Boss Key Unleashes First Gameplay Trailer For LawBreakers, Will Be Playable at PAX Prime

As promised, new gameplay footage from Boss Key Productions recently unveiled shooter, LawBreakers, debuts today with an exciting trailer showing off new characters, abilities, and gravity-defying arena combat.

It’s pretty early, but the gameplay certainly has a charm to it, making neat use of the grappling hook and abilities like the classic rocket jump. Weapons appear to range in style and capabilities while different characters seem to have their own unique strengths. Watch the trailer for yourself in the featured section above.

LawBreakers is also, in fact, currently playable. If you’re down at PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, WA, head on over to 128 Belmont Ave. East on Saturday at 10AM Pacific to get some hands-on time with it.

LawBreakers launches next year. What are your first impressions of the footage you just saw?

  • Mr. Poopybutthole

    Looks fun

  • Actually looks pretty damn. Cool I’m gonna have to keep up to date with this.

  • KennyKyle

    overwatch copy

  • Markdbruce

    More future shit, for the love of God, someone develop a new WWII multiplayer game, yes it’s already been done but the last WWII game was CoD World at War back in 2008 or 9, ages ago, we are due another attempt at it at least, getting tired of the future/near future setting now. I say World at War because it spanned all platforms not just PC.

    • MegaMan3k

      I would love Battlefield to return to WW2.

      WW2 tanks with new destruction stuff? Mmmmmmm

      • Markdbruce

        I would also but feel that it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, the demand for this future shit is still too high.

    • Deciver95

      Didn’t Wolfientien and Sniper Elite 3 get released last year? What are you on about ‘Last WW2 game was in 2009?

      • Markdbruce

        Sniper elite 3 was a third person game, and shit also, wolfenstien, as far as I know isn’t a multiplayer game, I’m talking about a AAA FPS game like Battlefield or Call of Duty set in WWII.

    • born2expire

      give Heroes and Generals a try, its not AAA but thats a good thing nowadays.

      • Markdbruce

        It’s PC only

  • born2expire

    enough class based shooters, i was kinda excited for the reveal when CliffyB told us he took inspiration from Counter Strike…. then shows this crap.

  • Anonymous Tom

    Looks like Black Ops III.