Borderlands 2 – Assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC Weapons Revealed

With the the fourth campaign DLC for Borderlands 2, Assault On Dragon’s Keep, only a week away, here are a few of the weapons that you can look forward to getting your hands on once it’s out.

In the gallery, you’ll see a lot of grenades which act as spells from other RPG games, which replenish over time, mimicking RPG elements like Mana.

In addition to all these weapons, there are also reskins of regular weapons that will drop throughout the DLC.

Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep will be available on June 25 for $9.99 USD or 800 Microsoft Points. Those who have the Borderlands 2 season pass, will get it at no extra charge.

  • Jordan White

    Images don’t work and bring me back to the article.

    • Try now?

      • Jordan White

        Yep, thanks!

      • nightwing

        they work now

  • nightwing

    i rebought borderlands 2 purely for this DLC, it looks fun as shit!

  • dieger

    hmm i wonder what that necklace does doesn’t fit any of the characters….maybe we are getting a new character?

    • Master_Beta

      A character based apon FRIENDSHIP? What you mean like a good team playing character, based completely around multiplayer?

  • andrew

    Any new legendaries ???

    • Joel Santana

      the ogre and two grenade mods

  • Matt

    Man i gotta get those Seraph Shields.

    • Master_Beta

      Some of the best seraph shields, but lacking variety… The ones in the campaign of carnage were amazing… A level 61 Hoplite shield WITH 4 players that have equipped simultaneously? Think of the capacity! But having the power to deflect bullets at 850% damage, AND slag enemies to do even more damage!? Did anybody say, RAPE?

  • Mike

    well for being the biggest dlc yet this is awful. cmon only 7 guns? just fyi, this cant be the whole list because this info is data mined. The gun that gets your drunk is not on here, the grognozzle.

    • Joel Santana

      I only posted the unique onesand yes your right. I mistaked the Aegis for grog nozzile. Will update it soon.

    • Joel Santana

      Added the grog, thanks though for bringing this up to my attention.

    • Master_Beta

      But there is such a wide variety of re-skinned purple rarities? These ‘gem’ rarity weapons boast slightly higher stats than purple and each manufacture is different.

  • Kevin Garvey

    i Hope these are all the weapons, hopefully new pearlescent weapons and more of those ancient e-techs relics.

    • Joel Santana

      No new pearls. There’s more weapons and even class mod, but their literally just either a re-skin or just have a simple name change respectively

  • PlatinumSoldier

    The antagonist looks very cool and all the regen-grenade mods too

  • James K

    No bow type weapon? What a shame

    • Master_Beta

      No bow weapon indeed, but they have a gun that shoots SWORDS! of all things! Does that not satisfy you?

  • IcyGuy

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the True Neutral version/alignment of the Mechromancer Necromancer class mod. +73% mag size? Are you telling me that Gaige can FINALLY use an Infinity in conjunction with an Anarchy-heavy build?! Happy day. Not as happy as the day we go the Mirror’s Edge prequel reveal, but still pretty happy.

    More Pep-/Flicker-esque math, i.e. -0.24 + (0.24 * 0.73) = -0.065 = no Infinity for Gaige (the -24% is 4/4 in Smaller, Lighter, Faster) probably won’t rear its ugly head again, given that mag size boosts actually function how you’d expect.

    • Joel Santana

      Today will be an even happier day.

      Have some HUGE news regarding Borderlands 2, that i found from datamining. Ill post it in my next piece.

      • IcyGuy

        Sounds juicy. I can’t wait. 🙂

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  • Wextron

    wow, you did it, now how many Skyrim easter eggs will there be now? (nearly all granedes named after skyrim spells)

    • derp

      How old are you? These names are from classic spells that have been around the fantasy world for much longer than Skyrim…. Magic missle???!?!?! Come on.

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  • WILL a.k.a ILL WILL

    Whoever said Torgue don’t make e-tech… THAT’S BULL****…BUY TORGUE

    • Joel Santana

      The orge isn’t that great but the swordsplosion is bad ass since once the sword hits an object, a bunch of other swords spawn from the explosions and cause more explosions.

      • Master_Beta

        If u can aim it right you can get all of the swords to hit an enemy, it is almost an insta-kill with 2046k damage being done with mine.

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  • Josh

    yep. this dlc is going to be the best. there bringing in new orange guns hell yea lol woulda been better with new pearls too but im not complaining 🙂

  • levin Taylor

    this is going to be the best dlc but that guys right about a bow weapon torgue and jackobs would be awesome

  • DOMIN8

    Your welcome for the pics btw…