Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Gameplay Footage and Hi-Res Images

Gameplay and screens of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s first and upcoming DLC, the Revolution map pack, are beginning to make their way to the “tubes.”

Yesterday, Treyarch developers detailed the brand new Peacekeeper sub-machine gun that will be introduced along with four new maps and new Zombie content this Tuesday, January 29, on the Xbox 360.

Below, we’ve got some of the first footage and screens of Revolution, including gameplay on “Grind,” “Mirage,” and “Downhill,” along with ten hi-res images.

Via, One of Swords.ย Thanks, Nemisis_96, for the tip.

Via, Eurogamer. Thanks, Blackgandorf, for the tip.

Video and Images Via, Polygon.

What do you guys think so far?

Keep your sights on MP1st for more on Revolution!

  • the iron sight of the peacekeeper makes me remind of the mw2 acr idk why

  • Kev


  • #speakingthetruth


  • masada157

    On the Peacekeeper, you can see “5.7 x 28”

    So it fires the same round as the FiveSeVen and the PDW?

    • lrishjake

      I kind of remember that Treyarch talked about possible DLC in the form of “skins basically for weapons.. so new looking weapons using essentially just skins on previously used guns.” That is some HEAVY paraphrase, but I remember reading that.. so if thats true, then there ya go. Its a skin.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Now that you mentioned it, it basically plays like the pdw-57 but with a 30 round magazine.

        • it is the wrostgun atm high damage but low firerate nothing like the PDW

  • Here’a a vid with gameplay of map “Mirage”

  • Degenerate Prodigy

    Why are all of the players on only level 1? Does this therefore mean that one unlocks the Peacekeeper regardless of level after 4 or something?

    • possibly a “new default” class?

    • Nemesis_96

      They’re al level one because of the system they’re on. It’s like a local vs in of Xbox live called Devnet. Notice how they’re all caled “TA woody” or “TA Scruffy” those are its system names, they don’t use ranking in testing.

    • u know how stupid that is to say they would have to change the CAC to level 1 becuase thats how u get the gun

  • lrishjake

    Im sorry… but what is supposed to be the premise that got all those soldiers fighting inside a skatepark set up for the Xgames? What did Tony Hawk steal some top secret intel from Shawn White and the only answer was to send a strike squad to stop the competition?

    …Activision and Treyarch have officially lost my attention. I just cant take it anymore. LOL

    • mrneoshredder

      It’s about as silly as BF3’s Operation 925. I mean, what the hell are US Marines and Russian Paratroopers doing inside an office building? Did the coffee shop run out of cream in the storeroom, and two of the biggest militaries are sent to secure the last of the shop’s legendary cafe mochas? rofl

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns


      • PlatinumSoldier

        Yeah but at least BF3 is a good game ๐Ÿ™‚

        • battlefield is not good. C’Mon

          Nope, BO2 is a great game :p

          • nope Bo2 is a OK game it has alot of problems that can be fixed THEN it will be a great game.

          • Hol_Up

            But BF3 is a better game ๐Ÿ˜›

            • PlatinumSoldier

              Bo2 IS indeed a good game it just needs a little more attention from Treyarch

      • I still can imagine that in Operation 925, they use the office as a command post/supply depot. It even has a basement where you can hide when the bombs start to fall. I think its the perfect army hideout.

      • lrishjake

        So its plausible to have fireteams going at it in a skate park.. but not in an office building? See, the only thing logical about what you said is that you do not like BF3 as much as you love PLOPS.. That is all you conveyed.

        Now all haters aside, the point I was making is it makes no sense what so ever, unless they give some sort of reason this is happening.. you know put a downed blackhawk on the edge of the skatepark map.. then its plausible.

        For me a video game is very much about immersing myself into its world so that I can enjoy playing it. And if Im supposed to be thinking its normal to fight on the moon, and in a skatepark.. well then you lost me.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Ahh, they old Blackhawk down plot. lol

          I would love a map on Uranus. Logic? Its fun to say, URANUS! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • mrneoshredder

          I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

          I said “It’s about as silly as BF3”. Means I like both BF3 and BLOPS equally.

