Bungie Prepares “New Universe” Published Under Activision For a 2013 Release

Bungie, original creators of the well-loved Halo franchise, are hard at work on their next (and first) title set to release under publishers Activision. Contract details reveal new information regarding their mysterious project.

So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at work on our new universe. We can’t wait for you to see it.

See you starside in 2013,

reads Bungie developer DeeJ’s latest entry on the official website.

According to contract details posted on LA Times, Bungie’s new universe, codenamed “Destiny,” is set to span four different “sci-fantasy, action-shooter games” beginning with their first release in 2013 with a sequel following every other year. Bungie has also agreed to provide additional content through four pieces of DLC set to release in the year between each title, summing up to eight years of steady releases alternating between full titles and DLC.

Initially, the first game is contracted to release exclusively on Micorsoft’s Xbox 360 as well its potential successor which the contract happens to refer to as the “Xbox 720.” However, later titles will see a release across Sony’s next-gen console as well as the PC.

Stay tuned to MP1st as we learn more about project Destiny from developers Bungie.

  • jaskdavis

    Dear Activision, I love Bungie for their Halo games and really dont want you guys to push them around to finish the product “unfinished” in their Eyes. I dont like what you have done to the COD franchise, yes it is making you billions but is washed out and everybody is starting to notice. Just be good to Bungie and let them do what they gotta do! Thanks, FPS player 😛

    • Casavult


    • This^. It probably won’t happen though. They’ll just milk it like they do with CoD and water it down for the masses.

    • “beginning with their first release in 2013 with a sequel following every other year.” sounds alot like another activision game -__-

    • I couldn’t agree more, however Activision also brought CoD up to what they were. It took 5 years for CoD to get up to CoD4, then started the slow decline into never never land.

  • The first game is contracted to release exclusively on Micorsoft’s Xbox 360. Well thats one customer you lost & trust me i know there will be others.

    • Lufamos

      they will release it on ps3 after about a year because it is their first time creating a game for playstation and they want to make sure they will use as much power of ps3 as they can like the first party developers: naughty dog

  • @TonetheBone925

    I want to see how this plays out.

  • Dear bungie, why did you get into bed with the worst publisher? I mean at least you’re every other year, but still you guys put a solid 3 years into every Halo game since the first and some of those barely got some changes. I hope you guys are really able to step up in just two years with part of you working on DLC. I fear for you Bungie, I will try to stay positive, but it is Activision we’re talkin about here….

  • They’re under Activision? Well shit, they’re doomed.

  • dpg70

    Exclusive 360/720 release? Meh, Halo sucked anyway. No loss here for me.

  • FPS gamer

    Xbox 720? Take my wallet