Black Ops 2 Next Patch Is Big – Includes Nerfs, Buffs, Fixes, Features, and Dinosaurs?

In a recent tweet by Treyarch Game designer, David Vonderhaar, he teases an upcoming Black Ops 2 patch, which he says to be a “big one “

That last part is likely a joke, seeing that DICE has been constantly mocking the Call of Duty franchise for the lack of Dinosaurs, but what if it wasn’t? One could only dream. Perhaps Treyarch is trying to one-up DICE? Guess we’ll know soon.

  • Big_troll99

    First. Come at me.

  • incubusman421

    How about a lag fix?!?! They need to go back to basics.

    • Maybe the lag fix is in the category of Fixes!

    • Dave

      They never fix, only improve

      • betosobreira

        Improve an error ??? hahaha

    • Dirtknap

      Yeah, fingers crossed. The only way I’m having fun at the moment (when I bother to login) is with a speed class loaded with five perks, rocking the R870. The icing on the cake is this class is named after my friends butt. Ridiculous huh? I would love to play this game in a functioning state.

      • Dirtknap

        Hmmm, down votes. Seems these folks either haven’t experienced BLOPS II’s worst, or they have no sense of humour.

  • I’d have to assume they will nerf the automatic FAL in some manner

    • They should nerf the FAL by this way: 2-hit kill from the chest up and 3-hit kill from the waist up with select fire.

      • mrup2nogud

        Already been needed another will kill it and its not necessary

      • Astrong

        yeah im sick of seeing the targetfinder and fal in every game i play or better yet targetfinder LMG……kids these days

    • mrup2nogud

      The FAL? It’salready had a need what do you want ? It to be unusable so then you can all cry about the SMR it’sthe subs hip fire that needs sorting I don’tfind the FAL to be a problem at all

      • FALlacy

        I dont want select fire in the game. Semi auto guns and burst guns should stay that way

    • FALlacy

      Back in my day you needed a modded controller to shoot a FAL fully auto. What is this game coming to?

  • Maverick

    Dinosaur skin weapon camo…gimme

    • xDr Taco

      SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, lol I think that’d be cool in a later update dino camo make it all scales 😀

  • Nemesis_96

    lollll classic Vahn <3

  • Andrei Stoica

    Dinosaurs, lol, that has to be a DICE troll

    • da2002

      Lag? The connections are fine. Its the camera that’s off so much. That’s why you get shot around corners almost every time and its why one on one fights normally result in you dying even though you shot first. Here’s the video and this is offline.

      • Wtf are you talking about? The lag comp in this game is worse than ever.
        Plus you didnt even reply to the correct comment.

        • marcus sucks

          ur internet sucks then

          • Dirtknap

            Incorrect statement. I have a solid connection, in addition to this I have exhausted all lag mitigating steps in a bid to curb the inconsistencies I experience when playing this game online. The issues persist, it’s clearly either imbalanced lag comp, or bung netcode in general that needs some serious tweaking.

            As an aside (in response to da2002’s comment about offline gameplay), I participated in a lan tournament at the release party and didn’t experience any of the shenanigans you get online. It was a smooth and balanced experience, now if Treyarch can replicate that online, we’d have a real CoD on our hands.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I play lan parties all the time and there are issuse there we have gone back to playing mw1, waw, mw2 and 3 back ops was the same if you watch the video link it clearly shows the flaws initially we didn’t notice anything either but once we settled into the game we noticed it and did some testing which confirms there is a great deal of lag in a lan it is also true of split screen I have tweeted vahn on this and got no response but I hope that its fixed in this next patch

            • Dirtknap

              Good to know, that’s the one and only lan experience I have had so far. It’s a little scary if the fundamentals aren’t quite right, even via lan. Thanks for the heads up anyhow.

          • Iheardumbpeople

            WRONG! Your internet sucks and that is why you are being compensated and don’t notice it. Do some research for goodness sake.

