Blizzard Announces Diablo III For the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

Renown PC video game developer Blizzard took the stage during today’s PlayStation meeting to introduce a classic PC franchise to the console audience for the first time ever.

Diablo III is being developed for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.

According to Blizzard, Diablo III has “never been easier to play.” Players can expect optimized control schemes, allowing gamers to easily navigate their inventory systems and customize their characters, as well as the ability to take direct control of their avatar.


According to a recent press release, the game will feature all current upgrades like the Paragon leveling system, customizable Monster Power, Brawling, and epic Legendary items.

In addition, Blizzard is also introducing a full-screen, 4-player co-op mode that can be played locally or online.

Blizzard will formally debut the game at this year’s PAX East on March 22-24.

You can catch the full Diablo III PS3/PS4 presentation below:

  • Mega

    I hate it when developers never say exclusive but maybe it isn’t maybe they cant say anything cause the new xbox hasn’t been announced yet, still im buying both systems, im sure both will be amazing. PS4 and New Xbox 😀 2 awesome systems

  • Stephen

    Sadly this game is shit due to their balance around P2W auction house. But I guess if people on PS3/4 really want to play it if only for the story anyway.

    • Sgt. Mofo

      Who says the AH will make it to console?

      • Mr.Sunshine

        It’s the main reason why Diablo 3 was made. It’s the only way people can get into the higher difficulties. And that is why people played D3, the challenge of the higher difficulties. Cause the story isn’t that great, not something worth watching more than once anyway, and there’s no Player vs Player.

      • Stephen

        what makes u think u won’t get the shitty rmah ?

      • Sgt. Mofo

        I’m not saying progression to higher difficulties won’t be in, but I don’t think it will involve the AH or RMAH. Traditional console hack-n-slash titles just had better loot drops when you played higher difficulties. I don’t think Sony wants to deal with accounts being hacked or compromised constantly dealing with a micro-transaction model. Unless the Blizzard Authenticator will be compatible with the console version, I just don’t see it happening.

  • Cool

    Really cool. if I get a PS4 I will defiantly be picking this up.

  • Dikrmbe

    All u pc faggots must be mad