Borderlands 2 – Konami Code and “Extra Wubs,” More Playable Characters To Be Available In The Future?

During a recent Q&A session with none other then Gearbox Software’s president, Randy Pitchford, it was has hinted that there might be a good possibility that the team behind Borderlands 2 could add additional playable characters to their game. That’s if, however, the success of their up and coming character class titled the Mechromancer, slated for an October 16th release, goes well.

If it does, Mr. Pitchford has stated that these additional character classes would not be a part of the Borderlands 2 season pass. So far, the season pass is set to include four pieces of DLC that expands on the world of Pandora, each of which will be at least the size of General Knoxx’s secret armor, Borderlands largest DLC yet.

In what seems to be a never ending discovery of easter eggs in the world of Borderlands 2, we’ve stumbled upon yet another. In order to achieve this easter egg, one must back out all the way to main Borderlands 2 title screen. Once there, you must input ye good old Konami Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B [crouch for you PC/PS3 players], A [jump button for you PC/PS3 players], Start.

After having input the code correctly, go to the option section of the main menu and go to the gameplay tab and scroll all the way down. You should now see a new option called ‘Extra Wub‘ which, sadly, does nothing, according to the description of it. If you’re having issues finding it, here’s a quick pic:

For those of you guys who wanted to get your hands on more golden keys for your characters, Randy Pitchford is also planning a golden key give away this weekend. In order to get these keys, all you have to do is just follow Randy on Twitter and wait until he tweets out the tokens to redeem these golden keys. Remember, these tokens are only to be redeemed in-game by going to the main menu and going to the extra tab and clicking on the ‘Shift’ option. This will open up a new menu that let’s you redeem these tokens.

Also, don’t forget the Mechromancer class will be available free of charge for anyone who’s a part of the Borderlands 2 premium club. If you aren’t, then this class will run you about $10.00 USD to download.

If the Mechromancer class is indeed successful, what kind of character would you guys love to see added to the game? Leave a comment below!

  • sparx

    i’d love to see more specialized classes, like classes that can only use specific guns, rather than the gun free for all thats there now, i’d love to do a playthrough with a character that can only use sniper rifles or pistols. it’d bring a whole new dynamic to the game, only problem with that theres certain missions that have secondary objectives that dictate the kind of gun you use.

    • you mean you want to play borderlands 1 but not have the option to use any gun you want… so glad they will not listen to your advice.

  • A beastmaster would be cool. One that can summon various monsters of the game. The higher your level the more badass your monster(s). Also I think the game lacks a Ice element. Tha. Would complete the circle.

  • games a joke

    • Chads a Joke

      Which is why its so good. I mostly play for the humor. Im sorry this game doesnt fit your Copy & Paste spectrum of gaming. Go play CoD amd leave Borderlands to the adults kid.

      • ckpinkham

        The review I read said “Borderlands 2 is exactly what players expected. More of the same, only better.” which leads me to think it’s not really worth it. Because it pretty much IS Copy-Paste, not of COD, but of Borderlands 1. Personally I really didn’t like 1 enough to buy 2 for any more than $30. And I’m waiting for GOTY to be that price. 1 was a horrible game unless you played co-op basically. I really wish they made co-op more of a ‘fun option’ than ‘required for fun’ but that’s just my opinion. I’m an adult, though I haven’t been for long 😛

        • myssternassty

          yea dude, i hated the first one…i couldnt even play past level 8 i thought it was such a drag..this one on the other hand, one of the most fun games ive played in a long time, im telling you to give it 20 min, and you wont be able to stop i guarantee it! trust me, i thought the first borderlands suck balls, this one feels and looks completely better.

      • Realy thats your reply? Looks like a made someone mad. You’ll be ok little boy. One day your nuts will drop. How isn’t BL2 copy & paste the only thing different is the customize outfit(the only thing). So scared you used a fake name.

    • QwietStorm


  • Mike

    Well there’s not many games I would gladly pay 60 bucks for and actually be happy with my purchase but this game, Bioshock and the Battlefield series are worth it. I would be damn happy to pay for a game with 40+ hours in the 1st play through than 6 hours of an Call of Duty game. This game doesnt deserve to be lumped in with CoD because Borderlands is actually fun without the cookie cutter bullshit that CoD has yearly.
    Borderlands is the game of the year so far by a long long shot.

    • Yet some damn nerd bashing CoD.

      • PyroLeo

        Whats not to bash… if I remember correctly its the same cookie cutter story with CoD with the same cookie cutter characters and so forth. Its the same engine with very little done to it and still overly buggy. Also the fact that its a new release EVERY year that really makes you think how much do they really put themselves into this game. It took YEARS for Borderlands 2 to come out. They put time and love into this game. CoD MW 3 felt like it was slapped together in a drunken teenagers basement with the thought in mind “Ha ha this would be awesome if we could dual wield things that special op groups don’t dual wield”. Seriously… CoD will die eventually because there are companies that will put out QUALITY games while they just slap them together for the people that are dumb enough to pay 60 bucks for a game that is sub par quality at best.

  • The game could use a Lone Wolf that whips out a mini gun. That and a motorcycle for fast getaways.

  • Eli

    Probably a Vinyl Scratch easter egg for us bronies

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  • Dylan

    a character to summon creatures of pandora or summon a mount

  • I really need help. I downloaded the season pass from the menu screen and it wont let me have the mechromancer. I dont have an option for it. When I try to download it, it says to add points. Im pissed all to hell. Did I just waste 30 bucks>????

    • Seraphin

      Season Pass doesn’t include DLC characters, only the additional DLC stories.

    • you need the premium club for the Mechromancer

  • Matt

    A cool character idea could include a demonic class in which he could possibly possess enemies for a short duration, say 10 seconds.

    • That Guy

      You mean like that one character who can already do that…?

  • A bandit class: you can make your own weapons and other bandit manufactured stuff also u get special discount on any gun machine.

  • hello

    I say there should be were-bullymong class, someone that turns into a bullymong whenever they use their perk. just think how awesome that would be

  • theGuyWithNoName

    a bandit with the abliy to call friendly bandits to his aid

  • Ds112926

    Werewolf class, whenever you use your action you turn into a monster were beast that can rip apart enemies shoot projectiles heal etc.

  • my thoughts on a good character would be one whose special made a few extras of yourself, make them count as extra players so single player is more like co op