Bungie Set To Reveal New IP, Destiny, At GDC 2013

Having never officially been revealed to the public, Bungie’s upcoming, generation-spanning, decade-long project known only as “Destiny” is soon to make its grand entrance.

According to the convention schedule of the upcoming 2013 Game Developers Conference in March, Bungie will be holding an hour-long lecture called, “Brave New World: New Bungie IP.”

The speakers, Joe Staten (design director) and Christopher Barrett (art director) whom have both been with Bungie for 11 years, will discuss the challenges of  building “a whole new world, filled with even more amazing mysteries, places, creatures, and opportunities for player investment.”

According to the event’s description, they will also discuss “Bungie’s battle-tested design process,” along with “their world building techniques, from concept to production.” Most importantly, attendees will get an official glimpse at “the brave new world that has been built, a place where the next ten years of great Bungie adventures will unfold.”

Up to this point, all we have had to go by are a number of leaked details and pieces of concept art (later confirmed by Bungie) that have described “Destiny’s” known setting so far, as well as a few of the game’s key elements, which you can read all about/view here.

The first entry in the new series is set to launch exclusively on the Xbox 360 this year, and later on next-generation hardware, including Sony’s new console and the PC.

You can visit Bungie’s recently redesigned website by clicking here.

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Thanks, Polygon.

  • diginbutt

    first, IM FIRST!!! holy mother of our sweet god im FIRST. FFFFFFFFFFFFFIRST!!!! bwahahahahaha….. this game will be just like planetside 2, and dust 514/eve, but worse, because console.

    • nightwing

      sir, you are aware that Dust 514 is a console game?

    • wow you sure are easy to please 😀

    • Dirtknap

      You clearly possess gypsy powers that allow you to see the future.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    So it begins……..

  • Dirtknap

    YES! That’s all I have for now.

  • Brian Anthony

    Hope there will be enough players to play this game, so much game competition has many open world shooters like FarCry3 empty feeling. I love the looks of it, but because lack of players many good games seem to die out fast like Killzone3. We’ll see. This year and next definitely gonna be a year for gamers…more detailed, deep, and fast paced games! No girlfriends in a gamers future! Lol