Borderlands 2 – Krieg The Psycho Class Mods Detailed, Omnd-Omnd-Ohk Spawn Rate Being Looked At

Caught up on Borderlands 2’s upcoming DLC character class, Krieg The Psycho? Earlier, we outed what heads you can look forward to unlocking, as well as gave you guys a detailed look at his skill trees and the skills contained within. If you missed it, make sure to check it out here.

We’ve been able to learn even more thanks to the latest patch that went live for Borderlands 2. Apparently, it contains numerous bits of information about the upcoming character class, and also allows item drops pertaining to Krieg, such as his skins, heads, and buzz saw class mods, to appear in game.

Thankfully, GBX community member, Dank Rafft, has compiled a lists of all of the class mods with their max stats that Krieg is set to receive when the DLC drops some time this May.

Krieg The Psycho’s Class Mods



  • Grenade Capacity +6
  • Kill Skill Duration +66%
  • +5 Fuel the Blood
  • +4 Blood Overdrive
  • +4 Bloodbath
  • Prefixes: Diesel (Fuel the Blood) Driven (Blood Overdrive) and Blood (Bloodbath)



  • Explosive Damage +44%
  • +5 Taste of Blood
  • +4 Blood Trance
  • +4 Strip the Flesh
  • Prefixes: Tasty (Taste of Blood) Dazed (Blood Trance) and Flesh (Strip the Flesh)



  • Health Regen. +1512,8
  • Shield Recharge Delay +1,5
  • +5 Empty the Rage
  • +4 Embrace the Pain
  • +4 Salt the Wound
  • Prefixes: Rage (Empty the Rage) Pain (Embrace the Pain) and Salt (Salt the Wound)


euxPti4 (1)

  • Team Kill Skill Duration +66%
  • +5 Blood Twitch
  • +4 Fuel the Fire
  • +4 Blood Overdrive
  • Prefixes: Twitchy (Blood Twitch), Fuel (Fuel the Fire) and Driven (Blood Overdrive)



  • Melee Damage +44%
  • +5 Empty the Rage
  • +4 Fuel the Blood
  • +4 Silence the Voices
  • Prefixes: Rage (Empty the Rage) Diesel (Fuel the Blood) and Scream (Silence the Voices)



  • Max. Health +34579
  • +5 Thrill of the Kill
  • +4 Fuel the Rampage
  • +4 Feed the Meat
  • Prefixes: Gore (Thrill of the Kill) Rampaging (Fuel the Rampage) and Beef (Feed the Meat)



  • Burn Chance +70%
  • Magazine Size +44%
  • +5 Pain is Power
  • +4 Fire Fiend
  • +4 Elemental Elation
  • Prefixes: Power (Pain is Power), Burnt (Fire Fiend) and Razed (Elemental Elation)



  • Burn Damage +51%
  • +5 Burn, Baby, Burn
  • +4 Fuel the Fire
  • +4 Flame Flare
  • Prefixes: Blaze (Burn, Baby, Burn) Fuel (Fuel the Fire) and Flare (Flame Flare)



  • Fire Rate after Kill +30%
  • +5 Blood Twitch
  • +4 Taste of Blood
  • +4 Boiling Blood
  • Prefixes:  Twitchy (Blood Twitch) Tasty (Taste of Blood) and Hot (Boiling Blood)

Slayer Of Terramorphous:


  • Burn Damage +29%
  • Burn Chance +29%
  • Max. Health +31813
  • +4 Flame Flare
  • +4 Blood Trance
  • +4 Thrill of the Kill
  • +4 Strip the Flesh
  • +4 Burn, Baby, Burn

Legendary Psycho:


  • Burn Damage +31%
  • Magazine Size +31%
  • Shield Recharge Delay +1,5
  • +5 Blood-Filled Guns
  • +5 Blood Twitch
  • +5 Empty the Rage
  • +5 Feed the Meat
  • +5 Burn, Baby, Burn
  • +5 Fuel the Fire
  • “-One day I’ll escape this hell and you’ll be gone.

Speaking of Krieg, it looks like viral marketing has started for him, as he managed to get into the EchoCasts twitter account and has been taking control of it, for the past few days. Make sure to check it out.

Lastly, according to the community manager over at Gearbox, Chris F., those who have issues with spawning the very rare and powerful savage known as Omnd-Omnd-Ohk may get a little help in a future patch that’s said to address his spawn rate.

  • IcyGuy

    Here’s a fun little timeline:

    1) Someone makes a thread on the GBX Forums stating that OOO drops the same Seraph weapons as Voracidous.

    2) The Loot Midget hotfix is “accidentally” released. No midgets spawn in the WEP boxes, and OOO’s spawn rate is inexplicably reduced, despite assurances that the hotfix had nothing to do with him.

    3) The LLM hotfix is pulled, OOO’s spawn rate is back up (but still below what it was), and people report that he’s stopped dropping Vorac’s Seraphs. GBX has to encourage people to fight Vorac somehow, right?

    When you have consider how many other bugs the game has, it makes you wonder why GBX fiddles with some of the things they do, especially when they have to keep patching/hotfixing their patches/hotfixes. Sure, it’s their game and their vision, but there’s a point where they just need to stop.

    • WarBro

      Stop sweating the small $hit and just play the game.

      • IcyGuy

        With 750 hours of BL2 time under my belt, I think it’s safe to say that I have. 😉

        And it’s well past time to sweat the small stuff.

      • QwietStorm

        Right. Lets ignore it all and be blissfully ignorant.

  • Josh

    i had one of these pop up on my game today running through ultimate vault hunter mode. pretty badass.


  • Kevin Garvey

    Is the new character free if you have the season pass?

    • TheDoodleBob


  • OMG I KNOW WHO KRIEG INNER VOICE (The guy before he was turned into “krieg the psycho”…It’s freaking tiny tina’s dad! Remember how they were doing experiments on her parents and she got away because her dad told her to use the dynamite?! In the audio , his inner voice says “where is she? Is she safe? Did she get away?”. Put 2 and 2 together, and thats it! I know it’s a long shot but it kinda makes sense since krieg is an “experiment” and tiny tinas dad was experimented on!