Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Goes Official, Introduces New Zombie Game Mode and Much More

Treyarch memebers David Vonderhaar, Dan Bunting and Reza Elghazi walk Call of Duty fans through the first downloadable content pack to make its way to Black Ops 2.

Hitting the Xbox 360 first this January 29, Revolution will introduce four new multiplayer locations, a brand new multiplayer weapon, a new zombie map, and even a brand new zombie mode.

Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage will have you fighting it out on a large, interactive dam set in Pakistan, a skate park in Venice, California, a snow-covered ski resort in the French Alps, and a luxury resort in China devastated by a passing sandstorm. For the first time, Treyarch is also putting a brand new multiplayer weapon in your hands with the Peacekeeper sub-machine gun, a cross between a deadly SMG and a powerful assault rifle. As with other weapons, it too will come with its out set of challenges so you can keep earning XP.

Peacekeeper SMG

Peacekeeper SMG

The new zombie map, Die Rise, will introduce elements of vertical elements as you fight for survival in a crumbling skyscraper. Prepare to be “Turned” in the brand new zombie game mode which will allow you to play, for the first time, as an actual zombie.

Black Ops 2 Zombies

The new zombie game mode, “Turned.”

For full details, check out the video presentation below:

How are you liking the sound of Black Ops 2’s first DLC so far?

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I’m buying this mainly for the zombies and the smg. As for the maps it depends but I personally won’t find myself playing on them very often.

  • Smg combined with an assault rife? Haven’t even used it yet to know its OP

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I think they should design there new weapons based on the feedback on the weapons that are already in the game. This way new weapons will be alot more balanced

    • ROLEtied

      Or it won’t be good at either, making it complete garbage. There’s only two ways this weapon can go.

    • VTM4

      you really cant tell just by that think about all the stats that can affect it just cus its accurate and has high damage doesnt mean that it would be OP because the fire rate could be low your mobility might change recoil pattern might be very different then the reload speed could be slower the raise and lower times along with switch times could be longer than a smg so yeah you cant judge just by what is said

      • At the end of the video it shows the peacekeeper in action, the fire rate is amazing just by looking at it. Knowing treyarch they wouldn’t make the recoil high considering the smg’s have like 0 recoil.

        • Vtm4

          It looked like a msmc at best for fire rate if ur going off of that and rlly no guns have recoil the scar h has insane recoil the type has recoil the vector has some and the chicom and the full auto m8

          • Vector and Chicom have hardly any recoil. If you shot an entire clip it would go up about .8 inches.

            • VTM4

              if your not pulling down they just go up you could start at the chest and go way above the head by the end plus you have no proof against the others so treyarc might have a good amount added to it or something more like the type where its accurate but its recoil can be a hassle

            • No proof against the others? I have diamond smg’s i know their recoil, damage, and everything else.

            • Vtm4

              That doesn’t really mean a thing and I used ARs for examples as well that’s wat I meant by u can’t prove also the vector and scorpion both do have high recoil but apparently u must just spray from the hip so to not see the recoil

    • Hot-Wire

      IMO it will be like the Type 25 when it comes to assault rifles. Where the type 25 tries to bridge the gap between an SMG and an assault rifle, the Peacekeeper will most likely have the same mobility benefits of an SMG, but with like 600 to 640 RPMs (Very slow for an SMG) and a 3 shot kill up close and 4 to 5 shot max at range.

  • “How are you liking the sound of Black Ops 2′s first DLC so far” pretty meh nothing i haven’t seen before :/

    • Uh, GUN DLC?

      • WarHero

        Been done in other games except in CoD for some reason.

  • N0torious

    Cut content everywhere!

  • Nemesis_96

    Awwwww yeahhhhhhh! Looking forward to zombies particularly! die arise looks like it might actually be scary for once, with all the dark, tight indoor gameplay.
    Love the idea of the water chute thingy on hydro.

    • It won’t be scary. You can hear the zombies from far away. If you want scary, go play Dead Space. And, just a correction, it’s “Die Rise” not “Die Arise”…

      • Nemesis_96

        Mate, I have played dead space. It’s funny if anything, not scary.
        Thank you so much for pointing out an autocorrect error. I can fucking read. I’m glad you have such an expert opinion of this DLC even though its not out yet, perhaps you would like to share some tips about strategy on Die Rise?

        • sirpenislock


  • thebulky1cometh

    Loving the fact that we aren’t getting more bland maps. I’m particularly interested in how campers will overcome the curves of Grind (let’s be honest, they’ll still find a way).

    • Grind’s small

      • thebulky1cometh

        Yes…so you are hoping that means less camping?

        • yes, since there’s always war in the skate park

    • Campers are only a problem if you play shit game modes like TDM. Map design is starting to screw the objective based game modes.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I do prefer TDM, because i like the “purity” of a straight up gun battle. i dont mind people playing the conservative style you described above- im talking about those who sit in corners with sights up.

  • HBK

    They should just re-release WMD, Grid, Radiation, Firing Range, and Summit from Black Ops 1.

    • uhopeisarcastic

      or you could play black ops…

      • HBK

        It’s a little too framy right now…

    • da2002

      WMD and Radiation? I never understood why those maps are so popular. WMD is a camp fest and Radiation has a crappy B point in Domination.

      • HBK

        I loved Radiation’s B point in Domination. It was one of the few things that actually had a bit of tactic involved in capping and defending it. You could just go to the other team’s building on the surface and come down the ladder and flank them if it was too hard or close the doors.. As for WMD I just think it works well with all game modes. I could tolerate CTF on it, was great for demolition, and was awesome for domination. Set spawns with head to head action, open maps, but few lines of sight, and very simplistic buildings, and no obstacles in the way. I used to hate it as well until I learned how to manuever the map more effectively.

