Black Ops 2 Zombies – 8 Player Co-Op, Bigger Maps, and New Modes

Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia unveils the future of Black Ops 2 Zombies.

For all you zombie fans out there, don’t worry Treyarch has been listening to you all and understand that you want more zombies in the game. Treyarch’s Mark Lamia has revealed that Zombies have now been placed inside their multiplayer engine. According to Mark, this allowed them to craft new “worlds”, create “new game modes” and have a “bigger world.” Expect there to be twice as many zombies and twice as many players. After all, Lamia recently stated that Black Ops 2 Zombies mode is the studios “biggest, most-ambitious zombies ever.”

First teaser image posted on Black Ops' Facebook page, confirming a female character.

“There are actually new modes,” Lamia told  Playstation Magazine. “There’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?”

Yesterday, we reported on some leaked images that show a story mode coming to Black Ops 2 Zombies, which might be the new modes Lamia is teasing.

Seems like Treyarch is stepping up with improvements, and will hopefully bring some huge changes to the Call of Duty series. With that said, what Zombie mode would you like to see happen?

  • Erfhjf

    I think a Rush game mode (BF3) would be cool. The Zombies try to advance and kill you and plant a bomb or something along those lines. 

    • Calc007

       LOl moron the zombies are not intelligent so they can’t plant a bomb

      • Bluechateau

        I think he meant the humans plant a bomb, dingus.

    • Gangstaaaron7

      i would like to c a rush ish thing but a hold the zombies off. Like Kino’s Alleyway make it faster less hitting box idk how but id love to c a how long can u hold em off game style

    • PhantomPhreak97

      that is the stupidest idea ever.

    • Dafuq

  • J_Cob

    Looking forward to the 8-player zombie mode. I always hated starting a game with randoms and seeing them leave after a few rounds. Hopefully people can join while the game is in progress since it’s running on the multiplayer engine.

    • This would be unlikely for a survival mode, it doesnt make sense from a leaderboard perspective. Possibly in the story though. 

      • J_Cob

        Yea true. Guess I just need to make some friends that like Call of Duty so they won’t leave during the match lol.

        • RowofSaints

          RowofSaints add me on psn if ur a ps3 player xD

    • Jwm2hot

      With no mic:p

  • Morgan19

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t particularly care for zombie modes in my CoD games… Same for special ops or co-op or whatever else they add for each iteration. It’s all straight SP and MP for me. 🙂

    That being said… The above image implies you may be able to play as a female in zombie mode? Being able to use a female character is one thing I’ve missed in modern MP games… Think Quake 3 was the last one to allow that?

    Allow female characters/models in MP modes, please!

    • jimmylara

      There are plenty of who don’t care about Zombies out. Personally I’m interested in BO2 now cause of yesterday post we did about zombies leaked menu. The story is something that I always wanted. Plus this is good news, considering that Treyarch is actually going to add a bunch of new content.

      • J_Cob

         I remember a few months after Black Ops released zombie lovers were asking Treyarch to make a CoD zombie spinoff game. It’s cool they’re actually including a zombie story mode in Black Ops 2 instead of releasing a separate game. I never really played the zombies survival mode but I’ll definitely play the story mode.

    • Lol

      Halo allows for a female character, and Sarah mechelle geller was playable in zombies before. Also left 4 dead.

    • marcous

      have u been smoking the crack pipe again? u could play as buffy in black ops, call of the dead map pack

      • Morgan19

        As I said, I don’t play zombies, so that’s irrelevant and wasn’t my point at all.

        I was requesting to the universe that female characters be made accessible in regular plain old-MP deathmatch/CTF/conquest/whatever modes. Not zombies.

    • WasabeJuice

      To be honest, the zombie fans are a significant number in COD. A lot of them think zombie coop mode is better than MP. Like me, there are those who like both zombie and MP.  For me, I was more excited of the zombie map for every DLC release of BOP last year. 
      I think Zombie fans are the most loyal and dedicated bunch of all COD gamers as they are more involve with the story and how the game should progress. And most importantly there was never any complain or hate in the forums.

      • bobby

        the general idea with black ops is that u buy it cos zombies mode is insanely fun and ignore the multiplayer.
        Thums up if u agree.

  • Skrying

     As long as they keep the easter eggs those things keep me entertained for hours

  • therapiist

    im looking forward to hear about their new game mode. I’m not really a big zombie type of person at all..I haven’t play any zombie games in cod series. But I might try this time i dont know.

    • rtmoose

      zombies was the only good thing about blops lol

      • KillerSparrowThing

        Must be nice having facts, I only have opinions.

  • I think this is the continuation of a good thing.  Both studios are increasing the replay value of each consecutive game.

  • stef

    They have to get HOST MIGRATION for zombies, and you should be able to play alone if the people you play with loses connection or leaves the game. Round 60 Host ended game, no leaderboard score. LMAO

    • John

      Host migration is pretty much guaranteed now since it’s on the MP engine. Also it’s the most requested thing for zombies. I can’t wait!

    • Bobkvartek

      i 100% agree

  • maciek_it
     First video in the world with weapons list !!! and first or second news !

  • NLxGido

    it was time for change, the time has come!

