hates compared to MW3) with Ghost and Ninja or in MW3’s case Assassin, Blind Eye, and Dead Silence. Then they find a corner, plant a claymore, and stick their thumb up their ass and wait for some unsuspecting player to walk by and get fucked over. 

    I want slightly larger maps and a better spawning system. It felt like it got worse in MW3, but larger maps with a better spawn system could definitely address the issue. And how’s about some weapons that don’t completely recycle the reload animations from the prior title? That’d be nice. And let’s get a real graphical boost, not this slightly darker shading and more work on the character models you could’ve done beforehand. Oh, and do some sort of innovation with Zombies. It was fun, but it’s way too easy to do a circle strategy and get far without working. I wanna have to hold out with friends and fend off hordes of the undead with blood and guts flying all over the fuckin’ place! Also… something really critical: GET RID OF QUICKSCOPING! I was overjoyed when Black Ops was still in development and they said that Quickscoping was heavily nerfed to the point that… well, to the point that there was no point in it. Fuck all the kids that find Quickscoping amazing and look at using the scope on the rifle as a sin! THE SCOPE IS THERE FOR A FUCKING REASON, IDIOTS!

    But how likely is that all to happen? Not at all. Not unless Treyarch has been working on improvements since the release of Black Ops. For those of you not fond of reading a wall of text, here’s a summary:


    • AErr

      Dumbass. Treyarch makes the game, not activision.

      • TheKillerEon

        Hey, dumbass, did I ever say that Activision made the game? No, they push it out year by year as a franchise that hardly gets any better because they’re the dominant publisher. I know Treyarch makes some of the Call of Duty titles just like Infinity Ward as well as Sledgehammer Games plus some other smaller contributors. The developers do what they can in the time given, but the one I truly hate is Activision. Being an annual franchise the game doesn’t have enough time to be vastly improved compared to the prior title and not only bring in a new audience but hold the previous one. The entire time they have to be working map design, weapon balancing, story writing, and much more that prevents them from improving what drives the game without those improvements being minor! 

        I say make Call of Duty a franchise that tosses out a much better title every two years. Just as one game starts to be built to be released in a year, another gets the same treatment but behind the black curtain where no one else can see. Give them for the first time in ages two years to build a game truly deserving of the title: New. Work the engine to allow for more players and better graphical capabilities, keep that frame rate up at 60 and don’t let looking through some dense smoke drop it. hell, you could start working on a game engine for the next generation of consoles by working within the projected range of power. 

        Activision has the cash to fund the developers to do this kind of stuff. Besides, while the newer game engine would be getting built and the actual game design being started, the title running on the current engine would be getting advertised and put on the shelves months later to sell millions of copies to continue funding the better title coming the next year.

        Activision has the money to fund the developers, but will they ever let a dollar of that go that isn’t going to be returned to them in the same year? Not likely. 

        • Davidcasademunt

          Wtf how can you spend time writing that shit, its only a f*cking game you can wait a month to see a crapy 3 minute trailer. You are waisting your time

          • TheKillerEon

            Writing a few paragraphs is very easy for me. Simple as that. And when it’s video games, something I really like, it’s very easy to write a paragraph about it. Or a few paragraphs.

    • Grumpypie

      Every CoD hater says this. You know what’s more repetitive than the series? This complaint. Boom

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  • Фигня все это

  • You all fail

    More idiots again. If you don’t like it, stop buying CallofDuty games retards. All of you that whine about CoD games really sound stupid. If you don’t like something, why are you wasting your money on it and even wasting your time talking about it? Complete idiots. Sad sad.

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  • Same bullshit all over again

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  • yeah no more aim assist and no more noob tubing hc modes 

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  • XxhighmuffinxX

    Love how you guys are talking about copy and paste when you havent seen anything ye just the logo

  • DaddyKane

    we want more weapons and change the SMG’s i hope 3arc doesn’t use the same Toy looking smg’s from BO2 and make them sound a little more realistic

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