Borderlands 2 – Gearbox Looking Into Offline Mode Issues Caused By Add-On Disc

Gearbox software has recently outed a Borderlands 2 add-on pack which contains the title’s first two expansion DLC’s: Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate’s Booty and Mister Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, as well as other goodies to add more fun to your Borderlands 2 experience.

If you tend to enjoy playing video games without a connection to the internet and have your eyes set on the recently released add-on disc, you may want to hold onto your wallet a little longer before you spend your cash. There have been reports of users who’ve bought the add-on disc that have run into serious issues pertaining the loot that is acquired in the locales you may visit in the two DLCs.

As an example, players have been unable to equip any of the new items that can only be obtained in the Captain Scarlett DLC, like the Sandhawk and Corrosive Stinkpot. Also users have also been reporting that they have not been able to access any areas of Mister Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage completely, thus not allowing them to start their journey to be the number one bad-ass on Pandora.

At the moment, Gearbox is aware of the issue and is looking for ways to fix it. When more information surfaces, we will be sure to update you guys.

  • bman

    Yes, I am one of those customers who had purchased the add-on disc and had encountered the loot problem as described above. The problem will not allow me to complete several missions including the story mission in Campaign of Carnage. It has been a big disappointment. Gearbox and 2K had better find a fix quickly.

    • Joel Santana

      There’s also another issue with the DLC, but I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it.

      But when people find out about it, everyone who’s paid for either the add-on disc or for the dlcs separately people will be highly upset that they ‘wasted’ money.

      • oh boy….gearbox better get some health stims because the pain is gonna be flowing…

        • metallibilly

          let me guess theres something to do with not having the license to the dlc actually in the disc so those of us who arnt online can,t do anything, like getting a arcade game on one xbox then downloading it again on another except you cant play it without a internet connection cause the license is in another xbox.

      • josh6699

        Why can’t u say anything?

  • kl

    Does QA exist anymore at these companies?

  • Phantom419

    I’ve also had these problems… I can’t pick up any torque tokens, Moxxi’s paintings, quest items, and can’t use the special weapons… I’ve also heard that people are having issues with boss fights, as the bosses do not appear. Also do to the laws of not being able to return games, I can’t return the disk and get microsoft points instead to buy the season pass… I think if there is going to be a borderlands three, I am NOT going to bother picking it up.

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  • brittani

    Still no information pertaining to this problem?

  • brittani

    I hope this gets resolved soon. Otherwise I wasted my money.

  • The geek guy

    The deal is that if a friend have the disc you can install it on every xbox because it s license free… if you have a hacked device you can download and install it wihtout jtag and it’s still playable and online.

  • Christopher Rice

    I’ve had the same problem, have contacted 2K and gear box by phone and submitted tickets to both their website. Have gotten NO reply about what will be done about the problem, or if it will even be resolved. After nearly 2 month’s I’m thinking they may have just forgotten and blown it off by now. Not like they really care. Our money is now their money. Only real solution for the peeps who got screwed by these bozos is to not buy 2K or gearbox products….unless they have constant online connection and lots of lube.