Borderlands 2 Trailer Hints At A New Vault Hunter

With this year’s SXSW underway, the folks over at Gearbox have revealed a pleasant surprise during the end of their panel.

A silhouette of the second playable DLC character was teased, slashing it’s way through bandits in a teaser trailer which you can view below.

Aside from the teaser trailer for this new mysterious vault hunter, not much else is know. However, Matt Armstrong, the franchise director for Gearbox, has hinted that Borderlands 2 lacks a melee character such as Brick from Borderlands 1. Judging by the trailer shown above, it looks like this upcoming vault hunter may fill that void that Brick left.

In addition, Matt Armstrong has also stated that once DLC is revealed, their release dates aren’t usually too far off. So, expect to be able to play as this interesting new character sooner rather then later.

Thanks, Joystiq.

Are you guys excited for this new character? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Battlefield Engineer

    Apparently the new character isn’t included with the season pass, so that’s a bummer. Also, do we really need another melee-based character? I know Zero and Brick are a bit different, but still.

    • Joel Santana

      Yeah I’m kind of bummed out that it’s another melee character. Especially since Zer0 can easily do a billion damage with a specific melee build.

      Hopefully what ever it is, it adds something new and refreshing.

      • You can do a billion damage in BL2? What can of monster have that much HP?

        • Joel Santana

          Yeah, both master gee and dexi have over a billion hp. With dexi having 13 billion.

  • eh ok ive already gone back to borderlands 1 borderlands one may not be the prettiest or the most story driven game but its so damn fun replaying it over and over unlike BL2 :/

    • Joel Santana

      That’s probably due to the drop rates actually being good and your not forced to be constantly getting new gear every two levels.

      • tbh honest i never found even one legendary in BL1XD but i was fine because blue,purple, and sometimes even green was use able unlike BL2

  • You god damn people should of read the details about the season pass before you bought the damn thing. Tired of you little kids crying on ever fucking post about the dlc.

    • Battlefield Engineer

      Nobody is crying about the season pass, get over yourself. Go troll somewhere else and stop assuming everyone is a “little kid.” I for one never said the season pass should have included the new vault hunter, I just said it was a bummer that it wasn’t.

      • actually they aren’t crying here but on the gearbox forums and news about this dlc people be bawling…

      • Read your first sentence little boy. You fail as a human.

    • dpg70

      I see no crying here. They can fine print whatever they want, but good luck selling a season pass for BL3.

  • dpg70

    Another DLC the season pass doesn’t cover I’m sure…lol. These guys are giving subscriptions a bad name, as if they don’t have one anyway.

  • kui