[Updated] Black Ops 2 DLC Rumors – Orientation Map Pack


The alleged Black Ops 2 “Orientation” map pack poster has been confirmed to be fake. Read more here.

Original Story

A new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 image suggest the title’s next DLC will be called “Orientation.”

Found by simply googling the map pack’s name, the image suggest that the DLC will feature four new multiplayer maps, one new zombie map and an additional weapon, as did Black Ops 2’s first DLC, Revolution.

Multiplayer Maps

  • Water
  • Mobile
  • Southpaw
  • Plane

Zombie Map

  • Dead High

New Weapon

  • ?


The image cuts off the name of the new weapon, though it looks like it could possibly be a semi-automatic marksman rifle of some sort.

Currently, there is no telling whether this image is fake or real. It looks similar in style to the Revolution DLC’s promotional material but it seems unlikely that a poster of Black Ops 2’s next DLC would surface so soon. Of course, we’ll be sure to update should more details appear or should its legitimacy become certain.

PlayStation 3 and PC users are still awaiting the Black Ops 2 Revulution DLC to hit their respective platforms this February 28.

What do you guys think? Let’s hear it in the comments below.

  • looks legit to me

  • another dlc for morons too buy

    • Yet you looked at the post & replied moron.

      • code red code red i spot a cod fanboy that is mad right now exposed

        • Are you stupid?

          • dieger

            No he is “special”

            • Luis Youngg

              no he has a point, you are all calling it stupid yet 90% of you will still buy it. This better be fake though.

            • lol

    • betts

      *to buy.

    • Dirtknap

      Your grammar is spectacular!

  • dieger

    Dead High? seriously? This better be a fake name because a 3rd grader could name a map better -____-

    • agree. I mean Water if that’s the name of the map treyarch is a joke

      • dieger

        yup next up RUSSIA because we are so lazy to pick good names.

        • Dirtknap

          Followed by TACO STAND, CoD’s smallest “gun on gun” map yet.

          • SUPERSAIYAN

            And last but not least, BATHROOM

            • J3ZA

              Guys c’mon the worst would be KITCHEN

            • KITCHEN….the all exclusive map for the female gamers ..lol

    • Seems fake cuz the Dead High “name map”, looks fake..

    • MeZaDoctor

      Die Rise —-> Dead High. :/

      • PRoZoNeR~

        yeah thats what i think

    • mackan

      this can be fake but why is it motion blur its like some one have taking a picture of a poster

  • Parker jackson

    i think its fake cause look at water he is holding pp90m1 plus the names suck

    • you are right it’s a pp90m1 cuz the tube in the weapon

  • buttfacebob545


    • dieger

      well if its true it could be like the plane level from COD4

  • Borderlands 2

    Any news on the new borderlands 2 DLC yet lol? been waiting to here about that.

    • Yeah, you can find out everything you want to know for any game by looking up a CoD post.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Probably fake…at least mp1st finally gave us some cod news again!

  • Doesn’t look final but it may be real.

  • MegaMan3k

    Those map names make it rather unbelievable… But if it’s a spoof, it’s a well made one that understands the Call of Duty artwork and marketing style.

    As far as the time line, it does seem rather accelerated. But I’d pin the next DLC for a late march / early April release, so it really only seems a week or two early if that.

    That DLC weapon looks nearly identical to an M16 though (except slight differences at stock and magwell), which makes it seem more skeptical.

    • Brian82027

      Are you blind?

  • dead high looks like die rise lol! THis is fake but now this made me to know about the real new upcoming DLC! Come on treyarch, im intrigued..

  • Matt
  • wow, how gay

    lol hey look its a box of tampons to placate the pms-ing cod girls lololol. overpriced with crappy graphics and bad maps. this is why you play bf3, people.

    • Dirtknap

      If your sentence structure wasn’t different, I’d swear you were Faraz come back to haunt us, LOL. Any of you other folks remember that troll?