          And I never said that it’s anywhere near plausible for fireteams to fight in a skatepark. The premise is stupid. My point is that COD isn’t the first military FPS to jump the shark when it comes to weaving a map narrative. That’s why I referenced Operation 925 because the idea of Russians and Marines duking out in a quiet office building is ludicrous…unless there’s a nuclear bomb stuffed in the coffee machine or something. Both premises are stupid and throw all semblance of suspension of disbelief out the window.

    • xDr Taco

      Or you could stop over thinking it and realize it’s a game, they could make a map on Mars if they so desired ๐Ÿ˜›

    • NSC

      At the end of the day your only playing a video game.

    • Not all the maps have to be war-related. I find to be fun play in a Stadium(such a good map for all game modes)



      I’m still getting it. I cant wait to get infected! hahaha

      • lrishjake

        but Vex.. you are infected. You told me just last week that playing PLOPS gave you the HIV? ROFL.. I couldnt resist.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          LMAO! Its full blown Zaids now! hahah

          Thanks for keeping it OUR secret, bro. lol

    • DatKidNick

      Its a Video Game not real life thats the exciting part -_-

  • thebulky1cometh

    1. Skate park appears to be bigger than I originally thought it pretty excited about it.

    2. Not too crazy about the looks of Mirage- all those dark shadows will be a haven for campers.

    3. Definitely excited about Downhill- does anyone know if you can get into the ski lifts and ride them?

  • JokerGr

    its awesome!!Downhill is the best

  • Antal120

    Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Iยดve founded another Black Ops 2 Revolution gameplay on Grind via IGN

  • Mackan

    I can not understand why some people dont like this game i think it is almost as good as mw2 if not better whit out all explosives and unfair perks.

    • WarHero

      Well I can tell you one of the biggest reasons why people do not like BO2
      1.Lag is awful no denying it
      2.People are simply bored of CoD and moved on
      3.Some think is not that different from the rest of CoDs

      • gea

        The whole game is designed as some ADD, cqc hipfire sprayfest. That’s not fun.

        Everything in this game from the maps to the lag, gunplay and so forth is tied with mw3 as the worst in the series.

        Treyarch really dropped the ball this time around. They went against everything they used to promote before this game.

        • WarHero

          I agree with your points so far you don’t need to aim anymore to kill someone,just slap a laser on an SMG then go shoot hipfire across the maps. Most of the time that’s BS

    • Hol_Up

      As good as MW2? I hated MW2

  • ja

    Simeone told me that WiiU version will not get any dlcs for BO2. Is this true?

  • Anybody know if the Peacekeeper weapon will be available as soon as you download the DLC or will you have to level up to unlock it?

  • nothing new

    Wow more maps so small you can piss across whats new its cod

  • Good, they brought a snow map…now bring a jungle map with 2 or 3 houses so these motherfuckers have nowhere to hide when I’m on the Lodestar not like Drone where like 30-40% is open space.

  • 3arc


  • Bignightkcco

    I was all excited for this DLC but I just got on and it said my “profile data was corrupted” it put me back where I was 2 weeks ago. Fml and f this game.

  • Its time to think people.

    As long as people keep buying this game in the masses they are not gonna change anything. That is the sad truth. It sold more than last COD so if the lag is that bad why the hell would you buy the next one. Makes no sense. Its time to grow up people and move on to better things. I did ever since MW2 and I have not looked back. I still rent COD and play through the campaign but it goes no further than that. I play BF3 for my online now. And before you start calling me a fanboy really sit down and go over each fact about each game and determine which is the better buy. I was a COD fanboy before I was ever a BF one. But I looked at the facts and the truth never lies. DICE just makes a better game. They reward there players for loyalty like dedicated servers, new graphics engines, awesome DLC, and true epic warfare. its called facts people.