  • Safet

    8 players Co-op sounds very good with couple of modes which 1 is a classical mode. I believe it would be great to have a mode with sort of RPG elements, where we can have different classes, ranks, gun improvements etc. Whatever modes you make, add a character option so we can choose a favorite character to play with, they could be unlockable first. I believe this is fun because of the discovery element and enjoyment. The option doesnt have to be available in classic mode, but maybe in a another mode. There are great characters from the “five” and “call of the dead” maps and of course Dempsey, Nikoali, Richtoffen, Takeo. You could add new characters from movies like Rambo for example, or from other games like Resident Evil. If we can have Danny Trejo, we could have Rambo too! Also, add more perks that can be buyable, having just up to 4 perks isn’t fun anymore. You can also make perks to be upgradeable by using pack a punch system, for example. Cheers! 🙂

    • Lpuente

      Upgraded perks should cost 2,500 would be awesoms

      • Safet

        Sure, important is that we get the perks upgraded at whatever price in whatever way… like upgraded perks could cost the same as default for example speed cola usually cost 3000 and you upgrade it for the same price of 3000, and jugg cost 2500 and you upgrade it for the same price etc.

        • I think to upgrade the perks u should have to pay 10,000 so the game lasts longer and so everyone doesn’t have upgraded perks by round 7 make the game last and i like the idea of bigger maps but has anyone thought of a HOLE FREE ROME LIKE GTA BUT WITH ZOMBIES!!! why not make the map that big and don’t have rounds but just some where to mess around or like a ZOMBIE CAMPAIGN make it interesting not just rounds make a hole game inside of a game don’t you agree.

          • Austin

            Sounds a bit like dayz to me 🙂

          • JustHen

            i know I’m like a month late, i get what your trying to say, BUT that’s way too much man, the Game has a single player campaign, PLUS it has Multiplayer and Zombies, What you’re thinking about is Treyarch making a zombie game by itself like separately, good idea though but its just way too much stuff for a disk to handle

          • True Nubbeh

            You want to know where it all starts from you just have to LISTEN.
            It was the accident of Element 115 (that’s why the 115 song is in Kino), A meteor, which you see in Shi No Numa, Der Reise, Parts in Kino, the Easter Egg in Shangri-la, Tunguska and Moon.

            Heres the story of 115.
            Element 115 was used to create the zombies as one of its side effects was the reanimation of dead cells. The zombies were to be used as super-soldiers by the Nazis. After creating them, Nazis realized that they were too uncontrollable and would lead to mankinds destruction.
            The Ray Gun, The Pack-A-Punch Machine and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 are all powered by 115, along with the teleporters. It would appear Element 115 can also control the zombies, as the Focusing Stone is a shrunked-down meteor that Richtofen will let him control world.

          • Zac

            No Easter eggs like I want it to tell me what to do easter eggs make me so mad do one step wrong and your anal fucked so just get it to tell you what to do and I like the idea of leveling up in zombies that souls be awesome get a little stronger every lvl but not to strong and I like the idea of having a whole mess load of wonder guns so not to get old

          • Mrplez27

            Just so u know there is a game called Red Dead Redemption Undead Zombies and it is just like gta only western and it has zombies…it’s an awesome game

    • steve.01

      The terminator , iron man and bat man or for the new four players why not the fantastic 4 .

      • Safet

        Oh yea, definitely… I gladly would like to see lot of characters for unlocking like Darth Vader, Crysis, Master chief and those cool looking soldiers from Doom 3 and many others… so that everyone can choose a character according to his own style and feel. Even a character customisation would be cool also, you unlock different outfits for your favorite character… there are great possibilites!

        • descuffv

          We should get to chose a character. I play better with buffy (mindset)

          • or the guys from army of two or the Hollywood Undead guys would be cool.
            have bands in the zombies. and deffinately character
            custumization is a must. btw not my name lol

      • descuffv

        I like that Idea bring some very popular character like in call of the dead and “five”. Maybe Ezio, Catwoman, RE Alice, And maybe someone from the silent hill series.

    • Gameswat1

      Why not government people (Presidents, senators,etc.) like Obama, Mccain, Bush, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Sarah Palin.
      And we should have the option to create our own characters.
      We could have Rambo, and HOW ABOUT CHUCK NORRIS???
      The A-Team is a good option too.

    • TheImmortal115

      Some good downloadable characters I would like to see is Dante, Vergil, and Lady from Devil May Cry 3.

  • 🙁 im gonna miss 4 players it was hard enough trying to get a full 4 players now 8? :/

    • Xleoni009x

      theres a classic mode!

    • bobby

      the 4 player mode will still be there … that’s been comformed!

    • descuffv

      Hard? unless you looking for 3 good players.

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  • Bobkvartek

    I think zombies is good as it is

  • Outlawz

    8 players?  YES PLEASE!   :,)

    • Dylan 11

      i know right thats awsome

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  • Andrew

    multiplayer is going to be terrible just like mw3, the old call of dutys were the good days like call of duty 2 and 3 and 4 everything after that was crap and the franchise has lots all that. the only thing they have improved on is making zombies in waw. im only buying the game for zombies becasue everything else is terrible with all this robots and sci fi crap

    • thebulky1cometh

      I agree MW3 is pretty bad, but you’re going to tell me BLOPS was crap?  Come on man.  It was honestly the most balanced and contained the best maps.

