Borderlands 2 – More Details on Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC, Announcement Incoming

Hey there vault hunters. Have you been itching for more information on Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, Borderlands 2 second DLC expansion pack, or even the second DLC character class?

If so, then you will be glad to know that Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, has recently tweeted out during a session of answering fans questions that details of this leaked DLC expansion will be announced shortly. So far, we know that it revolves around the Torgue gun manufacture that specializes on explosive weaponry .

In fact, Randy tweeted that it will actually be released before the year is over and that details will be revealed a few days after Mr.Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage’s announcement. But that’s not all. Recently, the Borderlands 2 achievement list for Steam has been updated to include 3 new achievements, which have been revealed due to it being available on the PS3 version of Borderlands 2. They are:

  • Explosive – Completed the mission “Long Way To The Top”
  • Motorhead – Completed all Campaign of Carnage side quests
  • Obsessed – Colletected 10 pictures of Moxxi in Campaign of Carnage

If Steam updating Borderlands 2 achievements recently is any indication, then you can expect that this explosive DLC is set to be released sooner then people think.

If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for more Borderlands 2 info, a member from the Reddit community has claimed that he was able to determine some quotes from this new DLC from the PS3 version:

Mr.Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage quotes

Moxxi line:

Ah, the Gunzerker. Frightening, yet…hairy.

Storyline stuff:

Listen carefully, mouth-breathers of the world — this is Patricia Tannis, and I have found another Vault.

As I was saying, I’ve discovered that this new Vault is buried in the center of a large crater and will only open, and I quote, “once the champion of Pandora feeds it the blood of the ultimate coward.”TORGUE: We at the Torgue Corporation sincerely believe that is F****** AWESOME! It’s SO awesome that we’re gonna set up a tournament to find this “number one badass”! If you want in, come to where the Vault is buried — in the Badass Crater of Badassitude!

Tiny Tina new quest:

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Do you know who just arrived in the Beatdown? SULLY THE STABBER! He’s my THIRD favorite mass-murderer in the ENTIRE WORLD! You HAVE to go get his autograph for me.Get his signature on this. Please. PLEEEEEASEpleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. If I don’t get his autograph I’m gonnaDIEEEEE. He’s my favoritest! He killed every living person on the Bathymas with nothing but a rusty butterknife! If you don’t take it I’m gonna start crying.Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. (making a song out of it) Oh-baby please. Please. Please. P-p-please. Please. Please. Pleeease. That was ”Please,” by Tiny Tina featuring the Vault Hunter on bass.OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH. Sully’s out in the Beatdown. Just bring me his autograph and you will be my FAVORITE PERSON EVER. FOREVER.

From the looks of these quotes, you can expect this DLC to include yet another raid boss. It also seems similar to the original Borderland’s second DLC, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome, which pitted you against numerous foes in waves just like in the slaughter domes that are found throughout Borderlands 2.

Lastly, Randy Pitchford has tweeted out a brand new set of Shift codes for Borderlands 2 Golden Keys, as of 10:54am PST, Saturday November 10.

  • WinPC: C3CBJ-CW5HS-6J3TJ-3B33T-5RXFJ
  • X360: CBWJ3-6HRWR-3XRJ6-5FJBT-WH3H6

For you vault hunters on the Mac, don’t forget that Borderlands 2 will be released on November 20th. You can read more about it here.

What type of raid boss would you like to see to be included in this upcoming DLC? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below!

  • isn’t the DLC season going REALLY fast? we just got the first one.

    • Lizzy

      cause the player count has dropped off.. the game is repetitive after the first playthrough.. sure it’s more challenging with True Vault Hunter mode but it’s basically you just repeating everything you’ve already done

      • yeah i got to admit the campaign is missing something i beat borderlands 1’s campaign like 10 times and still replayed again before Bl2 came out but Bl2 campaign i passed twice and it got put on the shelve.

        • Lizzy

          yup… idk if it was when Gearbox said the game would be 60+ hours with the story or what.. it was fun but.. the novelty is worn out.. on to Aliens!

          • Drew

            I got BL1 when all the dlc was released, so that kept me going for a loooooong time on my first playthrough. BL2 just doesnt feel like a complete game. The storyline is great, but its not revolutionary and different. The second the word “Warrior” was uttered, I knew how everything was going to end, there was no surprise like in BL1. Also, with BL1, the max i ever saw a gun do was somewhere around 4000 damage, and that was an extremely rare explosive sniper rifle. Meanwhile, you have my assassin class, which is geared towards melees doing close to a 1.5 million damage with a bee shield and conference call, so there’s some major balancing to be done one that front.

        • Beanz3

          Yeah, I don’t know what it’s missing either. But after my second TVHM playthrough, I’m finding it very hard to complete the whole game again with a third character.

