Brand New CoD: Black Ops II and MoH: Warfighter Gameplay Trailers Incoming This Weekend

Activision and EA are each set to unleash brand new gameplay trailers for both Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Medal of Honor: Warfighter this Saturday, May 19th, during the UEFA Champions League Final.

CVG uncovered this image revealing the impending release of another Black Ops II trailer this Saturday.

It’s unclear, however, what exactly will be unveiled in this trailer. Could we see more of the same? Maybe some multiplayer or zombie footage? Though highly unlikely, we can always hope.

As for Medal of Honor, AskMen have a sneak peak of the brand new Warfighter gameplay trailer which you can check out here. It seems to similar footage found in the first gameplay trailer, but hopefully we’ll see something new this Saturday.

What are you hoping to see in the Black Ops II and Warfighter trailers this Saturday?

  • I’m excited to see what Danger Close has done with this new Medal of Honor.

  • Arthur Rodriguez

    Eh, Im not getting my hopes up this time around. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited. But we all have been played before. I am just gonna wait this time around and see what they give me

    • aww, don’t be like that, man. I’m sure they improved it to the point where it’s actually playable now. rent first, buy later.

  • Artdafoo

    MOH 2 looks like that movie Act Of Valor especially the part where they rescue that hostage in the jungle, a more reality based game as apposed to some set in the future shooter against robots. Im going with MOH 2 the first one had a decent SP too.

    • lol

      Not everyone plays a game for realism.

  • Unrelated, but I remember MW2 having a release date of 11-10-9. Looks like IW’s next game will have a release date of 11-12-13.

    • Treyarch has confirmed the date will be November 13th, 2012. It’s a Tuesday and one week after Halo 4 is released.

    • That’s IF they lose the lawsuit against Activision this month. They are suing for $1 billion dollars in compensation.
      West and Zampella aren’t just demanding money, they also want the rights to the Modern Warfare franchise and if they win, they will have the right to halt any and all things Modern Warfare related including games and DLC.

      • guester

        They settled out of court.

  • I really hope that Warfighter’s MP is good. MOH’s MP was so bad compared to the singleplayer. Then again I really want some kind weapon customization (Think Brink, GR:FS, or BF3)

  • Multiplayer gameplay, period.

  • MoH can suck me

  • friendly poster

    WTF there was no trailer during halftime!!!!!!!!