Black Ops 2 Written in Morse Code, Official Image Tied to Eclipse, Futuristic Warfare, and More

As we await the next Call of Duty world reveal on May 1st, we have some tidbits to share with you.

Morse Code

When you look at the loading screen on the official site closely, you’ll notice that there’s a bunch of dots and lines that are in fact morse code for “Black Ops 2.” In addition to the trademark info in the source code, this is the second clue that the next Call of Duty is going to be a Black Ops title.

Thanks to SpiderBite, here are images of the loading screen and morse code translation:

Twitter Image

The official Call of Duty Twitter account has been updated with a new background. It features a clearer look at same guy from the retailer leaks holding a knife as well, as MP1st reader Bobshi noticed.

We found another hint at the word “eclipse” from Treyarch when checked the image url. As you can see below, the background is named, Eclipse_Twitter_BG. Remember, Black Ops 2 might release during a total solar eclipse.

FPSRussia’s Video Clues

Earlier today, we reported on a Call of Duty sponsored FPSRussia video showcasing a prototype of a futuristic quadrotor drone of the death. Although the real life video is believed to be fake, the quadrotor has every chance of being a killstreak in Black Ops 2, as evidence suggests.

However, there were other interesting nuggets in the FPSRussia video turned up by WoodysGamertag.

  • Take a look at the tablet used to fly the drone..
  • At the 2:10 and 3:30 marks you can see the amount of recoil the you might have to deal with in Black Ops 2.
  • The text on FPSRussia’s shirt has some significance, it reads “TACITUS.” Why is it important, you ask? FPSRussia normally only wears promotional shirts he offers in his store, TACITUS is not among what’s on offer at the time of writing.
  • Most importantly, FPSRussia mentioned twice that the machine gun mounted drone technology is 10 to 15 years out. With the fact that Activision sponsored the video in mind, this leads us to believe that Black Ops 2 might be set in the near future.

This is what we were able to gather so far, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Black Ops 2 news.

  • Gingers do have souls

    I like it when game companies do this

  • SuchSimplicity

    I don’t like Call of Duty, but all this speculation is just awesome. The way Treyarch/Activision keep releasing bits of info like some sort of mission briefing and all is just exciting. Might give Black Ops 2 a try.

    • asgaro

      “I don’t like Call of Duty”
      followed by
      “Might give Black Ops 2 a try”

      Makes sense…

  • Jonchr2

    Dont think its gonna be a bad thing if its set in the near future, but if they take it to 2040 or 50 i think its gonna be BAD. dont think theyre that stupid. If it is in the near future, i hope 2020. But i dont see the connection between Black Ops and this one, wich is probably called Black Ops 2. maybe treyarch just fucks with us..? always alot of fucked up rumors every year in the CoD franchise, May.1st will be exciting 🙂

  • Morse code? I gotta hand it to Actvision for their creative marketing. 

  • Apala31

    Like si Angel te trajo aqui!

  • soo now COD is trying to be like ghost recon?

    • Guest

      So now you’re spamming even more and more sites hoping to get some attention with your PoS3? Get a life!

      •  spamming? spamming? since when did i say “soo now COD is trying to be like ghost recon?” more then once? ignorance at its finest

  • WasabeJuice

    So the Zombie mode’s suspense reveal and easter egg hunting is now part of the whole game. The zombie mode was full of similar hints and clues before launch so that zombie fans would speculate what it’s gonna be like. Now they are using same approach for the game itself.
    They should announce or provide a trailer exclusive for the zombie mode. We know it’s gonna be there so it will be good if we get bits and pieces of it before launch so the zombie fans imagination would go wild.

  • feraltomahawk

    Tacitus was a famous Roman Historian who wrote alot on war and the rule of the Roman Empire. He is also thought to have first introduced the word German derived from a tribe which can be read in his work Germania. Here is a link about more on Tacitus. Some how his works have a clue to the game.

  • Thijs Lecomte

    Tacitus means to shut up. So it prob means he isnt saying anything. Or its referring to the roman histort writer Tacitus

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  • iHateCandy

    Tacitus also appears on Call of Duty homepage. You can move the thumbnails around and one of them says Tacitus. This and the writing on FPSRussia’s t-shirt conclude that it has something to do with the new CoD, so curious right now

  • XxMetaloidxX

    Anyone see the leaked title screen on youtube?

    Could there really be a Zombies Campaign? Would it answer questions?

    What do you guys think?

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  • JAKE

    TACITUS was a Roman historian and predicted an eclipse on 13 November. The day that Black Ops 2 will be released.

  • ابو سروال وفنيله

    والله انا نفسي اللعب كود 9 احسنه فله وحلو فلههههههههه الزومبي مع تحيات مدمن الزومبي ابو سروال وفنيله

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  • هلا فهد


    – …. .- -. -.- -.– — ..- 🙂