      • Hatt19

        In blackops I never could tell there was a trigger cap bc it is so balanced

    • Xleoni009x

      black ops waas really balanced in mp, no glitches, no overpowered guns, kept things at a nice but not slow pace

    • michael

      yeah especially call of duty 3! but black ops was very balanced and its was way way way better than mw2 and mw3. i hate the new sci fi shit in this upcoming cod. only want zombies now. call of duty has forced me to give up on single player now:(

      • True Nubbeh

        You retard. COD 3 was never online -.-

    • descuffv

      I disagree, Black Ops was a balanced multiplayer. Snipers were fair shot, LMGs actually work better, the line between SMG and AR are thin, shotguns works (not as good as MW3 though). There were a few so-called overpowered like the Galil, Famas and noobtubers. Map weren’t crap like MW3 (Nuketown, Firing range, Hazard). And MW3 is a fairly balance game just some stupid lag problems and simairlity to other MW (really people it have MW in the name it may be safe to assume the BO2 will be like BO- not according to trailer though…

  • Xsyuanari

    Being able to choose your character in zombies would rock! also, toning up the rate of bleed out would be nice- or make more upgraded balistics knife-like weapons. i just hope things are mixed up a bit… more zombies, but they do less damage, a game mode where the zombies never stop coming, zombie dogs, cat, monkeys, birds, and even freakishly large bosses. more sectional gameplay, and a chance to use a sniper rifle without having to quick scope. oh and last but not least, Samantha! there has to be a story segment for that little deamoness… i want to see how this went down, and i want to be there when it ends! XD

    • True Nubbeh

      There is one.
      Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis was born to Ludvig Maxis and his unknown wife. After his wife died, Maxis made sure she was always close to him. Due to his research, however, he neglected her and failed to notice Richtofen’s experiments on her. As the experiments went on, Richtofen grew to hate her, perhaps due to Maxis’ attachment to her or due to what she had become. When Richtofen trapped Sam in the room with Fluffy(Fluffy the dog had belonged to Samantha Maxis, the daughter of Doctor Ludwig Maxis and is mentioned in Der Riese by two of the radios. One radio broadcast hears Dr. Maxis giving Fluffy to Samantha. Maxis informs her that she is pregnant and is expecting puppies soon. Samantha asks if she can keep one, and Dr. Maxis replies that it will be taken “one step at a time.” Later, the dog would be the subject in a teleporter experiment by Doctors Edward Richtofen and Ludwig Maxis. Samantha walks in to the lab to see her beloved Fluffy as the first Hellhound. Dr. Richtofen locks the room they are in, presumably leading to Samantha’s and Ludwig’s deaths.) and activated the teleporter, she was teleported to Griffin Station. Schuster and Groph then used her in the M.P.D. to control the zombies. Samantha, however, was unwilling to deal with them, so they found and brought Maxis to her. Maxis told her to kill them all and subsequently died, sending Samantha over the edge and on a rampage to destroy all of Group 935, which had betrayed Maxis. After Richtofen trades bodies with her to control the zombies, she and the super soldier test subjects activate Maxis’s backup plan and incinerate the earth, leaving Richtofen trapped in her body and only able to control the Zombies on the Moon and the remaining Zombies on Earth.

  • trol boy

    black ops 2 multiplayer is so bad

    • The_abducktor

      Oké!? So you playd bo2 Mp already? ….. You are The men!!!!….. NOT!!!!!!
      Really hate when guys talk sh*t On somthing That they never seen ore playd!!!! Losssssssssser!!!!

  • Dlc199315

    They should have an option of joining in the middle of rounds .

  • PlatinumSoldier

    the “II” looks like doors 

    • True Nubbeh

      More like pillars

  • Lolcat

    Not even gonna bother playing campaign or multiplayer, zombies is all i need. 

    • Tauriq36

      Same here, hope there’ll be cheats to unlock new maps

  • PhantomPhreak97

    soo many stupid ideas about “Rush” from Battlefield. I say, Create something like what Twisted Metal did with it’s own game mode with “Nuke”. don’t listen to these people a tiny percentage want these idiotic ideas but the rest of the world wants something realistic, fun, creepy and most of all entertaining.

  • Ibrownboy

    nah fuck having planeting bomb zombies but everthing else i AGREE we need Host Migration , 8 Players i dnt mind as long as they have the classic 4 player and better internet conncetion so no lagg

  • TORPEDA220

    the thing they could do is to remake the story line of samantah maxis and other i dont want does easter eggs like why would u do a glitch while trying to get away from zombies so they should make 2 story lines or 1 which is the continuation of the samantah and maxis and other so PLEASE TREARCH READ THIS MESSAGE OR SEND IT TO TREARCH BECAUSE THAT IS A VERY GOOD POINT

    • Hooser17

      Holy crap, that was the least sensible comment I think I have ever read.

