Bungie Doesn’t Want Ranking Up in Destiny to be ‘Too Challenging’, Focus is on Loot

More details surface on Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, following recent gameplay gameplay reveals and a significant info blowout. Today, we learn a little bit more about Destiny’s progression system.

According to PlayStation Access, during their time spent at the studio, Bungie was “keen to stress that they don’t want leveling to be too challenging and they don’t estimate it will take some people very long to reach the level cap.” PSA insists that, instead, ‘loot’ will be the real ‘x factor’ that keeps players coming back from more, not ranking up.

From the sounds of it, Destiny’s economy will play a large role in the game’s world. We recently learned that player-to-player trading won’t be supported at launch, though trading items amongst your own characters will.

Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague wrote a small blurb on Reddit in response to worried fans, saying that reaching max rank will still “take more than a few hours”, and that the current progression system is “in no way final”. He did, however, agree that Bungie does not want to make ranking up in Destiny “feel like a grind of a chore”.

“Hmmmm, what to say about this?

The progression system that has been shared to date is in no way final.

I can assure you that your evolution in Destiny will take more than a few hours.

That said, we’re not creating something that should feel like a grind or a chore.

Resume speculation!”

What do you think is the right balance for a ranking system in an action-MMO hybrid like Destiny?

  • Enochrewt

    I don’t worry about how fast a player reaches the level cap, I worry about getting matched into a game with someone of similar level that has overpowered gear. I guess I see the potential for WoW twinking in PvP when a game introduces so much loot.

    So I guess my concern is the same as any other FPS, I want the game to be balanced above all.

  • Lee D

    I like the Battlefield grind. And why can’t Destiny’s ranking system be “challenging?” Killzone Shadow Fall tried alternative levelling and people left that shooter en masse. Halo 4 had a ridiculously short ranking system itself and people left that game too, once they’d maxed out. Personally, I can take or leave ranking systems – but if it keeps the population active and healthy then a long ranking system is surely a given nowadays?

    • dieger

      Unlike all those other shooters though Destiny has a loot system so…

      • Lee D

        Yes, but I suspect that won’t be enough for ‘core’ competitive shooter players. People just seem to love having that shiny number next to their name, above all else.

  • roland0811

    “Doesn’t want ranking up to be too challenging.” Games these days are so goddamn easy, now. I’ve watched them go from merciless and rage inducing to the cuddly, handholding fodder they are now. It sucks that it’s been bleeding over into the shooter genre the past few years. Everyone wants their shit hot and now and can’t be bothered to actually work their way through anything anymore.

    • Guest

      Shooters have significantly brought down the skill level/learning curve down over the past years. I hate it, There no more depth to the gameplay and everything feels mindless, pointless and too easy.

  • T-51B

    I guess Bungie didn’t notice what happened to Shadow Fall. This is kind of lame. Surely there has to be a middle ground between reaching a level cap in a day of playing and grinding for weeks.

  • Katana67

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about unlocks? People’s enjoyment of a game seems to be so wrapped up in how hard/easy or slow/fast the unlock progression is. There’s much more to games than that.

    Play the game! Enjoy the experience!

  • M1ke Daddy

    Well then how about introduce some sort of prestige system that rewards you with Loot then if reaching the Cap limit is too easy ?

  • awkenney

    It looks like yet another game centered around the concept of accessibility. Why can’t they just make a quality game for fans of shooters? The industry has already proven to itself that accessibility alone can’t drive the popularity of a game, so why keep doing it?

  • prodgy92

    I think this game is going to be boring

  • Mike

    I’m glad loot is the main point here, its funny because Borderlands claims their not “loot based”. I hope this game supplies us with a ton of guns because i’m one of the few that rather “farm” than do PVP, I wont ever touch the PVP content but I will do co-op. As long all the guns work and there’s a shit ton of em then i’ll be happy.

  • SamRock

    Yeah! Just give us 25%, 50% and 100% XP boost packs like BF4 did.

    Let us all reach 120th rank in 4 days.

  • TrueComments

    343 learned with halo 4 that shit ranks don’t make games last… bungie you got it right with all the halo’s … don’t fuck this up…. put a good ranking system in

  • CJ

    Wow. Look at the dumpster lingo in this forum.

  • Diandre Amion

    It should be the same as halo 3, with an emblem to represent your rank opposed to the bland 1-50 rank.