Black Ops 2 – Nuketown Zombies Headed to Xbox 360 Tomorrow, Probation and Security Update

According to official sources, the Nuketown Zombies map, originally only available for “Hardened Edition” and “Care Package Edition” owners of Black Ops 2, will be available tomorrow on the Xbox 360 for anyone holding the Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

Activision has announced, “Nuketown Zombies hits Xbox 360 BlackOps2 Season Pass holders tomorrow [Wednesday, December 12]. Which weapon will you Pack-A-Punch with first?”

Additionally, Treyarch has updated the probation system and other security related issues in Black Ops 2. Formerly, being kicked from a game due to host migration would count as a strike towards your “Probation period,” in which you would be unable to play Black Ops 2 multiplayer online for a determined period of time. This update allegedly fixes the bug, meaning strikes towards probation only accumulate when pre-maturely leaving a match.

Treyarch writes, “a live update has been released addressing Probation and security-related issues. Keep calm and frag on.”

Are you excited to try out some Zombies on Nuketown? If you’re a LE owner or CPE owner and have already spent some time zombie slaying on this map, what do you think of it so far?

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  • jahladagaming

    So will season pass holders get all DLC before it’s available to buy? I bought the hardened edition so already have Nuketown Zombies (I think, never actually play zombies). If I buy a season pass it feels to me like I already have some of the benefit it brings.

    • Bradley Griffiths

      Season pass holders get it at the same time as everyone else just at a cheaper price.

      • Totally worth it.

        • You do not know if it’s worth it. There are future DLC. All DLC for MW3 SUCKED.

      • Season pass holders don’t get it with a price, they get it for “free”. If you paid for the season pass, there’s no need to pay for DLCs as that was what the whole point of the season pass.

        • Bradley Griffiths

          You do realize that you aren’t getting anything for free you just paid upfront. They have said that it is 4 dlc packs included in the pass so you paid $50 instead of $60 if purchased individually fence the cheaper price for the dlc. Why do so many people not understand this when it is common sense that nothing is free.

  • Donut212

    I am so glad that they are fixing the issue with Probation. I was playing in League Play 2 nights ago and when the Host Migration failed I would be booted to the lobby screen with a 5 minute probation penalty and lost ladder points. Needless to say I was annoyed at being penalized for something that wasn’t my fault.

  • Hm. PS3 should get it sometime in the next decade.

    • no next mounth or this month

      • luis mitis

        probably this mounth

  • uwantSAMOA

    league play is a joke if you are not in favor of the host.

    • Dirtknap

      Really? I find league play tends to have greater stability, my performance is reminiscent of previous CoD titles, as opposed to getting railed by bad spawns and lag in the regular play lists.

  • Jason

    So? Exactly how are the Zombies in the Hazmat Suits Going to attack you with thick gloves on their Hands and their face covered by a Gas Mask? Good Job Treyarch for not noticing simple details to make your zombies actually look “Able” to inflict Damage! lol :/

    • TheQuirkyGhost

      Also if you’re in a hazmat suit, how do you drink juggernog, speed cola, etc? (in greif one team is business men and the other are in hazmat suits)

    • Never mind the fact that your firing virtual guns with virtual bullets at virtual zombies, Treyarch really dropped the ball. #REALISMFTW

  • Nemesis_96

    Nuketown is a blast! Well worth getting season pass if you don’t have it! The only let down is that there’s no huge Easter egg. The map is beautiful and really fun 🙂

    • Dieger

      And really small -_____-

  • They should get rid of the probation system altogether until they fix the spawn and balance issues

  • ihavenoidea

    I got a code in my game (regular) for Nuketown 2025, but I can only play it in matchmaking. After the update will I be able to play Nuketown Zombies? If not it just seems like false advertising because I downloaded both maps together but I can’t play one of them just because Treyarch feels like it.

    • jahladagaming

      When searching for a game choose bonu then moshpit. It’s all game types on small maps and Nuketown pops up regularly and always gets voted by the lobby.

      • jahladagaming

        I meant to say bonus not bonu

    • nightwing2097

      if you bought the regular edition, no, the regular edition only has the nuketown 2025 Multiplayer map, hardened has the zombie version, not regular.

  • Oyeah

    These zombies dont bite any way they windmill us to death. Funny as never seen a windmilling zombie in a movie.

  • RuleDRbrt

    I don’t have Black Ops 2 but I was just wondering, do they really penalize you for leaving a game you just joined? (Say the spawns were being raped, or the game was about to end.)