          • I have Verison Fios and i live in the city. Tell me how my internet sucks again?

        • da2002

          Derp. I’m an idiot. And its not lag comp. That video just proved it. Most people who complain about lag comp don’t even know what it does.

      • UnknownUser28

        The lag IS NOT FINE DUDE. What the hell are you smoking? Inb4 ”aaah its just your internet”. I run 35 meg up. 5 down connection, 15ms ping.

        • ChessMania

          35 Mbps? Even 5 is a strech…

          • guest

            He probably means mega bites not mega bytes idiot thats how ISR advertise connection speeds. Then 35 mega bites/8 =guess what around 4 mega bytes.

    • asgaro

      The article is a bit wrong: it wasn’t DICE that started the dinosaurs thingy. An Activision representative went to 4chan to ask what could be improved on MW3 and everyone started saying things about dinosaurs. I’m sure the screen of the post can be found online if you google.

  • first thing they need to buff is that damn flak jacket… it makes no sinces how i hit somebody in the chest with an rpg and he doesn’t die.. just the flak jacket emblem pops up


      So you mean they should nerf it then?

    • definitely don’t agree with this one – flak jacket does exactly what it’s supposed to from fools like yourself that don’t know how to use bullets

      • Dirtknap

        YES! I run flak jacket on every class for this reason, it also means I can aggressively play the objective. Half the time I’m the only one pushing the objective, with the amount of derpy behavior that still persists in objective game modes, it makes flak jacket a must.

  • how about adding more weapons to tranzit?

  • masada157

    Didn’t BO1 already have dinosaurs in its emblems? Why fight a battle you already won 2 years ago?

  • DeLucaFTW

    I really doubt there will be any dinosaurs in Black Ops 2. The tweet itself was a really good move, though. Look at all the attention the game suddenly got again. Good for DLC sales 🙂

  • Jason

    Sooooo yeah, I want Dino’s in BF more than COD, it would just be cooler with the Bigger environments and destruction and Physics, oh yeah and vehicles.

    • stahp jason

      shut up nobody likes vehicles

      • you mad

        Yeah because you get butt hurt by them. Your best bet is to stick with noob of duty

        • Dirtknap

          Hahaha, good one, you totally got him!

        • betosobreira

          jets, tanks…. we REALLY don’t need these.

        • you mad? you 15?

          No I am not mad sir. Your english isn’t correct and that’s why I play call of duty. Because they don’t put in cheap vehicles such as tanks to ruin games. I bet your the fag who goes straight for the vehicle and stays there jerking off inside having a blast getting 4 kills a game. Go away please.

          • COD=Cheap vehicles

            Just as I thought you have never played BF. You have to have skill with everything including guns. COD has vehicles that require a one button push to use them. LOL. How are you going to have a war game without vehicles. I bet you enjoy playing with them in COD campaign. And no I am 28. BF gives you options to destroy those cheap vehicles. Its called balance, something COD will never see with there cheap ass perks. Bottom line if you come to battlefield with a COD mentality then you will not have a good time. period Also you call Battlefield vehicles cheap when you know in COD it takes one button and it has giant red boxes showing you where the enemys are when your using vehicles. Your statement is invalid. BF3 you have real people controlling the vehicles not some AI. Idiot.

      • F.U. Im from COD and i love the vehicles in BF3 specially the jets even though i suck at them, hopefully by BF4 ill be decent !!!

        • Remove air radar.

          I have tried and tried to master the jets but to know progress. I think if they would remove the air radar for jets it would be better. Jet fights end up being nothing but circling one another hoping to get a lucky shot. I stopped using jets now because everybody uses air radar and it takes the fun out of finding the other jets and dog fighting.

          • Guest

            ans this is a kid without sence of a “game”

            • You stupid

              Please type your comment again I dont speak Dumb ass..

        • hi mom im on the internet

          FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT, you are from battlefield you fuck don’t lie, you constantly put down cod, don’t say I’m from cod your from battlefield I mean battlegay..