        Hahahahahahaha this douchebag is faraz I bet 100 bucks on that Hahahaha seriously man little kids today..I also bet he is gonna say o I was just trying to start stuff on purpose blah blah blah, whoever it is I’m reporting to the ppl who run this website, hopefully this cock ends up like faraz, all shriveled up..

      • Thomas

        He is very much like Faraz, except he’s much more personal with his insults once you respond to his trolling.

      • maasada157

        – Constantly hates on COD and visciously jerks off to BF3
        – Terrible english
        – Constantly talks about how his opinion is truth
        – Conveniently appeared after Faraz disappeared

        My god, you’re right! Faraz is back!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

      • mrneoshredder

        I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s Aria either. Remember him? The dude who wanks off to BF3 so much that I bet he uses the disc as a sex toy?

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Seriously bro? Bitches like you make bf3 fans like me looks bad.

      • Thomas

        Every game has annoying portion of their fan base. The strange thing is that he acts like the very same people he’s trying to insult.

    • oh yes this is exactly how to convert COD players insult them -___-

    • fpskilla

      Battlefield sucks I would rather go outside and throw rocks at a box then play battlefield any day.

      • yes.win.

        I love you. finally someone who has the same feelings toward battlegay

  • Blaine

    “Water” has to be the dumbest name for a map that I’ve ever heard, in any game ever. And how the hell would they make a playable out of an airplane?!? Those 2 things make me extremely skeptical about this. The new weapon honestly looks like something straight out of MoHW. If it is real, I’m assuming Dead High would be set in some kind of highschool?

    • Dirtknap

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Treyarch leak with intentionally provided misinformation, it keeps the community talking and speculating on things that aren’t negative. It’ll be interesting to see if the next drop resembles this in any way, shape or form.

  • PlayStation 3 and PC users are still awaiting the Black Ops 2 Revulution DLC

    Revulution? Oops. Also, if this is real then this map back have some standard map names. Plane? Water? Dead High(Fans really want zombies on Highrise). Sound like beta names at best.

  • Maybe its a mockup from some employee to send around greenlighting the project before making it final? The map names could be just internal working names.

  • maybe…probs not

    Doubt these are the names…too boring. But same style poster is tricky..also the new weapon looks similiar to the PS something sniper rifle in Black ops to me. Plus playstation hasnt even got the first maps, i dont rememeber it happening so fast in BO. But then again they only have 7 months roughly for three map packs to be dealt with.

  • Saint123q

    Come on guys try and be at least a bit civil on these comments.

    Now about the article. I ran some tests on the image, and it seems to be legit, don’t quote me on this. Allow me to explain. If you’re familiar with how to test an image to tell if it’s fake, you know that a fake image of something, weather it’s photoshop or paint, will have pixelation when you do certain things to it. I did what needed to be done and it SOME pixelation, but not a lot, so it seems to be real. Like I said, don’t quote me on that, I’m not 100% sure. But I hope this clears stuff up for you guys.

  • MasonMei

    Hmm.. not to mention how weird and childish these maps are named, but look at the pic of Dead High… WTF anyone recall Left 4 Dead?

    That Bonus weapon… the HK417-ish marksman rifle has the color pattern of a gun from MOHW…

    Is the Water dude holding a PP90M1?

    Well if this is true, dude I can get one DLC for my own, with much cooler names:

    (coarse language alert)

    Masturbation DLC

    4 new MP Maps!

    Jerk, Come, Jizz, Dick

    1 new Zombies Map!

    Dead Man~

    Bonus Weapon!

    FOR ONLY $14.99!

    • Parker jackson


      • MasonMei

        Hmm.. i looked in the dictionary and finds come with the meaning of cum. I deleted this since it might be offensive… and i discovered it’s fake :D. should’ve kept that if i know it would receive at least 6 likes XD

  • Best In The Wolrd

    death high in the back looks like a building but I think that it will take place in a high school but i don’t know if it is real or fake but why don’t just wait until treyarch reveals the poster and some information

  • plane map would be awesome.