    • True Nubbeh

      That made no sense

  • Jackj

    I would LOVE to have 8 players and have a gun similar to the thunder gun on ALL maps

    • True Nubbeh

      They do have a gun like that on all maps, its called a wonder weapons. Heres a list of Wonder Weapons

      Ray Gun – Every Map
      Thunder Gun – Kino
      Winter Howl – Five, Der Reise, Verruckt
      31-79 JGb215(Baby gun) – Shangri la
      Monkey Bombs – Five, Kino, All original maps, Shang ri la
      WunderWaffe DG-2 – Shi no Numa, Der Reise, Call of the dead
      Gersh Device – Moon, Ascension Matryoshka Dolls – Ascension, Call of the dead
      V-R11(Human Gun) – Call of the dead
      Scavenger – Call of the deadWave Gun – MoonQED (Quantum Entanglement Device) – Moon


  • Bossman

    they should add an option for opting out of a couple rounds and coming back later because ive always had things come up suddenly in the middle of a zombies match and had to stop playing to do those things -.-. when i was having so much fun during the match

    • bobby

      yes thats a good idea but then u could quit at round 1 and come back at round 50 and then you would have round 50 as your top round on the leaderboard.

  • nerdz

    i hate the host migration and mason should be in zombies.

  • bob

    a zombie mode where there’s two teams a zombie team and a human team 

  • theZombieFan300

    8 players is more fun, but now its going to be people taking kills ALOT more, but it doesn’t matter, I’M A HUGE ZOMBIE FAN SINCE WORLD AT WAR!

  • Beau Nekowitsch

    Honestly I would hate 8 players because I like the four main ones as it is and addi g four new people just ruins it and anyways where would the four players be recruited earth was destroyed by the big rocket on the Moon easter egg.

    • True Nubbeh

      not destroyed, only half, because the rockets didnt blow the earth completly, annd they also have the V-R11 which can remake humans so ha ;D

  • Nightxflyer

    There should be a solo leaderboard, also needs a pause and kick player option.

  • Lpuente

    When ur looking for a match they let you join a game that is already in session. I want this to happen because i take a long time to find a game.

  • Lpuente

    They should let u upgrade your monkeys , grenades ,perks and let you upgrade ur guns a third time because the zombies get twice as hard i would love to see the monkey bomb turn into a gorrila bomb with a bigger explosion radius

    • Karl

      totally agree with u there, because by the time u reach a higher higher rounds, the will get weak and u will ran out of ammo

    • and also upgrade your knife for more powerful slices
      agree anyone

      • Shaftermath6969

        thats why they have the bowie knife but yet they need to make that an upgraded weapon so that you have a quick resoursful way to kill before a reload, and they also need better perks, i.e. not just the death machine or instakill but like armor and back up like a drone for surviving. and if you are all so excited i play zombies daily so if you wanna play add Shaftermath6969 to Xbox live

  • Generald200

    Game type vs mode would be great

    • colt101

      i said that to like with teams competing to be the best on one game

  • mursdt

    Treyarch should put 4 player zombie split screen offline and online. Along with upgradeable perks, pack a punch a gun more than once, upgradeable grenades and secondary grenades. O and include something like you can have a tomahawk, ballistic knife, Bowie knife, or just a normal knife instead of just the normal knife lay out

    • bobby

      100% agree with all of that.

    • True Nubbeh

      Xbox couldnt handle a 4 player split screen on COD :L

  • steve.01

    They should have ALL the guns from EVERY MAP on all the maps , ie duel ray guns and monkeys bombs on the ascension map and the hacker from moon should be on every map . It would also be nice to be able to close doors that have been opened . Bring in new weapons to select from the box and put some more guns on the walls to buy like the RPK and the ability to have a death machine as a 3rd gun + and be allowed to upgrade it !

    • True Nubbeh

      The thing is, hacker might not be back, BECAUSE Treyarch LOVE trying new things, its why i love there zombie gameplay.

  • krazymj316

    People should be able to choose a character they want in zombie mode but it would be cool if we could be able to choose a cartoon caracter and instead of Treyarch putting them on there we should be able to browser them becuse I woulds love to play as BUGSBUNNY!!!!!

    • jamescuno

      i call super sayian goku

      • descuffv

        Ok you just killed it 100 thumbs up.

        • zombie gamer

          im gonna seriously dissagree only because if they did that then wheres the whole story to zombies? itd be pointless but if they did this sorta thing for the older maps now itd be ok but not in the new ,maps

    • descuffv

      You know what. Bug bunny would blast BO2 into the next level. We talking an increase in new players, and increase in returning players. Everyone dying to get Bugs Bunny as their person. A decrease in mainstream multiplayer (TDM, FFA, SnD).

  • Waker7

    I think that they should add a infection mode from MW3. it gets boring when your down and out, just watching some douche bag mess with a crawler and waste your time they should also add the ability to kick an afk player. They just get in the way. They should add they ability to save a game. like when your on round 50 playing solo. i have to leave and lose that game. =P

  • bhavya

    Guys wat about maps like carnival, old school as in cod 4,i think carnival would be awsum,, to tke a ride, 250 $ And run around the map with rides wen switched on power button.nd night nd coldy weather,,

  • Mattman957(PSN name)

    There should be a classic random box and a modern one. The classic one should include RPK, HK21, Galil, Commando etc. Also players who owned map packs from BO 1 should get them for free on BO 2 (like what they did with WAW maps). Who agrees?

