Black Ops 2 “Orientation” Map Pack Is Fake

Yesterday, an alleged Black Ops 2 DLC poster suggested the game’s next map pack would be called “Orientation.”

The image also suggested the map pack would contain four new multiplayer maps (Water, Mobile, Southpaw and Plane), a new zombie map called Dead High, and another new DLC weapon. It’s legitimacy, however, has been unconfirmed up until now.

Thanks to MP1st community member MasonMei (originally discovered by “Wolf”), we’ve learned that many of the images used in this poster are, in fact, ripped directly from the promotional material of Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play version of Call of Duty aimed at the Chinese audience.

Compare the “leaked” poster below to the Call of Duty Online images underneath. You’ll see that all four soldiers in the “Orientation” poster are simply reversed images of the soldiers used in the Call of Duty Online wallpapers.

Black Ops 2 “Orientation” DLC


Call of Duty Online




See the similarities? Needless to say, this proves the “Orientation” DLC poster to be fake. Nice try!

Thanks again, MasonMei.

  • its amazing how much free time some people have..

  • Good but David why not just update the old article instead of making a new one?

    • I guess to attract more attention…

  • inFamous2-VIC

    I knew it was a hoax. The fact that something would leak, just 1 month from original DLC is idiotic. And especially that map called water. I almost had a spit take when I saw that. =/

    • Would be fair if a DLC released every two months right? To enjoy the game more and finally a bonus/secret dlc maybe free for everyone.

      • inFamous2-VIC

        That would be fair, but my first encounter with that was with Mass Effect 3, and I HIGHLY doubt Treyarch/Activision would do that. They are about their money you know? I hope they aren’t as greedy with Destiny though.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Yes, but we all know Treyarch/IW/Activision is all about the bottom line, so fairness isn’t their collective cup of tea. Nuketown 2025 and a lag-filled game springs to mind… although it does seem like
        more thought and
        effort went into
        blops2 when one compares it to the train wreck that was mw3. Thinl about this: when was the last time the COD franchise did something for the fans that made you say, “Wow, they actually appreciate the millions of dollars we’ve paid for their product? Terminal on mw3? It was nice, I guess, but all they had to do was cut and paste.

        • But look Nuketown, it’s a lot changed.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Yes, but they completely botched Nuketown2025by advertising it like it would be in “regular rotation.” Then they come out and say that it’s too hard for matchmaking
            or something
            along those
            lines- now it’s
            stuck in stupid
            “party games.”
            I preordered
            Blops2 mostly because I didn’t want to miss out on nuketown…but I can honestly say I’ve played it once or twice over the past 3 months. Just despicable in my opinion. Robert Bowling had the best idea for giving back to the fans- re-release old maps to everyone FOR FREE.

  • Guy

    Ghost is in Call of Duty Online? Damn I gotta move to China

    • inFamous2-VIC

      Ghost FTW. Lol

    • MasonMei

      Possibly as a player skin. But remember, this game is free2play, but premium skins might need money, :p

  • General comments-
    Previous article: “Water? OMG Treyarch you suck why would you do this ugh so lame.”
    This article: “Hah, yeah obvs guys. Treyarch would never make something so BAD!”

    • MasonMei

      Yet it’s still possible that all develop teams can share promo materials, and Raven (CODOL) and Treyarch (BO2) happened to use the same. But still, map names are dumb, and the hand in Dead High is not of Treyarch style.

  • Thomas

    The map names should have been the main red flag for this being fake. I know Treyarch has a tendency to make some very unimaginative map names, but those were terrible.

  • sup

    water mobile and plane i mean seriosly why would treyarck come out with names like that

  • MasonMei

    Many thanks for your attention, David! Luv MP1st 😀
    By the way, can your computer show Chinese characters? I fear that PCs without Chi Language pack might not be able to show Chinese characters. The guy who discovered this first has 3 Chinese characters before wolf, however…

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  • Unknown Soul

    Anybody else think that zombie hand looks like left 4 dead?

    • Dr. Steve Brule

      Yes…that was my first though

  • Matty-Do

    This is an actual map pack according to black ops 2 Facebook page…

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  • Wolf

    hello I’m coming~

  • Anonimous

    I know the next zombie map. It will be Atlantis.

  • Anonimous

    I know a guy who know someone that knows a friend works with treyarc.

  • wkij

    Looks real

  • hm

    Thank god, the names were dreadful

  • mike

    i love this dude i have never seen this website but he goes strait out to the point and sticks to his opinion he doesn’t care what others say. all other sources don’t say what they think only what they and others want to here to stay satisfied this guy is a realists and would only tell the truth.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Photoshop FTW

  • Nick

    So stupid, you sir, are retarded

  • Guy

    The thing that makes it look fake with no need of proof is the maps stupid and unoriginal names are even WORST than usual 😀

  • Yogurt Pants

    The hand for dead high looks like an altered hand from left 4 dead.

  • No one

    Did no one notice that the pictures for the mape have guys holding guns…. Since when has a picture of a map had any person in it? And the map was “Watch” not water….

  • why would water be a bad name for a map you could do some good shit with that think about it

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