    • Lufamos

      Yes cuz what you joined is a called a “game”. So treyarch’s system shows no mercy.

    • Milias

      Yeah its a part of the “game”.

  • But WHY Treyarch gives NO answer when the fans talk about LAG? Are they planning to fix it stealthy or what?

    • LAG been around since MW2. They are not fixing anything.

      • But the lag on this game is worse than any other.

  • jrstryker

    Seriously, they penalize if you quit early? How many times do you have to quit before that happens? I game but I am an adult with kids. I’ve had to quit games if the baby wakes up late in the night, deal with the kids etc. Kinda sucks..

    • Dirtknap

      I hear that, my games last night were interrupted a few times and I ended my run by leaving a game in progress, one of ours is teething and I’m obviously not going to prioritise BLOPS II if he’s in pain. I better not be on probation when I get on tonight, penalised for real life :S

  • Tonight was a bad night for Black Ops 2. Lag galore! I had to go buy a Plan B pill because I was getting raped by people that just appeared in front of me and then teleported 20 yards away two seconds later. I think I may stick to Zombies for a little while.

    • Zombies is the way to go. That’s the only mode I play anymore.

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  • pete

    When’s the ps3 getting nuketown zombies????
    How much is it gonna cost if u don’t have the season pass??

    • Everybody gets the content at the same time now. As for cost, I have no clue.

  • the specialist

    after the update from 2nd prestige 21lvl i was 1lvl non prestige.what happened?

    • xXHeadShotXx1234

      that happens sometimes but dont warry u are still dasame lvl

  • the specialist

    before the update i was 2nd prestige 21 lvl.After the upfate i was 1 lvl non prestige.WHAT HAPPENED?

  • I guess the probation thing is only on Xbox. I haven’t heard of it until now playing on PS3.

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  • bcsddo

    I have yet to leave a game early except for host migration. I have already been on probation twice. I love the game but they need to do some serious fixing to it.

  • What if you’re completely getting owned because the enemy team has a Swarm, Dogs, a Warthog, and a Lodestar? You shouldn’t get probation for leaving a game early. The one’s who should get probation are the “dashboaders”.

  • dpg70

    How does a host quitting out and the session screwing up and kicking you to a lobby equate to a probation period for you? Am I missing something here?

  • Michael Jackson

    I leave whenever I’m thrown into middle/near end of a match…or if it’s “lagging”…never had a probation…ever. Just beat it.

    • Craig

      You won’t get thrown into a match that is in progress if you’re playing League Play. Also, won’t get probation if you’re NOT playing League Play.

  • xbox sucks

    Hum ps3 so why xbox get the worse players ever whem i play on xbox it is so easy to get kill people who play xbox think they are the best but they never realised the are only beginnera compare to ps3 playera

  • xbox sucks

    I dont have to pay to get online the only things you get is early dlcs.

  • subj3ct18

    its so fucking annoying that xbox gets the new stuff then ps3 gets it like 3 months later. why cant 3arc release the dlc at the same dam time

  • Jhonny

    I downloaded the thing and it won’t let me play what a rip off

  • Rhys

    So this is what happend.. Black Ops 2 came out, the next day i went over to tescos and bought black ops 2 so can i get nuketown zombies for free or do i need to buy season pass? PLEASE HELP!!!!?

  • i downloaded the season pass i can play it but some 1 else has 2 search it for me as when i search it dosnt come up 🙁

  • stephen

    i have got a problem with the map i ve done the download but have not got the map

  • Anthony

    i bought blackops 2 for xbox 360 kinect and when i go online to play zombies, it only gives me the bus depot, town, and farm. then theres a what looks to be another map at the bottom of the screen but i cant go to it or click it! i got my code to download the map NukeTown 2025 from a packet thing inside of the blackops 2 case. and it lets me play it on multiplayer! like the bonus option thing on the bottom! so why wont it let me play it on zombie mode? someone please help me!! IM GOING FREAKIN INSANE PEOPLE!!!

  • leo123

    I think they forgot about ps3 O.o

    • xXHeadShotXx1234

      i think soo if they do i well hate Treyarch for life time and they better but mw4 map bo3 map packs on ps3 first if they ever for get

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  • mark

    not played it yet but i am epic/master at cod bo2z and my hi-score is (143’532).

  • Kade

    Map is ensain