PC-Exclusive FPS Blacklight: Retribution On Its Way To Consoles

Blacklight: Retribution creators Zombie Studios hope to introduce the title to the console audience.

Negotiating with Perfect World Entertainment, publishers of the PC version of BL:R, Zombie Studios recently earned worldwide rights for a console iteration of the title.

Studio Creative Head Jared Gerritzen said in a press release, “Reacquiring the console rights to Blacklight: Retribution allows us a great deal of flexibility in the growth of the Blacklight franchise. We have always had huge plans for the Blacklight franchise and with this move we will finally be able to bring the game to console.”

No specific details were given, other than what Gerritzen mentioned: “We are thrilled to see all of the major console manufacturers supporting the free to play business model.”

Blacklight: Retribution recently received a new expansion call Onslaught, featuring a brand new player-versus-environment mode along with Search and Destroy and a number of custom server options. Check out the trailer below.

Thanks, IGN.

  • PewPewTank


    • Jason

      Whats wrong?

      • the police arrested him for being a motherfucker :p

        • Jason


      • PewPewTank

        They said that it’s going to be PC-only when it was announced and now they’re claiming that they’re just ‘expanding the Blacklight franchise’, we all know why they’re doing thi$

        • Niosus

          So? They’re a company, companies try to make money. That’s what the whole economy is built on. As long as they keep BL:R on PC the way it is now and don’t dumb everything down in the future I’m perfectly fine with this. I even like it. More players -> more revenue -> more budget to do awesome stuff…

          • Dirtknap

            High five, thanks for fielding that one. I really don’t understand how so many gamers expect AAA quality titles but don’t what the devs/publishers to succeed in business, broken logic is broken.

        • Stephen

          jeez because popular gaming companies stay on PC only besides its not like xbox/PS where they pay companies to stay exclusive to said console PC well you dont get paid like that since its open i guess. But it is a good move as Niosus said more of everything so why not. I’m not a console gamer but it is good news regardless

  • Hopefullymaybe?

    While i haven’t played BLR in a bit, i would play it on console just to play with friends that don’t have pc’s. Could be fun!

  • YES…..YEEEES!!!!!

  • Jamic

    I didnt like it, hope some of the people on consoles do, maybe I’ll try it on PS3 to play with some friends (especialy trying that new horde mode).


    YES!! DAMMIT YES!!! OH YES!!! Make it a 60 dollar game, don’t let it be pay2win. A leveling type of progression perhaps.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Medibee

      Wont happen

      • What won’t happen? Its already been announced for consoles.

        • Stephen

          i think he means the 60 dollar game part. it is kind of a pay to win

          • Dylan Harris

            no its not, its not pay to win at all, as long as your decent. Almost max level, havent spent a dollar on the game, even though I would because I love it.But Zombie studios does give out zen for surveys.

        • Medibee

          The guy said “We are thrilled to see all of the major console manufacturers supporting the free to play business model.” So if they are excited that ms and sony are accepting F2P then there is a high chance that the game will be f2p and not a $60 everything unlocked game.

  • hey

    Sold out, fuck this game and fuck this company, they’re just like DICE.

    • You need to grow the fuck up little kid.

      • Thomas

        Fuckin’ hipsters…

      • hey

        Shut ya mouth dumbass, if it wasn’t for the consoles BF3 would have been perfect.

        • ……….hes right…..

          • hey
            • i know all about man i remember when it first dropped and i was so excited to destroy shit even after i the beta i said “its ok its just a beta it will probably have destruction in the full game!” i convinced 3 of my friends to get it…..and then i booted it up….

            • Stephen

              man i don’t blame consoles tbh. if anything it was hard to fix issues with said destruction. remember they have a schedule to uphold so its not like they could fix it over time if they unless they could release when they felt like but sadly not the case. so i guess its better to remove it. Besides not like the PC version is bad but i agree that given more time it could’ve been better.

              Anyways point is nothing wrong with games going to consoles because… well i prefer more people enjoying said game if they dont have gaming PC or simply don’t like gaming on PC if they have one even if they have a controller that they can use on PC. But PS4 and the next xbox will certainly bring games in the next gen in a better high quality state than they are now.

            • the problem in my opinion is that they tried to go realism…but they only went half way i do believe that consoles held back the PC version though they could have done A LOT more with it.

            • Clayton Johnson

              We’re the ones holdiing it back. We’re expecting developers to somehow force current consoles to perform at the level a gaming PC can do and while once upon a time it was possible, Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 was a prime example but now it’s becoming less and less possible with games like BF3. PS3 was the lead platform when DICE switched to console yet it had the most issues(though not the biggest unlike PC). These consoles are showing its age no matter what disc format it may use or how much RAM one has over the other, development becomes a hindrance as consoles get older. The way I see it, unless the game is exclusive only to consoles or a console exclusive game like Halo/Uncharted, PC-to console development is the only way video games should be developed.

            • Clayton Johnson

              A prime example is The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for PC and I use TW2 alot because it’s one of the only ones I can think of. CD Projekt RED is IMO one of the best developers because they took a PC centric franchise and did a flawless port to Xbox 360. Besides a graphical comparison as the PC version needed a high sepc PC, the game plays no less different on Xbox 360 and I loved that. One of the best games and best looking games I’ve played for Xbox 360 and I’m excited for TW3.

            • I don’t care if they make it fore consoles, what I do care about is them holding back development on PC for consoles

    • Stephen

      sold out? not like they decided to cancel the PC version so i dont see the issue. also BF3 is awesome so how is DICE sold out as well? BF3 on PC is more amazing then consoles and has 64 players so fail to see your sold out argument

      • hey

        EA/DICE said they wanted to treat all the platforms the same, PS3, XBOX and the PC yet anyone with half a brain knows that the PC blows the console away, hell we’ve seen the specs of the PS4 and the PC already beats that. We SHOULD have more flags, more players, options to remove the blue tint, more destruction. Look at BF3 Alpha now look at the retail, the destruction is laughable, this is just an example.

        • Jason

          Really… Tell me what PC has 8gb of GDDR5 JUST on the GPU? Thats right, No one!

          • hey

            Lol, I’ve got two 680sli’s, the PS4 is already outdated.

            • Jason

              Please tell me more about how you paid $900 for 4gb DDR5! Oh you have TWO, Please explain why you are arguing the fact that you have the SAME amount of memory as the PS4 and paid close to $2,000 for just you Memory vs $400-$500 for the PS4 console? Fucking Idiot…

            • Stephen

              you cant compared PS4 8 GDDR5 Ram to a PC Ram. why? because PS4 8 GDDR5 Ram is shared meaning that that 8 gig is used for both video and system where PC has dedicated video card and system Ram. but PC high end wise is still better but i dare say PS4 is better than current mid range PCs though. Also not like PS4 is purely going to use 8 gigs of their ram for str8 up graphics since some of it has to be dedicated to system. regardless if PS4 is outdated it is still 16 times better than PS3 so as long as its finally moving to the next level i fail to see whats so bad about it.

          • HighBob

            tell me what console got 8+ gigs of RAM.

            • Jason

              PS4 Idiot…

    • fox3091

      Pretty sure Blacklight: Tango Down (prequel to BL:R) was an XBL title…

      • The Army Ranger

        Blacklight: Tango Down was on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Forget about Dust 514….come here Blacklight!

  • hey

    Does that mean no more free to play blacklight retribution ??

    • No. It means you’ll be able to play it as is on the PS, Xbox, ect.

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  • A lot of people complaining about this should note that PWE won’t have a stake in ownership of this game on console. And it wont be full of scumbag Asian market P2Win mechanics.