    • Safet

      I fully agree with you, I have all maps and I want them back for free in BO2, I hope we get at least something for free…

    • True Nubbeh

      I hope they add the old WAW guns back if we play those maps :L

  • Robert

    I want to be able to share money/points and guns with my teammates. MW3 Co-Op was pretty good at letting players share resources.

    Also, build-able bases would be pretty sweet but not sure how that would work out in the long run, haha!

    • richfan

      thats what the hacker on moon is for smart @$$

    • True Nubbeh

      I dislike the money sharing, if people cant get money on their own, they arnt worth having on your team because everyone starts off with the same gear, money and everything.


    IF they bring a story mode or Campaign mode, it should explain the whole story from the very first zombie map to the latest covering all the details and weapons, inventions, characters and machines i.e Pack-A-Punch, Gersch Device, and other creations of Dr. Edward Richtofen.

    • True Nubbeh

      They do. Find the radios and LISTEN TO THE EASTER EGGS

  • they should make a nuke for zombies… like once you reach a nice amount of kills (600 ) without going down, u get a nuke bomb and can use it to end the next round

    • True Nubbeh

      600 is an easy killstreak in zombies :L I get like 2k kills a life on a shit match dude

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  • bobby

    From looking at youtube comments and these coments the most frequently requested ideas:

    1. Upgradeable perks – ability to improve perks by drinking the same drink twice. (e.g. juggernaut could take 6 hits instead of 4). Some people have said that this would make the game too easy but they could compensate for this by making them more expensive to double upgrade.
    2. Ability to pack punch guns more than once – this would involve much more reanimation but there is a fair chance that this will be developed as a new feature.
    3. Host migration – People don’t want to see the words ‘Host Game Ended’ in black ops 2. It has been requested that the host changes when the original host quits rather than everyone getting kicked. The good news is this is lightly to happen now that zombies are on the multiplayer engine.
    4. More boss zombies – the idea of George (that really strong electric guy) was quite popular. We can probably expect to find boss zombies particularly in the campaign mode.
    5. Ability to save game or vote to pause game – a game up to round 50 can take over 7 hours (which is probably a little too long to be playing solidly). There could be a system where if most of the players want to pause game then the game pauses. Or ability to save game and continue it the next day.
    6. Sharing points with team mates – just to clarify that doesn’t mean one points bank for the whole team; it means ability to select specific team members to give points to.
    7. More/different melee weapons – Bowie knife was popular but it was requested that you should be able to upgrade it further. Or introduce a different melee weapon (e.g. samurai sword) or even a melee wonder weapon.

    • bobby

      sorry – accidentally posted this twice

    • bobby

      soz – accidentally posted this twice!

  • bobby

    Most frequently requested ideas Collected from youtube comments and other discussion websites:

    1. Upgradeable perks – ability to improve perks by drinking the same drink twice. (e.g. juggernaut could take 6 hits instead of 4). Some people have said that this would make the game too easy but they could compensate for this by making them more expensive to double upgrade.
    2. Ability to pack punch guns more than once – this would involve much more reanimation but there is a fair chance that this will be developed as a new feature.
    3. Host migration – People don’t want to see the words ‘Host Game Ended’ in black ops 2. It has been requested that the host changes when the original host quits rather than everyone getting kicked. The good news is this is lightly to happen now that zombies are on the multiplayer engine.
    4. More boss zombies – the idea of George (that really strong electric guy) was quite popular. We can probably expect to find boss zombies particularly in the campaign mode.
    5. Ability to save game or vote to pause game – a game up to round 50 can take over 7 hours (which is probably a little too long to be playing solidly). There could be a system where if most of the players want to pause game then the game pauses. Or ability to save game and continue it the next day.
    6. Sharing points with team mates – just to clarify that doesn’t mean one points bank for the whole team; it means ability to select specific team members to give points to.
    7. More/different melee weapons – Bowie knife was popular but it was requested that you should be able to upgrade it further. Or introduce a different melee weapon (e.g. samurai sword) or even a melee wonder weapon.

    • Safet

      I like the idea of melee wonder weapon, but also with pack a punch ability, maybe. I agree with all other ideas, they are a must have features.

      • EternalWarFiiter

        there should be dino zombies
        like a boss zombie

    • I say the mystery box should have more guns. You should be able to upgrade you grenades in to stickys and your Claymores in to c4. What you think.

      • Marvin Lartey

        not a bad idea

    • zach

      Yeah I feel we should be able to swap guns with our partners as well.

  • black mamba

    They should keep the bouncing betty… That’s down can take out like 3 zombags

  • Safet

    Pls Treyarch, give us more than just 2 lmg guns available, at least 3 or 4 and also make them stronger. Pack a punched HK21 has 210 damage with only 3x multiplier, while RPK has only 180 damage with 3x multiplier. Even some assault guns are better, for example Galil has 220 damage with 5x multiplier! Hk21 has indeed a lot of ammo but that’s not a good reason to make is so unrealistically weak since it makes you run slow and reload speed is longer. Give us something like 210 with 5x multiplier or 240-250 with 4x multiplier.

