Black Ops 2 PC – FOV Maxed at 80, FPS on Ranked Matches Might be Capped at 120


PCDev has made a quick correction regarding the FPS cap for ranked matches:

Correction: Yesterday I said that FPS would be capped at 120 for ranked matches. The cap will actually be 200 FPS for ranked matches. This cap is needed to prevent monster rigs from degrading dedicated server performance. Frag on, please.

Treyarch’s PC developer, or PCDev as he’s known on Twitter, has shed some light on some limitations for the PC version of Black Ops 2 among other things.

The field of view (FOV) is capped at 80, as PCDev stated, “And don’t ask me to raise the FOV cap. Max is 80. Thankyouverymuch.” The developer cited “technical limitation” in regards to the reason why FOV doesn’t go above 80. He also added “otherwise I would raise it [FOV] to stop all the QQing.”

In regards to the previously mentioned ‘Unlimited FPS’, PCDev explained that “you can set the FPS cap to Unlimited.” However, PCDev adds that there could be a 120 [200] FPS cap placed for ranked matches as he states, “There is a cap of 120 FPS (I think) on dedicated server matches (ranked) though.”

In terms of the size of the game and the number of discs that Black Ops 2 will be available on for PC, PCDev revealed that the retail version of Black Ops 2 will be on “2 dvds” and the game “will require ~15-16GB HD, depending on language and edition.”

Thanks, VG247 and DSOGaming.

  • great >.>

    • Good to see you here Jonathan. 😉

      • Niosus

        And good to see you here 🙂

        • Nemesis_96

          And good to see you here 🙂

  • welp, looks like i’ll once again be using a 3rd party FOV changer.

    • This will likely result in a ban.

      • beaver_rrr

        there is no problems fith fov changer in mw3. Or treyarch is so gay that they will ban for it?

  • wacko jacko

    Woah I bet my vcr player can run this On max

  • Niosus

    I’m pretty sure that 80 also was the maximum FoV in cod4 and cod2 and those game became pretty big on the competitive scene so thumbs up for that!

    If they include mod tools with launch or shortly after this could start to get some of the competitive players back, although I’m afraid it’s a bit too late to really pull players back from CS:GO and LoL.

    • COD2 and 4 both supported FOV in the 90s through console commands.
      Mod tools are not going to be available for Black Ops II. Confirmed by Activision in a public release some time ago.

      • well no use getting the PC version now.

        • There’s plenty use to get it. 80 FPS isn’t a reason to not get it, even if FPS up to 120 is ideal. As mentioned, in CoD4, the favorite CoD of myself and so many others, was capped at 80/85, but now it’s suddenly a reason to not buy the PC version? Don’t forget, console version is 65 (I believe) FOV and 60 FPS (I don’t believe it goes higher for consoles).

          • no mod tools :/

            • So? A game doesn’t need mod tools to be good. All a game needs to be good is solid gameplay.

            • i was planning on buying Bo2 on PC too for the mod tools i guess no custom zombie maps D:

      • Niosus

        a fov above 80 wasn’t possible without sv_cheats enabled, so while yes the engine can obviously do more, it’s of no use in regular play.

        Sad about the mod tools though 🙁

    • WAW let you go up to 120 FOV in zombies

    • MikePembo951

      PCDev has already clearly stated that there will be NO mod support at all in Black Ops 2

  • Nemesis_96

    120 FPS wow! Can’t complain at that!

  • Jason

    It is pointless to go any higher then 80hz (FPS) since the average human can only see 75-80fps, some more. Most people misunderstand this because it’s usually the Pixel Refresh Rate in their monitor/TV that gives less FPS no matter if you are running 80fps or 60fps. The only way 80+ FPS would be beneficial is for capturing and Slowing down videos! Source: I had to learn allot about this when I worked for Comcast/Xfinity. 🙂

    • ….


      • Jason

        Explain…. or wave your hand in front of your face and watch the lag fest begin 😛

      • born2expire

        yeah the human eye can only see blah blah blah….

        there is a HUGE difference in smoothness and responsiveness between 80 and 120fps

    • Brian

      i think you might want to read up on some facts before commenting again….

      • Jason

        Average?! Well it depends what mood you are in? Maybe how bright the frames you are looking at? What if the game has motion blur? Maybe the difference between your monitor running 120hz and your game set at 60fps? Or you just focusing on one part of the screen? Average…. Yeah, your right I have no idea what i am talking about.

        • wtfishetalkinbouvt.

          human eye shuman eye … like u r an optician ?r u ? . dude u dont know a single thing about fps gaming nor human anatomy . period.

  • What technical issue could there possibly be to disallow higher than 80 FPS? The biggest problem I could see (though I’ve only ever noticed this in TF2) is having an in-game wall hack because FPS is too high. As far as TF2 being mentioned, it seems if you go above either 115 or 130, you end up seeing through walls, so that’s what I mean.

    I can’t possibly think of other technical issues. But as far as 120FPS goes, that’s a great improvement. 91 FPS is ridiculous, especially for people with 120hz monitors, so definite improvement.

  • Soro_Hanosh

    sounds like this guy doesn’t know jack shit about what he’s doing

  • pha who cares……….. upgrade the engine or stop advertising

  • Cycovision

    I’m honestly surprised they’re capping it so high, I guess it’s not too bad, but still someone running at 200 has an advantage to those running at 60.
    I suppose a 200 cap is better than no cap at all

  • Motierre

    Why is everyone saying 80 FPS cap? The article clearly says 80 FOV cap and 120-200 FPS cap…