Black Ops 2 Stats Will Not Reset at Launch, PC Patch Includes 90 FOV and Live Streaming Tips

Getting pumped for Black Ops 2? Though we are still a full day and a few hours away from release, you may have noticed a Black Ops 2 copy in the hands of a number of gamers who’ve managed to attain it yearly through various means.

The question most likely pops up in your mind, as well as in others’: will those who’ve been playing before the official launch date have their stats reset at 12:00am this Tuesday morning?

Treyarch game design director recently answered this question in a series of tweets: “FAQ. Will people be reset? A. Read the previously linked Security/Enforcement policy. Unless you are a bad person doing bad things, no.” He adds that “it’s a giant game with a lot of infrastructure that needs to be deployed over several days.” Treyarch most likely feels it unfair to reset the stats of those who’ve attained a legitimate copy of the game, but we’d definitely like to hear what you think in the comments below.

To those who have received an early, legitimate copy, Vonderhaar says, “Enjoy the game. Services will be spotty as we prepare for the official launch,” adding that “It’s a rolling start. Expect bounces the new few days as we bring up extra services.”

Vonderhaar also recently handed out a few tips to those wanting to take part in live streaming League Play games when Black Ops 2 launches on day one: “If you are interested in live streaming those League Play games you will (optionally) want the right camera. Currently supported cameras: 360: Vision. PS3: Eye. PC: Most USB Cameras. It’s like getting a free starter kit for live streaming and works incredibly well, given how complicated the entire thing is under the hood.” He also commented on the Xbox 360’s Kinect, mentioning that it is currently not supported: “I know a lot of you probably have a Kinect, but it is still [being] evaluated as a video camera for the feature. More on that later.”

He also answered a few frequently asked questions, stating that the streamer’s voice does go to the live stream when recording, a YouTube channel is needed though a partnership is not, and that 10 viewers are needed to activate the stream while good upstream bandwidth is a requirement.

Lastly, those on the lookout for more Black Ops 2 PC news can look forward to what a Treyarch developer working on the PC version recently tweeted, “On the post-launch patch task list: 90 FOV.”

So, what are you doing to get prepared for Black Ops 2?

  • Delta8A

    so far i like the way 3rac is treating us, PC players

  • Jacob Dragster


  • ROB


    • windy city

      Yeah, New Zealanders should have been first in the leaderboards for a few hours at least.

      • JayZero

        actually its australians first 😀

        • And the award for “correction of the week” goes too……. :]

        • NZ Kiwi

          Actually it is New Zealand first. Australia is an hour behind NZ. At midnight NZ time (GMT +12) it’ll be 10pm in Melbourne (GMT + 11)

          • NZ Kiwi

            11pm sorry. bad maths lol

            • Yeah I’m happy to wait that extra hour after NZ, compared to the rest of the world… 😀

      • King Ding-a-ling

        New Zealand has internet? Is it powered by some farm animals on a pulley? Seriously … that country can fall into the water for all I care. I don’t know a single person from that rock that isn’t a self pretentious ignorant prick. I say just cut them off from playing the game. Besides, they’ll get bored with it and go back to banging sheep in a few days anyway.

        • Wildbeast99t

          I am not going to try to argue with you. I will only tell you that my cousin actually lives there. His dad is a doctor so shut the hell up before you make yourself look stupider.

    • Angelreborn96

      Exactly what I thought.

    • Joe

      Agreed, but it’ll never happen because they turn the servers on early to get a free beta test.

  • steve

    i think its disgusting that treyarch accept and agree in people illegal obtaining the game and being able to keep there stats and progress on launch night . In my opinion it encourages other to in future try and obtain the game in a illegal fashion. Yes treyarch want to test the servers and let people online so they can tweek certain things but once launch night arrives it should be a level playing field with no consideratioin for anything. I am so disgusted with the way Treyarch have acted .

    • How is it illegal, to get the game early? I got the game yesterday and I didn’t pay anything extra, I just pre ordered it and got lucky that it got deliviered early.

      • steve

        did i say 100% of people no i didnt if you got it legally fair enough im talking about people who got it illegally ,the fact that more people will try to get it illegally next year and Treyarch not resetting everybody on release night sp its a level playing field

        • How can you prove any of them got it illegally?