    • True Nubbeh

      The idea of these guns are the AMMO in them, the whole idea of zombies is to survive and conserve AMMO. A machine gun with 200+ with a 4-5x multiplier would be more op then a thundergun or a wave gun, the whole idea of the wonder guns is that you keep them as a clutch weapon and whore your RPK’s or HK21’s for dear life.
      They wont have more than 2 LMGs because they already have half the LMG’s ingame in BO already, and it would increase the chance of getting a lmg but more than its worth, and just that extra OP ness of another LMG, wont get you any further than it would.

  • asan214

    Pack a punch 2 or 3 times is cool but what about pack a punched ammo like acid explosive or even ice rounds just a thought

  • asan214

    Maybe even new perks like phd but with better attributes like a secondary perk for your ammo

  • alex

    aerial support somehow

  • Blackops<3

    all these ideas of making your own characters shouldn’t be included as it wouldn’t follow the lines of the story, on the other hand choosing a character who may have recently been included in the game/storyline maybe. Apart from that I would like to see host migration, 8 players in each game, save game etc

  • Godsmack07

    Zombies should have 4 player split-screen offline

  • bengray


  • lewy laad

    i think that they shud put in a boss like in the arcade mode the gorilla he shud be in zombies normal and i think that u shud be able to buy ammo for any random box weapon or upgraded weapon its stupid wen u run out of ammo and ur like fvck and u hav to buy a shite gun nd den fvcken die

  • billy bob

    What they should do is make zombies have a replay mode where you can make your own horror/action movies, for example say you play a round of zombies you get to round twenty and you die but that the most beast round of zombies ever you and friends were freaking indestrucitble you wouldn’t want that round to be lost so with a replay function you could record the carnage even add in some camera effects like slow motion bullet kills that would be cool cause you have your zombie films that would be awesome and along with everything else that the zombies mode is going to have a replay function would make it even better.

    • what? okay :(

      they will, they have theater mode for zombies and wager matches.

  • Ercan

    Samantha got out of Richtofen’s body and got this one??

  • destroctoid

    I agree zombies zombies lol

  • Emu721

    The perks should stay the same as you dont want the game to get “easy” buy using double jug etc. i tbinkthat you should be able to put an upgraded gun back into the pack a punch for ammo but not to upgrade further for say 2.5k. I like the idea of upgrading bowie knife for higher rounds and also think you should be able to buy betties once more per round to help thin out big hords on higher rounds. Just my 2c like

  • How about a ‘life’ mode? (I can’t think of a better name). It’s like classic survival, but ramped up to 2012. So you don’t have rounds, and you have a large open area with things to collect and resources to gather (food, wood ect). And zombies attack randomly from around the map, in small amounts and in hordes. You have to hole yourself up somewhere, and try and keep the fortress safe and secure. You have to collect wood to heal up windows, and medicine to heal downed buddies. You can upgrade guns, and horde ammo found at base. You can create a base anywhere too, so you can experiment with different strategies each time you play. Let’s have entire towns as a map. And some stronger zombies that can wreck your base easily. And maybe the ability to hack a car together so you can get to the next point if need be.

    • And lets ramp up the atmospherics a LOT too use sounds and such to create atmosphere in the game. How about an air raid siren and blackening skies (a la Silent Hill) warning of a zombie horde incoming. The game would be a lot more involving if Treyarch can make it scary. Look at Silent Hill, Dead Space ect. If they can pull that off, this will be a winner.

    • True Nubbeh

      Sounds like Dayz with Minecraft to me… BORING

  • boss

    also ranks would be good, u level up and unlock cool stuff like an HUD and attachments and face paint and cool stuff like that

  • Ryan

    I think that there should be a gamemode with the normal zombie rules like on black ops but like a new survival mode where you only have one life each, like normal it will start from round 1 and move up. it make it more fun for gamers wanting the next step
    (zombies of course).

  • black ops

    I think that after every 35 rounds you should be able to make your guns have more impact on the zombies bc they get stronger after every 35 rounds

    • True Nubbeh

      they get stronger every round retard

  • Zane

    I agree with them all, especially the point one, when I due and have 0 poins ,pretty much, My freind has like 10,000

  • Joe

    Make a perk where u can reload box weapons

  • We want 4 player split screen offline,so we can play with family and friends together, you know social, one tv,tvs today are larger and are capable of such things.

    • Hmmm

      Dude? i dont know if you know anything about XBOX PS3 ^^ but… your console wont be able to handle that srry 🙁

  • Carlos

    I think I should ad the grim reaper to zombies and a double pack a punch and 4 player slit screen offline

  • Hopefully they keep the 8 player co-op in the classic mode too. I would like to see maybe some cinematic intros and endings to these levels as well. Yes there will be a campaign, but I think it would add to the levels instead of just having a loading screen ya know? Zombies ftw!!

  • Thumastr

    Maybe 4 on 4 when the teams try to stay alive longer than each other until an entire team is down or dead

  • i cant wait fr this gonna buy it first day, and i hope shes playable.