      • Beanz3

        Also, to add to what you were saying. A lot of the best gear such as the Vladof Infinity pistol for instance, have really bad drop rates [ it’ll take you at least a good 500 runs just to get one ] and IMO kinda ruins the game.

        Since after a while people will get frustrated and ‘give up’ on the game as a whole, or just take the easy way out and just get these weapons by having someone duplicate it for them, which kinda ruins a lot of the fun of the game.

    • Beanz3

      It’s actually pretty fine the way it’s going. And if anything we probably won’t see this new DLC until the the first/second week of December.

  • Lizzy

    this shows just how boring the game has become.. they release the Mechromancer a month early. they push out the Pirate DLC so fast it made my ClapTrap be lost for words.. the game is on life support.. the fun has died out.. I remember the first week EVERYONE in my friends list had this game set to their beacons (on Xbox) and now no one is playing it… GG Gearbox

    • They only released the mechromancer one week early.

    • and that’s why i said we need a level cap increase

      • Beanz3

        A level cap raise wouldn’t do much aside from making people spend countless of boring hours grinding to get all their gear back just for they can have it be max level again.

        • well what would you suggest?

          • Joel Santana

            For starters they can add raid bosses that make the CC and bee combo obsolete, as well as making the fight hard yet fun at the same time.

            • yeah also i wish terra dropped better loot i farmed him like 10 times (no bee i only play legit :D) and i never even got a orange anything 🙁

            • Joel Santana

              There’s literally no point of farming unless you want a his blood of terramorphus which is out classed by the blood of the seraphs.

              Any who why don’t you farm just hunter hellquist? He’s the dude who drops the bee and I think it has around 5% chance of dropping. Also, IMO the best boss to farm is the warrior for some ccs and leech grenade mods.

              Btw what platform do you play on? If its the 360 I would glady give you one of my bees.

            • nah i don’t ‘bee’ i find that it ruins my experience cause i can pretty much OHK anything.

  • IcyGuy

    More Tiny Tina? I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with more Tannis, because I think her voice actress always does an amazing job at simultaneously sounding super-intelligent and super-unhinged.

    “What type of raid boss would you like to see to be included in this upcoming DLC?”

    None, really. Terramorphous is fine, but Verm is a pain to get to spawn, Hyperius relies on arena-wide AOE attacks for “challenge,” and Master Gee is one of the worst boss fights I have experienced in over 20 years of gaming. I’m still not completely on board with the idea of a “raid boss” in a 4-player FPSRPG, and I would prefer Gearbox (or whoever else they outsource the DLC to) to put more effort into making memorable/good boss fights than “difficult” boss fights.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining about the game’s difficulty. Outside of the questionable enemy health and damage scaling in TVHM, it’s fine. I’m complaining that the new bosses rely on annoying mechanics to compensate for nobody at Gearbox realizing how good the Conference Call + Bee combo was during development, and for them to, quite simply, design better boss fights.

    • Beanz3

      Yeah I agree with you, the mechanic on Master Gee was the worst I’ve ever seen on any boss fight so far in any game and to make it worse ,he drops nothing good. Not even the Seraph crystals that he’s supposed to.

      Hopefully what ever third party is in charge on this upcoming DLC, doesn’t make the same mistake. As well as, actually making the new raid boss a real challenge like Hyperious without the massive AOE and make it actually fun by making people use a different set up then the bee paired up with any weapon.

      Also, if Mr.Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage plays anything like Mad Moxxi’s Underdome. Then expect it to be the worst and the most boring DLC to be released yet.

      • IcyGuy

        Look on the bright side: Moxxi tried to redeem itself with the bank, and if this DLC aspires to be Moxxi 2.0, we just might get the much-requested storage space upgrade!

        …we can dream, right? 🙂

        • Joel Santana

          Hope they do since they have been talking about adding more bank/inventory space and didn’t know how to implement it correctly.

  • Hi. I’m the guy on Reddit who found these quotes.

    If you have a hacked PS3 with all the current DLC and updates installed, go to /dev_hdd0/game/[insert your game ID here, it’s BLUS30982 in the US]/USRDIR/DLC/[DLC ID – ORCHID is Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty, IRIS is likely the upcoming Mr. Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage]/COMPAT/LOCALIZATION/INT . Open up any of the .INT files and you see caption text for mission briefings, voiceovers, etc.

  • “Duece” the Gunzerker

    Having fought and grinded and looted my way through all of the content on Borderlands 2 to date, before and after the “Update” that canceled the Bee shield power, I haven’t seen so many modded cowards in my life. Yes the drop rates are too ridiculous sometimes, yes the Bosses are too tough sometimes…but that was the F*cken Point! To work together to crush every obstacle Pandora could deliver has been some of the best gaming I have ever played, but as hard as I try to keep the “Love” matchmaking breaks my heart watching these lv.50 overpowered p*ssies on “My First Gun”