    • astrong

      Dude are you always trolling on the COD forms? lol no one really cares about BF3 Not trying to be rude but everytime i see your face BF3 always come out of it its kinda sad….do you work for dice or something?

      • da2002

        I agree. People on MPFirst act like BF3 is the greatest FPS ever made. When in reality, the game still has issues and its nowhere near as fun as Bad Company 2 or competitive (used to be competitive) BF1942. Battlefield 3’s DLC also gets boring in a week and everyone stops playing it. Its also the only time when Battlefield 3 gets patched is for the DLC to be released.

        • BF3 is indeed the best FPS MP game in the market …

          • fact

          • guest sucks dick

            and thts y it was out of the top 10 most played games on xbox? even mw3 was a in the top 10 and so was mw2 and black ops top 5

            • That was an old stats, the latest one released by “Eurogamer” around a week ago, stated that BF3 was back on top 10.

            • NoMoreLuke

              Since when does top 10 indicate quality?? Have you listened to chart music???

          • sage1210

            sure, it not even worth to be pirate.

        • UnknownUser28

          Still better than black ops 2.

        • I dont agree

          Maybe people on MP1st knows how to seperate shit from epic. Take some lessons and quit buying rehash shit every year. No matter how Activision polishes a turd its still a turd.

      • YOU: No one cares about BF3 !!
        FACT: BF3 sold over 17 million units + ~ 3 million premium
        ME to YOU: S.T.F.U

        • Lord Byakurai

          FACT: BF3 Sold over 17 million units + 3 million premium
          FACT: Black ops 2 sold 11 million units IN ITS FIRST WEEK
          FACT: The current sales are around 20 million units
          ME to YOU: GTFO BF fanboy.

          • COD=Little kid game

            Yeah and 8 out of them 11 million are little kids. I played black ops 2 today for a little bit and it was nothing but kids and I am talking like 6 to 8 year olds. They have not even hit puberty yet. But BF3 is the best multiplayer on the market. PERIOD

            • betosobreira

              Oh God…..

          • aria likes dick

            yea fuck bf3 its full of fags on it always hating on cod

            • yea fuck cod its full of fags on it always hating on bf3

              Expletive, no proof of homosexuality on majority of bf3 players..

              What are you? 12?

            • NoMoreLuke

              I play both – what does that make me?? I like both. If I’m honest, BF3 is more impressive and the server system makes BOII seem ridiculous but I just can’t help picking it up once in a while and playing. It’s quicker, fun and you don’t get as many leet pricks as you do on BF3. The aimbot cheats occasionally make COD games pointless though – it seems like sometimes they’re in every single game, then they disappear for a bit. And the lag compensation makes me want to scream sometimes. It’s ridiculous!

          • well the fact that you replied to him by undermining his words and switching it up with your own facts in a very profane manner, doesn’t it make you a “FANBOY” for cod too? Seeing as how you defend a video game.

          • betosobreira

            You totally got him!!

        • Arnt you the one that said BF3 is the best game in history calling it God? Yea, i remember you. All you do is utterly rip to shit any game that isnt BF3.

        • betosobreira

          This post is not about BF3. There’s a section in mp1st for this game. Go there soon!!

          • Astrong

            AMEN…ME as a COD player dont find myself going to the BF3 forms and talk shit about how gay that game is…..or how good COD is….what a boring life some of these ppl have, kinda sad.

            • you so wrong

              Yeah because cod players dont have anything to back why they think cod is better. Besides maybe 60 frames a second. Too bad you will lose that when bf4 drops on next gen. You say bf3 is boring if that is not the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard. Bf3 has pure dynamic battles its never the same thing over and over. That’s what Makes battlefield so great. I came from cod to bf a long time ago and you are dead wrong.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I came from bf to cod a long time ago and cod even with all of its problems is still a much better game than bf and has been for years I still play both but only bf on the pc on the console bf is absolutely garbage you bf fanboys must be either butt hurt or high to think that bf is anywhere near cod sales and activity prove it and when I play its mostly adults playing not kids stop hating and acting superior

        • astrong

          Then why do you come here? go play bf3 and stop talking about it…i played it i didnt like it….you are not going to convince ppl to play it by preaching to them all the time. BF3 is so bad on console its not even in the same league as COD but BF3 on pc is fine not hating just saying..seriously though go somewhere esle

          • Really?