        • It’s only illegal if they stole it. Dude dry your eyes and buck up little man, everything is gonna be ok.

      • Jesus

        I highly doubt you got it early…

        • Check out my PSN Account Chri_stoph and look at my trophies and you will see Black Ops 2.
          Or simply look at Elite.

        • if he got it from amazon they send it out a few days before so if your lucky

        • Joe

          1000s of people per platform are already playing the game & have been playing the game for days, so why doubt someone who claims to already have it?

    • Jimmy

      How is it illegal? The people who have it already are people who were either given early access by Treyarch, or people who received their online orders earlier than expected.

      • nightwing2097

        theres also a store near me offering early copies for £65 instead of the £45 they’ll be selling them for on release. i was tempted, but i decided to wait and save £20 its not illegal to get it early, unfair yes, not illegal

    • Nemesis_96

      I thinks it’s annoying as well that some people get to level up and unlock stuff earlier. BUT!
      It’s not illegal at all to have the game early, it’s just very lucky.

      • What does every game store say when you try to get a game early? It’s against the law and I can get fired.

        • Joe

          It’s not against the law to break street date (in the US anyway). Sure, they can get fired, but that’s it. However, there’s a reason so many Mom & Pop stores sell early on yearly basis — it’s how they compete w/ Walmart & Gamestop. If it was against the law, Activision wouldn’t turn on servers early every year like they do. EVERY year someone at IW or 3arc comes out & says it’s not players fault for getting early, legitimate copies of the game.

    • its not illegal to get it early there is no law only a rule that gamestop made so its not

    • I agree with you. But “so disgusted”, it’s something little that you make sound so big. It’s not to really complain about.

    • It’s not like IW handled it any better… there is no way around it. With a game as popular as COD, people will pay absurd money to get it early. And maybe it’s unfair but it’s not illegal either…

    • Illegal…hahaha yea the government made a law about buying stuff early.

      • Actually they call it a “LEAK”. Same thing with halo 4 but that person got banned.

        • Bucky McGuy

          which is fair, but c’mon, he probably just made a new account. big deal.

    • Their excuse “There is going to be so much we have to do, Other than worry about resetting stats”. Every other CoD would get you jail time just to play it 5 min early. Why should this be any different. Looks like treyarch is accepting piracy.

  • i agree

  • Focker


  • Faraz

    LoL way to disappoint ppl. All you legitimate buyers of the game, how do u feel? Feeling robbed? Yup It’s your fault. You still have time to cancel orders. Don’t buy this same game again and again. Don’t waste your $64. This game should cost $25 at launch.

    • Faraz

      I am a loser who has nothing better to do than go on COD articles and tell them not to buy COD. It’s the only way I can get satisfaction in my pathetic, dull, pedantic existence.

  • uwantSAMOA

    “To those who have received an early, legitimate copy”

    What defines a legitimate copy? A copy given out by Treyarch or just a pirated .iso? that is the only way i know of.

  • these people go out of there way to break street dates every year and constantly post spoilers on twiiter,and wat they get rewarded for it by having an advantage over all the legitimate players on launch day,quite frankly it stinks i mean everyone should have the same oppurtunity with leaderboards come launch otherwise its impossible to play catch up with these bums who,ve been playing constantly for the last week

    • MWsRAGE_5

      yeah its totally unfair, we no life people can catch up but damn…. 1 week advantage is gay

  • Lizzy

    well… yet another fail.. honestly it’s these shenanigans along with a dated engine that just keeps me from enjoying CoD.. wot be buying

    • Ol1VI3R

      Hey not so fast Lizzy pie lol dont rage so quick the game is not even out yet…

  • If there is one thing I’m looking forward to in Black Ops 2 it would have to be the amazing campaign they put together. but for the fact that they are not resetting the level on launch night is fine with me. 🙂 Long Live Call Of Duty in Treyarch I trust!

  • bs3arc

    Why would the developers want people playing there game just to test the servers before launch? Should have done this before ready to release the game. So i can expect to see people on higher levels with much better equipment and knowledge of maps. How is this fair? A server reset should be done

  • Jman03867

    You should all stop complaining about how a few people are playing early. So what they’ll have better weapons. If your good you can still kick their ass.