    • Thomas

      That’s what I thought about a yacht map until they threw that out there lol.


    Haven’t played BO2 since last year so don’t really care.

    • MeZaDoctor

      Last year…which was only about two-and-a-half months ago

  • UltraVioletGamer

    That weapon DLC looks like something from BF3 if you look really good, and nobody likes a new semi snipers except a 50. call so if this is real it looks like a big failure in my opinion. Wait Treyarch told us 4 DLC’s in one year, and this is allready there?

  • betosobreira

    Are you serious complaining about a map name?? Damn it!! Who cares about a map name and gun name? If it’s a good map and the gun is well balanced, who cares?

    • Thomas

      Exactly! They could name a map “Map” and it wouldn’t matter as long as it was a good map. To hell with their names.

  • Guy

    ”but it seems unlikely that a poster of Black Ops 2′s next DLC would surface so soon”
    I disagree with that, they probably had the dlc ready before the game even came out, it’s only a matter of time before the next dlc is leaked on the internet.

  • fake these names are shitty

  • Johnny

    Lets think about this, Carrier, Plaza, Slums, etc. they do his all of the time where they just give the maps simple names, which I think are a easier to remember and recognize when heard.

  • Larry the Lobster

    If this is real, im guessing Dead High would take place at a high school of some sort?

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  • iTzParody

    k the name is kinda weird, but who cares, and like “Guy” said, they had the maps ready before the game launched.

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  • caveman217

    when i heard Dead High i thought; zombies in a high school. now that would be awesome and under the school they were experimenting with students yeah give us that treyarch

  • nuke74

    new map

  • Mystery

    Its all fake i know and its confirmed but not public but thier adding the CLAW to scoresreak

  • rosss

    i sware to fuck if this is another skyscraper i’m kill a baby

  • Elman1860

    Is photo montage from spots in nw3

    And the weapon to is part of msr and acr very easy to make
    I kan make the same shit

  • Elman1860

    And is not a poster is a picture on a pc photographied wit a poor camera

  • justine bieber

    only a faggot would waste his time making this shitty ass fake poster

  • C4M3R4mam

    it fake treyarch wouldnt name maps with crappy names the hand in the picture saying dead high is the left for dead hand as well

  • Jonny3625

    You idiots that is not a PP90M1 it’s the fuckin’ Vector K10! Next time look at the guns from the game and identify the caracteristics of the gun, what looks like it and what doesn’t.

  • Yo mama

    I hope the maps are good

  • Cod finest

    This better be fake moble what does it take place at ATNT

  • Fuck



    when is it coming for the ps3

  • Why?

    Some irony is good, but dead high, that’s irony…In a bad way…

  • racerboii21

    Plane = Terminal
    Water= ??+ holding a P99OMI
    Southpaw= Village
    Mobile= ??
    The fuck. -.-

  • nick

    I play this game like mad i was very exited about the past map pack revolution but for a gamer like me this is SHIT Trayarc

  • Easily_Unamused

    FOR ALL YOU RETARDS OUT THERE, look at the map water” well we already have a map named hydro, why would they name another map the same damn thing durr di durrr

    • Easily_unamused

      oh and southpaw???? look at the controller settings on black ops 2, again DURR DI DURR

  • TGrenadeZ

    Kitchen Ops II! for the women

  • i think that there is no dead high but please add aria 51 zombies it make so much sense.

  • By

    Dead high could be a school map….I think shit would go down in there.

  • jz

    the dead high is fake

  • jz

    for the 3 dlc map

  • jack knives

    look at the background of the plane and the man it is fake. also if this is a re skin of terminal it will be hated

  • jack knives

    look at the background of the plane and the man it is fake. also if this is a re skin of terminal it will be hated

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