            You really stupid bro. COD is not even on the same planet as BF. Even the downgrade in graphic quality for consoles for BF still makes COD look like garbage that it is. Its got a 7 year graphics engine. Comments like your makes me laugh inside. BF3 on console looks amazing and is technically amazing they even got it to run on Consoles. Read this idiot.


            • im 12 and i play BF3 on consol

              LOL are you still here? damn…you really are a sad sad man….BF3 only looks good PC and that’s what i heard on every website that reviewed that game…But really though why are you still at the COD forms?? really i don’t care about BF3 and i don’t hate the game im just tired of seeing you People at the COD forms always Preaching about BF3 like your getting paid for it. If BF3 is such a good game why are you HERE explain.

      • lol nobody cares? Lets put it up on equation on the number of people who cares- Dice Employees + EA Employees + 11.1 million total players who are playing bf3 = WOAH SO MANY PEOPLE WHO CARES!

        Try this every once in a while, pull head = out of ass.

      • sage1210

        they just can’t accept the fact that many staffs of the original battle field are no longer with ea/dice. bf3 is nothing but another ea’s junk (this is the first time in my life that see the game that keep broken more and more after patched !?). why ? i think you better ask why the original staffs of westwood studio who made the real c&c games not want to work with ea.

  • Well, If they go add dinosaurs then DICE will look like the biggest assholes on the planet……..Go Treyarch!

  • mrup2nogud

    Nerf the FAL! Nerf the FAL! It’salready had one all that will happen is FAL users will master the SMR then everyone will cry about that. The FAL isn’t even on my radar for a nerf it’snot a problem at all the SMR with target finder is evil.. Be careful what you wish for. Subs need looking at and the blast radius of some explosives needs a look at that’s why flak jacket is everywhere and the connections/lag you don’t see 100 plus games with the FAL because it’s not a piece of piss to use

    • uhopeisarcastic

      all the perks are pretty even exept teir 3 i really rarly see flak in tdm, kill confirmed or ffa. however almost everyone uses it in dom and demo. honestly it really dosent need a nerf. if you have an issue with it just shoot the guy. imo if it got nerfed dom would be even more of a frag fest over b do you really want that?

    • UnknownUser28

      No, Nerf the remington with long barrel. It’s insane

  • I don’t see anything in the tweet that was newsworthy. The tweet might as well have said “There will be a patch.” Anything about hit registration or lag compensation? No? Then I don’t care.

    • Dirtknap

      I guess it’s a precursor to a more solid news piece. I was happy to read this, I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of a substantial patch in the hopes Treyarch are getting their hygiene factors in order.

  • WarHero

    Dinosaurs was so last year, Aliens or GTFO.

  • Josh Moore

    Hmmm possibly a dino camo? that would be pretty awesome

  • Derek Haneman

    I personally would like to see the Target finder nerfed pretty hard core. I get that they were tying to help people who need some assistance with the game, but in the hands of a good player its pretty nasty. Maybe severely limit the range like the Dual Band scope. Nothing like the stupid target finder seeing a barely visible person all the way across the map.

    • uhopeisarcastic

      cold blooded nuff said

    • nothing like a sniper seeing a bearly visible person all the way across the map…. nuff said


  • FLeXs

    Dinosaurs? Maybe a vehicle? Nah, so a camo?

  • hooray

    Hope this patch just deletes the whole game and makes a new one that might fix it.

    • Guest

      Don’t you think that’s too much too ask? What you looking for… It’s called, Modern Warfare 4!