    • Dane Curbow

      I would love if this happened. Though it shouldn’t be a full DLC that you pay for, just tack each one onto a map pack or release them alone as community appreciation DLC one at a time. (lol free)

    • i still miss those maps

    • if they re-skin it like they did with Nuketown 2025 I would accept that, if they just copy it I have to say, fuck off.

  • WarHero

    Too be honest,I think the Multiplayer maps aren’t impressive at all and they look small but I’m really looking forward to Zombies I’ve been waiting to play as a zombie now I have a chance to piss off my friends 😀

  • “Turned” looks very basic, but I guess that what Zombie fans have been asking for since Day 1, to dumb it down.

  • black ops 2: a call of duty first, gun dlc!
    batlefield 3: good for you mate


    One weapon? BF3 already did that – 21 times better!

    • VTM4

      alright if you enjoy BF3 so much then why are you looking at call of duty posts and second BF3 is more MOH then BF so go play MOH if anything

      • Tha Star

        your logic gave me cancer O.o

        • VTM4

          What that BF3 felt more like a MOH game well if ur on pc I can understand y it gave u cancer if ur on console ud understand y I’m saying this

  • I didn’t care for the changes in zombies in BO2, so I haven’t played it. I probably won’t play this stuff either. The MPs maps all appear to be based on gimmicks and “looking cool” rather than strategy. Some of them look somewhat smaller though, which is good. COD does not work well with large, open environments.

    • HBK

      What? Small maps are the detriment of COD. Small maps = bad spawns = more smg use = faster time-to-kill = more campers/snipers and shotgunners = lag is a more significant factor in gunfights = frustration…At least that’s the way I see it…

      • uhopeisarcastic

        ^ exactly maps like jungle play much better than small maps for objective game modes while small maps are good for tdm and kill confermed 90% of the time play horrible on say dom or demo. firing range, summit and standoff are like the only execptions

        • Dane Curbow

          Well designed maps are the exception?

          • Indeed, if the maps were well-designed, the map could be any size and flow well.

      • This seems to be more of several compound issues for you. The spawn system. The net code. The lag compensation. Run-and-gun. Camping. Peer-to-peer. It sounds like there are enough issues listed there that you may want to consider that you just don’t like the game.
        I don’t like the spawns, but I don’t blame the size of the map for that. The spawn system sucks. That’s what I call it. And I personally like the faster pacing of the game. SMGs are favored right now because they increase the pacing of the game. BO2 was designed that way. Would you prefer to have a bunch of cover and long-range firefights? It wouldn’t really be COD at that point.
        On the PC side we have dedicated servers. Unfortunately, they are no better than the peer-to-peer “hosts” you find on consoles thanks to terrible matchmaking. So they could fix the lag for you, but you’d have to sacrifice matchmaking lobbies and go to a server browser. I wouldn’t mind it because we’ve seen that on PC for years, but would console players accept it?

    • Hydro is a large map.

      • Well, the dam in which it takes place is large. Not sure of the actual, playable map size.

  • PertAndPopular

    You know what’s better than map packs, new zombie mode and a gun? Fixing a broke game.

    • WarHero

      Yes…due to the broken Lag Comp. I can’t play Black Ops 2 because I get the “CONNECTION INTERRUPTED” messages in EVERY lobby I go into even at “Best” it’s still doesn’t do anything. Zombies is fine..which is odd.

      • Zombies is “fine”? I love the actual gameplay and stuff, but the glitches are through the roof! I’ve given up on high rounds because of the sound bug and the freezes.

        • WarHero

          I’m not saying Zombies is “fine” for everyone,hell no, but so far I have no issues in Zombies but Multiplayer is fucked for me.

          • dean

            my multiplayer is working but i cant eveb load my zombies

      • FastJimmy

        if i could i would up this a bunch of more times lag comp the fucking bane of fps games

  • Ostintacious

    Lol one new gun, as if we didn’t have enough OP sub machine guns

  • The whole map pack just looks awesome.

  • The in game message is very misleading, it implies that PC is getting it Jan 29th. They probably just copy pasted from their xbox updates 😛

  • pete

    Get the game working first!!

  • Awesome dlc!


    I have a feeling that the peacekeeper smg would be 3-5 or 3-4 (but i highly doubt 3-40 shot kill but with a firerate of 600-700.

  • Nemesis_96

    Message to all haters: go away.

  • Zuil

    I remember when blops 2 details first came out, there was a rumor about a map where the water would rush through mid game. Thought it was a funny coincidence


    I CANNOT WAIT! Anything new is great, even with the people who cry “OP” before actually testing things out themselves. 😉

  • fix your game first!


  • I also forgot, but I hope the Easter Egg song is Elena Siegman and not AX7 or… *shudders* Skrillex.

  • I also forgot, but I hope the Easter Egg song is Elena Siegman and not AX7 or… *shudders* Skrillex.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Brace yourselves………another gun patch is coming.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    “Turned” looks like it will be lacking awesome and the multiplayer maps look okay, I’ve learned to not get hyped up about DLC for CoD, especially after MW3.

  • Guest

    I want to know what the new zombie song is going to be?

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  • rpg13000

    u should have the vectorek10 i know overpowered but make the map harder with the scavenger sniper zombies

  • well just played revolution and the patch for it made my game lag even more -_- now I can’t even get a steady 4 bar connection, stupid pice of shit game.