Borderlands 2 – Preview Of New Loot And Legendary Class Mods To Come, New Customization Items Outed

As we previously reported earlier in the week, those playing Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360 platform should expect a new compatibility pack to be available soon.

Well as of this writing, you can go ahead and download the pack that’s necessary in order to play with friends who will be purchasing the upcoming Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2, set to raise the level cap to 72 and much more this upcoming Tuesday.

Speaking of which, the folks over at Gearbox have recently outed some interesting tid-bits of information regarding their upcoming add-on for Borderlands 2. Those who purchased both Ultimate Vault Hunter Packs will receive the following:


As you can tell, in addition to adding more loot like we previously pointed out, it looks like Gearbox will be rewarding those who have purchased both packs that have increased the level cap with special items like new customization skins, new legendary tier class mods and more ‘bad-ass’ weapons.

Some of these include new pearlescent tier weapons like Jakob’s ‘Godfinger’ Sniper Rifle, Maliwan’s ‘Wanderlust’ pistol, Torgue’s ‘Carnage’ shotgun and Jakob’s Bekah assault rifle. Yyou can catch a glimpse of the Wanderlust pistol and one of 15 new legendary class mods below, where each vault hunter gets a set of three new class mods:



Both items in the picture above are shown with their max level 61 stats.

Since we’re checking out some of the new gear, here are a few images of new the item customizations that have recently appeared, as well as the community day and an unknown skin packs. Feel free to check them out below:

New Customization Items










































Whew! Now that’s a lot of customization items. You can expect a total of 36 new items to be made available in the near future. Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 is set to release on September 3 for $4.99 USD.

  • dieger

    rape face axton?

    • dieger

      lol its still here XD (i erased it because i forgot to upload the picture because disqus don’t like images…)

  • dieger

    for $5 its a great deal…but if its still gonna have the pace of UVHM1 i probably won’t buy it.

    • Joel Santana

      Don’t see how your struggling that much with UHVM, especially with legendaries. Which class are you running? O.o

      • dieger

        hmm no i beat UVHM1 and am a 61 maya….it just was NOT fun getting to 61…

        • Joel Santana

          How? I mainly use Maya too and I can kill Terra in 1.5 seconds with her. >_>

          • dieger

            how the bloody how do you do that???!!!

            • Joel Santana

              Do you have the first and third DLC’s? Cause t here’s some items from there that’s needed to pull it off.

            • Chad Eugene Rash

              “COUGH” Bee Shield + Sandhawk “COUGH”.

            • Joel Santana

              You don’t need the sandhawk for it just certain shields and class mods

            • dieger

              i own all the dlc’s

            • Joel Santana

              Alright, then just get the Hoplite shield from the second DLC. I believe pete drops it. Once you do, get an blue rarity banshee class mod with +6 to Immolate.

              Then equip a fire weapon with the previously mentioned items to bring down your health to 0. Doing this will activate Immolate, which deals bonus fire damage depending how many points you put into it.

              After that equip what ever shield you like, the bee is preferred as it boosts your damage. Though this works best with the sandhawk as each burst you will be dealing around 300 million damage if their slagged.

              Note: Using this build will get you killed alot since your health will be at 0, thus making it possible for anything to one shot you.

            • dieger

              no shit sherlock i mean OHK with jakobs XD also i don’t BEE that’s for nubs

            • Joel Santana


              Just get a Citrine Muckamucka with all Jakobs parts and a blue rarity cunning fox that has +6 to reaper. Then put all of your points onto skills that buff damage. Though this only works if the enemy is phaslocked, since she receives a few more buffs while her action skill is active.

            • dieger

              so worthless against bosses hmm?

            • Joel Santana

              Only raid bosses.

  • dieger

    rape face axton?

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      Everyone has a rape face.

      • dieger

        but not everyone has a rape head 😛

  • dieger

    Axton and Kriegs heads are the best the others….more of the same..

  • Kevin Garvey

    Just one weapon?

    • dieger

      no probably the same amount as the other UVHM but just took one picture

      • Joel Santana

        Has less weapons then the first one, unless of course they didnt include some weapons in the recent update.

    • Joel Santana

      It’s more then one weapon, I’ve listed four but only showed off one to cut back on images.

  • IcyGuy

    The Legendary Cat class mod (Maya) that comes with the DLC looks hilariously good. +5 to Mind’s Eye, Wreck, Accelerate, Reaper, and Foresight, and +129% SMG damage? Insanity. The new heads look great, too. Now we just need a way to get the cyan skins and Dahl Efficiency legitimately…

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to enjoy these, because I do not plan to get the second UVHM pack. I don’t:

    -Feel like farming for top-end gear yet again

    -See the Overpower mechanic being fun for anyone other than my Gunzerker and melee Zer0. Level-based damage reduction and the new health regen will simply make the game even more tedious for the rest of the cast; I don’t think turning enemies into unnecessary bullet sponges is “challenge.” I’d rather have something like F.E.A.R., where the challenge comes from figuring out how to engage the enemy without getting outsmarted, not just pulling out my Slagga.

    -Want to screw over my friends who don’t buy it (because UVHM scales to the highest player level in the party; way to split the community again, Gearbox)

    -Want to see my predictions of the death of build variety come true. It’s bad enough already, but this DLC turns it into, “Which capstone don’t you want?” We’ll be 11 skill points away from being able to fill in all three trees!

    I would love to buy this DLC, but the downsides are too many, and “More BL2!” just isn’t a selling point after nearly 1200 hours, because, frankly, it’s the same BL2, but with bigger numbers.

    • dieger

      totally agree but this is the main reason i don’t want it

      “Level-based damage reduction and the new health regen will simply make the game even more tedious for the rest of the cast; I don’t think turning enemies into unnecessary bullet sponges is “challenge.”

      if they let you get the new pearl drops and class mods in UVHM or TVHM ill probably buy it but as of now no thanks

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      use gibbed;)

      • IcyGuy

        Sometimes it’s tempting. After all, it’s basically like having a Gameshark, right? 🙂

        It feels as if spending $5 and then getting all the content in a few minutes is throwing money away, though.

        • Joel Santana

          Truthfully, I only use it to give myself Eridum cause Eridum farming is boring as hell.

      • Joel Santana

        Speaking of that program, are you able to unlock the community day items?

        Cause for some reason, they magically were unlocked in my customization station without using it.

  • Mike

    There’s has to be more than 4 weapons, according to the chart and GearBox, they said upgrade pack 1&2 buyers will get exclusive weapons.

    • Joel Santana

      I’ve checked about 5 times already and I only see those four weapons. Unless of course the news ones will be added on tuesday and not in the game files yet.

    • IcyGuy

      “…no one is holding a gun to your head.”

      I have two friends who plan on buying this DLC; everyone else I know isn’t. Because of the way UVHM’s level scaling works, if either one of them passes level 61 and joins our game, everyone’s screwed: we’re screwed because we have to face non-raid enemies that are up to 13 levels higher than us (so we only do ~25% damage), and they’re screwed because they have to solo enemies scaled for two-to-four-player health. Furthermore, this fact completely kills public matchmaking – which can actually be fun from time to time.

      So I’m left with the impression that there is a playerbase-splitting gun pointed at some people’s temples.

  • Chad Eugene Rash

    Will be buying. Damn you gearbox.

  • CoDforever

    Does anyone else think BL2 and black ops 2 were the most funnest shooters last year ?

  • dieger

    lol sal’s grimace head is solomon grundy XD