    • True Nubbeh

      Richtofen is samantha

  • basher3336

    1:upgradeable perks
    2:better weaponswith more ammo
    3:an upgrade for zombie drops
    4:customizable maps
    5:save/pause feature
    6:no boss zombies (george) they make the map crappy
    7:quests or in game objectives that give you prizes suzh as weapons perks etc…
    8:packapunch weapon box that teles every round and gives u a packed weapon for around 5000 ammo or stuff that makeshe pack only a5$ item
    9:a perk that lets you buy pakd wall weapons off the wall
    posting this 4 my friend gamertag:harojax4 (xbox only!)

  • David Ryan

    Can you please bring Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, and Samantha back.

    • True Nubbeh

      ofc they are -.- theyve been there since WAW, and richtofen IS samantha…

  • Helsnyte12

    We want to have 4 player split screen offline!!! That would be so flipping amazing!!!:)

  • Safet

    I love CODT map, I like hunting George for perks, but I think a Boss like George should give extra perk slot every time you kill him, so if you go down you just lose perks but keep you perk slots… because it takes so long to kill George, a random perk isn’t a real reward. It’s better to get a permanent perk slot than a random perk, once you die you just buy perks depending on how many perk slots you are rewarded. Treyarch, you should do this if you plan to make this map returning to BO2. Including some new updates.

    • irish_mike

      all zombies fans wanted a real boss in are maps so they give us George and the perk is like a free gift lol and if we was to keep the slot it would become easy

  • John

    Mike Myers !!

  • Fix the ******* leaderboards !!!!!!

  • #1ZombieK1ller

    They should have a perk like scavenger so that you could get more ammunition. It would make the ammo problem better and less annoying but make a it a challenge to get.

    • True Nubbeh

      No :L just… no.
      It would take the survival aspect out of the gameplay, in Multi player, you only have scavenger because they have ammo and guns on them, zombies WOULDNT. i find it personally amusing when i run out of ammo, bring a challenge into gameplay

  • FearlessFlipper

    I like your ideas and stuff but I think your asking for to much. The game is is going to what it is. You should think more realisticly. 🙂

  • YEC-55

    As a final zombie mal i would like to see a giant map that includes all previous maps which are connected by teleporters and where there are 3 pack a punch machines starting from pap lvl 1 to 3 you need to upgrade in order from 1 to 3 and those machines are totally random and there should be a secret pap lvl 4 which is on a nee special part of the map which needs many doors to get to and it should cost 100.000 and as a finale a giant building with a long bridgestyle camping spot and about 1000+ zombies running at you…. The end of zombies.

  • cooldjtv

    They should have all the weapons from bo and waw + new weapons from bo 2 and more equipment besides the hacker and PES so you have to chose equipment depending on were your going on a map + upgradeable perks, and ability to pack-a-punch more than ounce. It would also be cool to have a huge epic map, in which there would be telporters that take to , say the Moon or Mars or the officially released zombie tow which is in new jersey.

  • skilz beastz

    damn just show the multiplayer list

  • BestZombieKiller? Nope.

    COTD was awesome my favorite zombie map to play with friends. Please bring it back and others like it.

  • Tu papi the boss

    I think we should be able to buy atachments like flamethrowers noob tubes masterkey and sights

  • Nick

    they should put a chainsaw as a mystery box weapon, that would be pretty cool

    • True Nubbeh

      I think they should put a range of new Melee weapons in the box, from a sword to a pitch fork, aslong as it kills and its pack a punchable and you get knifing points 😉

  • its”a meee marioo

    I hope that when say say a ” story mode ” for black ops 2 zombies, i hope they actually mean a story mode like you playing a character and a virus is breaking out and slowly zombies start walking around and you will have to do certain ” missions ” and the story mode should really explain how/why the virus was created and how it broke and.
    Just really a story!!

    • True Nubbeh

      There is a story :L its not a virus, its a reanimation of dead cells from Element 115, a meteor that crashed on the moon and taken to earth.

  • Mattman957(PSNname)

    When you go down you should only lose ONE perk! and you should get to decide what order you lose them!

    • True Nubbeh

      Nop. then people would buy one bad perk, and lose that ever death instead of there valuable third gun or jugg. To be honest this is a really bad idea, because the idea of the perks is that you lose them, and there would be no point to easter eggs

  • Mattman957(PSNname)

    Also please include save game, at least on solo as i was on round 24 with 4 perks, HK21, Zeus Cannon an Porters x2 Ray gun… killed myself, had to go to church! FML

    • True Nubbeh

      you are retarded. PAUSE

  • Owen101

    8 Player zombies is a great idea as it makes the game bigger ,more enjoyable very interesting.
    Upgraded perks is also a good idea, but we can’t have it too easy. Zombies shouldn’t be camping in one spot with 100,000 points with everything upgraded, and no way of loosing. It should be exciting, you should be able to upgrade some perks, not all. x2 Upgrading should cost a lot of money like 15,000 points, to have some challenge, and should only be done to the more less valued perks to change up the game. Finally, melee weapons are a must. Not just shooting anymore. This can change the way zombies is played and planned out, maybe a seperate box for melee weapons that costs a lot more then guns. Basically, make things expensive not just saving up for that 5,000 upgrade. Make us think and play with more strategy!

