Black Ops II Nuketown 2025 Pre-Order Bonus Now Live At GameStop and Best Buy

Update: Added Amazon’s pre-order bonuses. Nuketown 2025 is still not live at, Best Buy Canada, and UK’s GAME.

GameStop and Best Buy have updated their Black Ops II product listings for all platforms with the pre-order bonus map Nuketown 2025, which was officially announced yesterday by Activision.

Both retailers have added the multiplayer map to their respective pre-order bonuses. It should be noted that the first wave of Black Ops II’s pre-order bonuses at GameStop has expired. Pre-ordering at the retailer no longer nets you a prestige token in Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II poster, but now Nuketown 2025 is up for grabs along with two more waves that have yet to be revealed. At Best Buy, however, you’ll get Nuketown 2025 and a pair of Black Ops II Dog Tags.


Best Buy

Amazon hasn’t updated its site with the new bonus map at the time of writing, but we will update this piece when Nuketown 2025 is added. Canada’s EB Games, which is owned by GameStop, did add Nuketown to its pre-order bonus offering.

Update 1: has added Nuketown 2025 to its pre-order bonuses for Black Ops II. Now you get a wallpaper and Nuketown 2025 when you pre-order at Amazon. (Still not live on

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Free Nuketown 2025 Bonus Map

Free Nuketown 2025 Bonus Map plus Amazon Exclusive Pre-order Bonus
Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops II and get the Nuketown 2025 bonus map for free plus access to the Amazon exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wallpaper. The Nuketown 2025 content will be available in the product packaging. We will send you the URL to access the wallpaper within two days of placing your order. Offer valid when shipped and sold by This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders. Limit one per customer. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

Be sure to share links to any retailers that have added Nuketown 2025 in the comments below so that we can updated the piece.

You can read up on the Nuketown FAQ sheet here, and catch all of our Black Ops II coverage through here.

  • Oh, look! It’s copy-paste again…

    • Like every other fps out there. Go hang yourself you fucking retard.

    • BF3 Fanboy

      Yeah BF3’s B2K was so original. CoD can go fuck itself.

  • JK Monroe

    Any hints on what the other two pre-order bonus waves are from Gamestop?

    • besides the poster…..this and two other things most likely one of em will be either a Tshirt or dog tag

  • Michael Brown

    You can keep that pre-order bonus, thanks.

    • Maurice Chavez

      They can keep the whole game lol

    • General Bison

      Wow, people here REALLY like Nuketown.
      Whatever floats your boat I guess :-/

  • Let’s split the community Day 1. Thanks Treyarch.

    • masada157

      BF3 did the same thing with B2k. Your point?

      • well no B2k was release a lil while after BF3 came out this is being release with the game no waiting lol why do i have 5 dislikes?

      • sparx

        they didn’t limited edition buyers paid extra and got B2K for free, it was released at the same time for everyone.

        • masada157

          Limited Edition buyers didn’t pay extra. They just preordered and got a free map, while anyone else who didn’t preorder had to pay for the map. Sounds just like what BOPSII is doing now, except preordered copies of BOII aren’t called “Limited Edition”.

      • B2k was just as bad. They gave the gamers something that was in beta stages pre-release. Something that could have been, and was (at least in code) on disk, it had been in the code since Alpha.
        I digress, the point is very clear they are splitting the community, B2k came out 2 months after release.
        Day 1 on Blops2 the community will be cut in half.

  • Awesome

  • i miss timesplitters 🙁

  • MyssterNassty

    question if anyone knows it would be mint, i pre ordered a while ago at gamestop and already registered my promo code for the token and poster, do i need to put my promo code in again to get the nuketown map or is it automatic?

  • David

    I preordered from Gamestop and the are going to mail it to me. Will I still get the bonuses?

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  • what if you get elete? will their be a hardened edition? im not pre ordering until i know whats happening

  • Wrench50


  • shadsfgdgfhgfh



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  • i’m wondering

    i pre ordered black ops 2 on june 24 from best buy and i have to wait untill november. Do i still get nuketown 2025? Email me the answer

  • Craftedmineuser

    So I preordered it before they announced Nuketown 2025. Do I still get it because I really want it. Please reply.

    • bigjimmy1985

      if u pre ordered before nuketown wuz unlocked then yes u should get it and the 2 next unlocks hope that helps

  • I sent messages to your e-mail hope you can answer me thanks

  • Arod560

    If I pre order it today will I still get nuke town 2025

    • Hunter

      I pre ordered it today i hope i still get nuketown 2025 it said nuketown was closed but it should still give it to me for pre ordering it cause if it doesnt i would be very disappointed cause that was why i pre ordered it if you no anything about it please email me thanks for your time ..:)

  • cyborg

    can i buy the nuketown 2025 individually like not pre-order?

  • Bigjimmy1985

    so if i pre ordered from gamestops website i should get everything emailed to me like when a unlock comes out

  • svsgawfs

    do they mail it to us?

  • MZ

    ok i want to pre order black ops 2 but i dont know if i can get the headset even if i get it in Canada

  • xgodofpainx

    i pre-ordered and entered the code in, but i think i might of made a typo in my e-mail adress, i never got any messages and when i went on to the page where you type in your code again i double clicked the e-mail part and the e-mail showed up but it was spelt wrong 🙁
    am i not gonna get my nuketown 2025 now? D:

  • kk

    why cant i pre order it to uae

  • [email protected]

    What if you pre order this from walmart?

  • Ask

    If u pre order black ops 2 and it comes out and if u come tomarow will u still have the bonus map 2012

  • Ask

    2025 my mustake

  • jack82jk

    I’ve a code to unlock nuketown for xbox360 but where do I write it for unlock the map? I can’t find the function under store under multiplayer, is there another menu?

  • Yolig

    It’s false. You do not need to preorder blackops 2 to get nuketown. They trick u into preordering it. If you buy it without preordering it you will get a code that you put in to get nuketown

  • dan

    please could i just have the nuketown not the game i allready have that but not nuketown