Borderlands 2 – Game Of The Year Edition Spotted In Steam Listing

Those who have been waiting patiently for Gearbox Software, the developers behind the shoot and loot FPSRPG, Borderlands 2, to release the inevitable Game Of The Year edition, including multiple game add-ons in one sweet deal, might not have to wait much longer.

According to a recent Steam database listing, a Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year edition has recently popped up. This shouldn’t be a big surprise seeing how the first Borderlands that was released all the way back in 2009 received the same treatment shortly after it’s fourth DLC was released.

Borderlands 2 DLC’s featured much more varied then it’s predecessor, however, such as new character classes and an exclusive slaughter dome. Here’s a list of the all the DLC content you can expect be available in the Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year edition:

Game Of  The Year Edition Content

  • Captain Scarlet’s And Her Pirate’s Booty
  • Mister Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade
  • Mechromancer Pack
  • Psycho Pack
  • Creature Slaughter Dome

At the moment, there’s no set price as Gearbox hasn’t officially announced Borderlands 2’s Game Of The Year edition, but when a price point becomes available, we will be sure to update you guys.

  • Moaad Ben

    No one has commented yet. NO ONE!!!

  • Ryan Schulze

    Since I didn’t pull the trigger last night on the $10 Xbox Live deal, I’ll have my eye on this. Really curious what the next gen marketplace is going to look like. How many old games are we gonna have access to on the new platforms and how quickly? I know Sony plans to offer Gakai in 2014 to have access to a lot of offer titles. Wonder if we get much any sooner?

    • Joel Santana

      Probably none for the Xbox One.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Who knows? But Microsoft hasn’t said anything to that effect and Sony has. With the 360 we got remakes if the developer decided to provide an HD version. Wonder what the Next Gen version will be called. Are they still gonna use “HD” when the previous version was already in at least 720p?

  • DC360

    this kind of sucks when i bought the game with all the dlc already money wasted

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  • Borderlands fucker

    Take my money and tell me when i can get it.

  • ty

    It seems like everyday their is some borderlands news on this site.

  • marpla78

    so…this game worth to buy or not?….im not to fan of this types of games but i need some change BF…so a little help and advices are more than welcome.


    • Kevin Garvey

      this game is worth it, the story mission you will get around 8 or 10 hours and there is always side missions to do, theirs 3 play throughs but need to get the add on to get the 3rd one. Theirs a deal for borderlands on steam and xbox.

      • Joel Santana

        Actually the third play through is free, though the increased level cap isn’t.

      • marpla78

        yea, saw it, but i was wonder if Bord 2 will be better than the one.

        • Joel Santana

          It’s better in every way possible, at least to me. Aside from the drastic rate of which high-tier drops, in which Borderlands 1 was a lot better in that aspect.

          • marpla78

            well then i will have to wait to see how much they ask for it.
            Ty again Joel.

            • Joel Santana

              Most likely the same price as a recently released game.

              Though, depending on when they release it. It’ll be a bit cheaper.

            • marpla78

              well i guess i should pull the plug then…Destiny caught my eye and this game seems like the one i need to play before i jump there…correct or far for correct?

            • Joel Santana

              To be honest, you can still wait if you want. Seeing how Destiny doesnt come out til early next year.

              Though, if your playing on the 360. You might as well just get yourself a used copy of BL2 and get all of the DLC’s at half off until july 8.

            • marpla78

              no 360 here, only PC for the momment…

            • Joel Santana

              Damn, you just missed a really good sale then on Greenmangaming. It had Bl2 + and the season pass for like 10 USD I think.

            • marpla78

              f**** that was a great deal…maybe some steam sale get that price…maybe.

              ty tho.

            • Joel Santana

              Speaking of steam, they should have their summer sale go live anytime now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they include a Borderlands 2 bundle in it.

              When ever details of the summer sale does go live, I’ll be sure to cover it.

            • marpla78

              cool, thanks again Joel i will keep on eye on your summer sales (winter here in Argentina, South America)

    • Joel Santana

      It’s worth it, especially if you tend to play online with friends.

      • marpla78

        ty Joel, i have some friends that have Bord 2 so i was wonder when this come out make the move or not.

        • Joel Santana

          No problem, glad to help you out!

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  • Myke Fletcher

    Love this series. Hope they make BL3 for next gen.