  • Bradley Griffiths

    I’m not happy that people aren’t getting reset at launch and treyarch shouldn’t have the servers open to everyone pre launch anyway it is not going to stop me from buying a game series I enjoy. This is a little thing and the entire race to prestige is stupid in my opinion anyway. In the end if you care enough about the game that this is a big deal you really need to look at your priorities in life.

  • GreedyGreedy

    Lol Im already at level 33, kd at 2.68 but wl at 0.80. Screwed my win/loss because of the constant rage quitting due to server lags and being put into regions I dont belong to. The servers really need to be fixed before release, and they need to reset the stats too. Not my fault my w/l is screwed because of the servers working half-assedly. Not to mention that the framerate on ps3 is still not stable. They really need to patch the living hell out of this game post-release.

    • poorestpoor

      how does one acquire a legitimate copy of the game early, prior to launch?

      • GreedyGreedy

        I live in the UAE, they practically sold the game on a mall near me. I bought it 3 days ago for 260dhs/aed.

    • It’s only laggy because so few people have the game. But unstable FPS on PS3? I was expecting that.

      • GreedyGreedy

        Laggy servers/being put to wrong regions and unstable framerate. Really do hope they bombard this with patches. Mw3 ran like butter on my ps3, even Battlefield 3! Did they really not learn from their mistakes with Bo1? With it being a poor port and all…

    • That’s what you get for getting/playing early. ROFLMAO

      • GreedyGreedy

        I knew the servers are going to be unstable on pre-release, but when you walk around on your local mall, and you see a copy laying around a shelf on a game store; tell me, are you gonna hesitate to wait till nov 13? So yeah, think about it. LMAO XDDDD LE 9GOG ARMI ROFLMAO LOOLOL XDDDD TROLL TROLL :PPPPPPPPPPPP

  • amyp97

    You get put into lobbies on a skill basis anyways, so I’m not too fussed. Chances are I won’t be put in a game with the people who got it early and already have a good feel for the maps/game in general, so it’s cool. Oh well.

  • EcHo84


  • stats should be reset thats bullshit .

    • Bendergamer91

      I totally agree, Treyarch should have some how locked the disc so people who got it early couldn’t play it or at least not have the servers online before release date.

  • stats should be reset .

  • 90 FOV? Can’t complain. Better than the previous limit, and it’s a step in the right direction

  • Marius

    I think its ok cuz if u buy it two weeks after release people got higher ranks then you too and nobody cares. The Game gives u 5 good classes from the beginning on so its not a big deal to Level up quickly. Btw got the game since friday bought it reguarly for 54€

  • I wanna ask…all the guys upset at this…Why does it matter?

    If you don’t want them to have map knowledge…then go to private match before you go online and run around each map a few time. If you’re racing to level up the fastest, then get a life. After level 4 youll have tons of stuff. Level 4 usually takes all of 20mins to reach.

    • BladeRunner

      i hit lvl 6 in 1 game of dom with custom class 1

  • I’m REALLY hoping that they support the PC community like they’re claiming they will.. so far, so good… the real test will be limiting the hackers to a minimum.. And as far as the lack of rental servers and mod tools.. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.. it will reduce the chances of hackers and boosters.. though I’m sure they’ll find a way around it

    • Ol1VI3R

      Agree so far so good lets see how long until they get banned…

  • kida

    So the race to prestige master is going to be an unfair one

    • OmG

      Theres a race? LOL

  • LOL how bad do you need to complain 1) Call of Duty only rewards you with more diverse equipment as you rank up, never “better” weapons; 2) Who cares if a few players get to know the maps a little better, this game is going to be overflowing with so many n00bs and scrubs the game will practically be throwing Scorestreaks at you, it’s going to be EPIC…

    • The 13th Doctor

      The MP7 begs to differ at your first point

  • Ol1VI3R

    This is very good news for the pc gamers we are getting take care hove before the game launch… very nice Treyarch

  • Wait they don’t want to reset the people with a legit copy? No one has a “LEGIT” copy ’till it releases. This is just a bunch of bull shit.