    • That would be Modern Warfare 4, my dear!

  • EcHo84

    Sounds like Dice and BF3 big doesn’t mean “done well”, lawl…

  • Jesse

    If they use dinos, i wish theyd be like the ones from jurassic park part 1. Imagine that huge ass trex?? Or the rapters?? Mannnnn but it would make more sense on bf3. But if black ops can pull it off, they got my money and a big in your face for dice for not doing it. We requested it, treyarch listend

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anyone else feel pretty confident this is the most balanced COD to date? People love to complain but in actuality this is as close to perfectly balanced as we’ve seen. Fix spawns and connections and I’ll be happy.

    • Dirtknap

      Agreed, spawns and lag/lag comp etc are a huge issue though. Maybe 5% of the games I’ve played have been bollocks free, and on those occasions this game was incredible, that’s what makes these issues all the more frustrating.

    • Sure

      Thats not saying much.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Care to clarify? Currently, your comment looks like a half-hearted attempt to troll. Let me guess, “BF3 is so much more balanced, man.” Or, will you hit me with, “COD sucks I stopped playing after MW2.” Yeah, well this comments section is in response to an article about Call of Duty, so why even comment? I enjoy discussing the game with fellow players, and you seem intent on simply trying to inject vitriol.

  • Austyn


  • chuck

    Some changes need to be made that make sense. I would like to see some buffs of the weaker guns like the SWAT, maybe a small fire rate increase and a range increase on the M27. I think that annoying ass hunter killer drone def needs some kind of nerf, besides that I don’t want things being nerfed. I don’t want Treyarch to give into all the whiny girls like how DICE does all the time.

    • Oerba

      The SWAT is not weak at all, in fact it is damn powerful, with a very good one-burst range. The M27 is incredibly accurate and MORE than makes up for it’s poor damage and range through the fact that you never have to control your shots. The only way you could nerf the Hunter Killer without making it worthless would be to change how many points it requires to get. Please try a weapon for more than a game before going back to your PDW.

  • The biggest turd in this game are the spawns, and especially the revenge spawns! Spawning somebody 10m behind you, on a huge map mind you, after you kill them is the most enraging thing ever.

  • betosobreira

    Yes, they are mocking us….. with lag compensation, bugs, etc…

  • Commentator Prime

    The only people who give a fuck about dinosaurs….. is cavemen.

  • Kev

    Hope the hard freezing is take care of this time around, still get it once in awhile…. I have solid high speed dsl Internet , 4 bars.. Still the odd lag / freez up

  • Anonymous

    Please buff the launchers!!!!


    whats going on with public games in zombies 4 out of 5 games i play theres some goof sitting in a glitch having the zombies pile up in front of them they need to put a stop to the zombie glitches its wrecking the game for the real zombie players and messing the leader boards up, with the multi millions they’ve made from this game u would think they could patch in a program and puts a stop to the glitching completely or at least a code that can detect and kicks a person that is just sitting in a glitch spot as the zombies piling up in front of them round after round. i also don’t understand why if i’m in a public game in the high rounds after hours of playing with others and someone times out or quits cause there crap that the stats dont count on leader board. its bullshit .the other day was playing public game one guy quit 9hrs into the game we continued to play for a couple hours more then ended the game , went to check the leader board and what do u know i just wasted 11 to 12hrs of playing for nothing, makes no cents at all why they have it set up like that

  • i_love_purple-72

    get rid of the stupid error occurred while accessing persistent rank data (1)… i had a legit prestige master account that i got bored of so i decided to reset my stats but now i can barely play without being booted with this error or the game saying that i am disconnected… even happens with my brand new account and the only game that won’t work… n i play ps3

  • Isaac

    They Should Put A Barret 50.Cal Because you can get it on zombies,Treyarch NEEDS to add The Barret

  • Isaac

    And LOL of course the “Dinosaur Theme” Would be a dice troll because calllofduty has nothing to do with dinosaurs.