  • Bobby B

    I’ve preordered BO2 and all I want is
    1. Different types of zombies, for example: a type of zombie that is immune/resistant to headshots and has a different weakness, shooting at the same exact zombie on BO got a little boring. Have some zombies really fast but weak, and/or slow fat ones, make a varity!
    2. Yes, I definity want “Host ended game” gone! I was aggrivated everytime I finally get a game going and the host quits in the first 10 rounds.
    3. I know a zombie campaign probably won’t happen but i’d want to play it!
    4. There should be an option to play with only people around your level or the highest round you’ve made it to. I’m always holding up the team and when I get swarmed and die, I can never rely on my teammates, if I die, they die.
    5. Better melee weapons and very expensive upgrades/weapons, the bowie knife is a life saver for only like round 10-20, we need better weapons to skin zombies with. Adding a couple of perks and weapons that are worth like +10,000 points gives the players something to survive for.
    6. Different zombie modes to plays! One mode I would like to play is (I made this up) Rescue: locate the survivor, defend that area from hordes of zombies until the chopper arrives to pick up the hostage.
    I would love for these ideas be put into thought by Treyarch.

  • True Nubbeh

    Personally… I love zombies, all these people suggestion ;Scavenger, Ammo Perks, all pointless shit like that, that would only fuck the game up in a whole anal moment, All zombies needs is the following.
    1) No host ended game
    2) More than one level of pack a punching, due to guns being useless past round 35 practically
    3) Pack a punchable Melee weapons
    4) A Stats Screen, you have 10 points or something, and you can put them to a certain weapon so you do more damage with it, like i put 10 points to a Krauss Refibulator, i could still use it as a one shot untill higher rounds, or on the ray gun, or any gun you choose. You can split points between guns however you like

    • zombie gamer

      you know whats rigtht for a good zombies match, i like that. how do you feel about the whole choose your own character ordeal?

  • Dev

    I personally like the classic zombies better. But in the 4v4 mode, there should be endless mode and point mode. Endless mode would be teamVteam untill either team dies and point mode should be a specific team wins when that amount of point(S) are reached. Other than that, i appreciate trenyard’s hard work, thanks.

  • Dev

    one more thing, kino der toten map please!!!

  • i am an absolute zombies fan, ive played back towards world at war and that was fun alone, after seeing treyarch improve dramatically i cant wait to see what bo2 has install, choosing your own character sounds great an all but ultimatley that would defeat the very reason why there are specific characters to play as in each level people play on. it’s redundant and i dislike that idea.

  • zombie gamer

    that could be a possibility maybe for like really old maps like shino numa or der rise but not on the new maps cause then wheres the story att hen? like for instance doin george remeros easter egg in multyplayer, you needed someone to be a specific character otherwise it just doesnt work

  • zac

    there are no upgraded perks in black ops not even multipalyer has pro perk anymore they said it adds alot of balance to the game, im happy bout it thought cuz there is alot of unbalanced gameplay in mw3

  • zombie slayer

    i think once u get 2 a certain round eg round 30 35, then u can go back to the pack a punch machine and do it again but for instead of 5000 to do it knock it up to like 15000 so u have an even stronger gun to deal with stronger zombies, i find it gets boring having to empty 3 clips of ammo in 2 a zombie to kill them defo stronger weapons needed! and stronger perks would just set the game off in so many ways! i love zombies and just cant wait to find out wat its like roll on the 13th of november

  • cobra

    Can you believe it! I heard there’s going to be a story mode on zombies!!!

  • bo1fan

    wait wait what? are you saying there will ONLY BE ZOMBIES CLASSIC AND 4V4? wth i was expecting more like 8 player co op like where we work as A TEAM!!!!!!!! but if they don’t have that might as well not buy it either 🙁

  • Like_Zombies

    I hope they put some easter eggs into the zombie maps.

  • prabh

    cant wait for this game if i dident had school i would hav been plyin black ops all day and the first thing im gonna do when i get black ops 2 im gonna start plyin zombies non stop all night

  • Joker the awesome

    I think zombies yes should have a little storyline but as map wise I think it be cool to have an abandened mall and be able to upgrade metal doors in certain areas so the zombies can’t come in and also do something like slender were ur in a forest with a light on ur gun killing zombies then at a certain round instead of dogs u have to run away from slender. And also idk if this be cool but as characters be able to be ur favorite superhero. Also as a map a school, a carnival, hold more perks, and have zombie shorts like all the characters come together and are like who are u then state names then zombies come and kick some ass!

  • McMuffin

    Can’t wait

  • crazyplaya000

    Bring it already then ,quit wasting time talking about how cool its gonna be just let the fans tell you if it is or not DUH!

  • how do I take 8 player off on zombies just want it back on normal.

  • please carry on the story mode from black ops 2

  • Stersdjdkd

    I would like to see a story mode and bring back kino der toten

  • disqus_DgTHoujjoZ

    what i don’t like about uprising map mob of the dead is that big guy that appears and kills u so stupid when yer playing by yer self. wish u can take him out of the game

  • Masterless