Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Gameplay Preview

Vengeance is coming to Black Ops 2 this Tuesday, July 2, on the Xbox 360, later for PlayStation 3 and PC owners.

It arrives alongside four brand new multiplayer maps, a whole new Zombies experience, and make-over of the fan-favorite zombies weapon, the Ray Gun Mark II.

If you’re anxious to see what it’s all about, we’ve got five brand new gameplay videos of all four new multiplayer maps, including 10 minutes of Zombies footage from the new map, Buried. You’ll meet “The Sloth,” get a peek at the brand new wonder weapon, the “Paralyzer,” and learn about some of the newest gameplay additions.

Check out the footage below and let us know which map you’re looking forward to the most.

Headquarters on Rush

Domination on Cove

Capture-the-Flag on Detour

Domination on Uplink (re-imagining of Summit)

Zombies Gameplay on Buried

  • tanile

    The only multiplayer map that really looked awesome to me was rush; however, dat zombies map!!! It looks really cool

  • David Houston

    I’m such a tool for this but I can’t wait for uplink. Cove looks like a Damn headglitch paradise. Rush is gonna be crazy popular though.

    • zacflame

      I hate terms like “headglitch”.
      it’s called cover you incompetent brat.

      • dieger

        ….do you know what headglitching is?

      • ThtJstHapnd

        Hastro, Fwiz, and David Vohnderhaar ALL three use the word head glitch when codcasting. Vohn is one of the devs. So your incompetent brat comment is NOT needed. It is a glitch, due to restrictions on the engine. it’s where bullets come out of the top of your head rather than your gun. So when you shoot you can be shooting over a edge where the person your shooting at only sees the top of your head.

      • Ryan Merrifield

        You are the reason forums tend to have problems. People who make unessecary and hurtful comments that only stir up commotion, and don’t make insightful comments about the article above, or do not try to give contructive feedback to peoples comments.

      • David Houston

        Lmao there was absolutely no reason to geek out like you just did sir. I forget opinions are final word on the internet i retract my previous statement till I actually play the content. Hopefully nobody else freaks out over it <_<…

  • Marcell Pirisi

    this game is for kids only…

    • Lol

      If you think that a game with guns, blood and profanity is intended for kids, then I think you’d be better of not having children.

      • SubXero

        Where were you when all the parents were in the checkout line buying any of the previous six Call of Duty games? 🙁

        • Lol


          Oh, right, you have none. Stop talking out of your ass.

          • SubXero

            Source for what? How many kids play CoD? Uh… my source would be CoD then.

            • Lol

              Source for how many people “in the checkout line” have bought “any of the previous six Call of Duty games” for their kids.

              Let me guess – you knew every single person around the world who has waited at the checkout line to purchase CoD, and every single one told you that they had kids?

              (you’re already letting your anus talk for you, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was your response)

            • SubXero

              Ugh… If my anus is talking for me you’re definitely letting yours do the thinking.

              You – “If you think that a game with guns, blood and profanity is intended for kids”

              Me agreeing with your sentiment – “Where were you when all the parents were in the checkout line buying any of the previous six Call of Duty games for their children? :(”

              Call of Duty is not a game for children and yet tons of kids are playing it. It’s rated M sooo… pretty much none of them are buying it for themselves. They might pay with their own money but their parents, by law, should have to be present and give permission for them to buy it or purchase it for them.

              Why must you be so angry? You need to relax -_-

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Buried looks like it will be fun so, the Season Pass is not a total waste.

    Off topic but, I’m not really sure about how to go about notifying the writers of MP1st about news. Anybody see the Free Fall “dynamic” map as a pre-order bonus for CoD:G and that Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft?

    • James K

      The writers already got it but for reference, go to “Submit a News Tip” above the poll if you want to contact a writer about a potential game information.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I’m assuming that’s on the desktop site and not the mobile? I very rarely come to this site on a PC but, thank you for the information.

        • James K

          Yes it’s desktop.

    • potatolol

      lol season pass, game itself is a total waste.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I can agree with that, if you bought it just for MP. That whole part is a frustrating clusterfuck.

        Zombies has gotten progressively better. Green Run sucked balls though so, it’s not hard to improve from crap lol.

      • Ryan Gravestock

        Sure Modern Warfare fan boy. Modern Warfare 3 is just Modern Warfare 2 with some new stuff in it. It was built on the same shitty engine from 2007. Now all the MOW nerds are on a throne because of COD:Ghosts. Yea Dynamic maps, Slide and Lean wow. MOH only had that back in 2009 and Battlefield has only had that since forever.

  • MegaMan3k

    Okay, so, this is beyond interesting to me…

    How does Black Ops 2 play on the Summit remake? I feel like a direct map-to-map comparison with Black Ops 1 should be interesting to see if the commonly touted failures of BLOPS2 are a result of the core mechanics or of the terrible ‘three prong’ map design.

    So, as best as you can estimate, placing your feet in the “haters’ shoes”, how do you judge the entire game based on the Summit remake?

    • In my opinion, BO2 on Uplink is better than BO1 on Summit. That is, of course, with the nostalgia factor removed.

      However, I would really have to play more to really pass judgment. What you saw here wasn’t me really ‘playing’ the game, bur rather, just me trying to survive against people who play Call of Duty for a living and capture some decent footage 🙂

  • Scavenger of Human Sorrow

    Uplink really looks ugly to me.