  • Alpine Maffu

    “FAQ. Will people be reset? A. Read the previously linked Security/Enforcement policy.”

    That seems a little rude, given it doesn’t explicitly say ‘we are going to be lazy douchebags on day one and do a half assed job of our launch’

    I’m not precious owing to the matchmaking system in game, but it still seems a curt reply to a lazy decision

  • Bucky McGuy

    Honestly, after launch night, who really cares if some people are ranked higher or with higher level equipment? would it be fair to reset stats everytime someone new pics up the game? should everyones stats reset everytime you prestige? nah i say if they got the game first, cool, happy for them, i dont live my life by my K:D. plus if those are the people who live stream or review the game early then hey maybe they deserve the little bonus. if they attained an illegal copy then… well shit. hopefully they get caught, but either way after a week, so many people will be so many levels its not even worth complaining about.

    PS the rest of the world is lucky us Americans are last in the game. America Rules.

    • OmG

      Ahh i beg to differ, Australia rules. You guys just got the numbers on your side.. .

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  • Yeah it’s annoying that people have ranked up sooner, but to be fair I only got Ops1 this January, playing against those who had it in 2010. I soon caught up.

  • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

    I read at twitter that a Brazilian Youtuber is already Prestige 1. They should reset the stats to give those fags a little deception.

  • BM-K

    How I feel is that absolutely, I’m annoyed that people got the game early, but I just read something earlier about how Treyarch has tons of things to “switch online” before the game launchers, and having a decent amount of people already playing helps them sort of judge how strong the servers will be when 10000 times more people will hop on.

    It isn’t illegal, or piracy (which people below have called it). They didn’t rob a store for it, or illegally download it, as far as I know, PC’s servers aren’t even up, only PS3/360, and even then, they can JUST play the game, no leaderboards, stat-tracking, anything.

    Only thing they have got is experience with guns and maps. That is super useful in a COD game, but doesn’t bother me too much simply because I know I’m decent and can adapt, and I’m on PS3 and most of these youtubers who got it are 360ers. 😛

    See you all out there in less than 24 hours! #BlackOps2

  • hi

    Bull shit, how is it fair they find people willing to break steet dare. They should be reset. Its unfair that some people have hit the prestige button..I thought it was suppose to be a fair race to prestige master. Honestly everyone who the game early should be arrested and forced to give up the pieces of shit that broke street date.

  • ps3guy

    I got my game on fridag and i see people already prestiged. Im level 40. It would suck to be reset.

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  • I’m ok with a handful of people testing the online rollout a few days early, however I don’t think league play should open up until at least a month after release. The game needs to be consistent, patched, and bug-free before competitive play takes place.

  • Well for those competitive people, (like myself) They did say that during League Play (Separate Playlist/MP mode entirely) You can play against players your skill level. Since it’s all skill based, the create-a-class system will have everything unlocked for you. So you don’t need to worry THAT much about that, maps on the other hand, look just play TDM for all those sweet spots.

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  • Jason

    Battlefield just punched me in the face today with a full week of double XP because of BLOPS2 release lol, I have always hated on COD since MW2 but Treyarch has done a very good job at innovating the franchise this time around as far as i can see. Guess i will have to wait for the reviews tomorrow and see if this is the game that’s gets me back into COD, unless some of you can tell me how it is? Meanwhile i will be getting my X2XP on 😛

  • Hayden

    Sup people.. I’m in nz, due to day light saving time we had it for 2 hours before australia, played it for 5 hours this morning! Highly impressed with the game, huge step up, zombies are a fantastic experience compared to the old style/engine they used.. Such a real feeling in game playing online too, wish I didn’t have to work today!

  • xElite-InFamous


    • XElite-InFamous


  • Chris

    My copy of Black Ops 2 that I have doesn’t seem to work and every time I tried to load it up it kept coming up with an error saying Dependency Failure, how do I fix it?

  • Laser0pz

    I would love to see a customizable FOV for consoles. Even if it meant dropping the frame rate by a tiny bit in order to have a larger FOV.

  • I had the game 5 days before launch anyways. 🙂

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