Bungie to Bring Destiny and “Exclusive Playable Content” To the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

For the first time, developers Bungie, known primarily as creators of the Xbox-exclusive franchise, Halo, addresses the PlayStation crowd to make a very special announcement.

Taking the stage during today’s PlayStation meeting, Bungie announced that their upcoming shared-world shooter Destiny will not only ship on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 4 as well.

In addition, PlayStation users can expect “exclusive playable content.” What exactly it entails is still unclear.

Following this announcement, it’s safe to assume that Destiny will soon be announced as title also making its way to Microsoft’s next-generation console as well.

Watch Destiny running on the PlayStation 4 below:

Officially, Destiny is expected to release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, sometime in 2014.

Catch the original Destiny reveal right here!

  • Isn’t Bungie of Microsoft? lol ?

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      No they became independent I believe in 2007 or 8

      • Brandon

        But now apart of Activision!

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    Sony had a conference about the PS4 but didn’t show the PS4. Anyways the PS4 is going to be sick! Now its Xbox’s turn. But Destiny is going to be epic on PS4 and the Next Xbox.

    • Great news out of Sony conference…the PS4 is built for developers and designed with input from developers. Sony learned from their mistake. Great hardware alone does not simply make a great gaming console. And it’s got Destiny now too. Looking good for us gamers.

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        I’m just hoping they don’t pull a “599 US Dollars!” Over even worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is at a similar price range. Some of the features on the controller look ridiculously useless and so does the Move. Although I am excited for the games there are some that totally push me away from the PS4 like Knack, that game were you sculpt things, that one gimmick with the Move were the guys were controlling the two dolls or something. But there were some that were just plain epic like Killzone Shadow Fall.

        • Rumors leaked earlier today pegged two prices for the PS4 at $429 & $529. So, not $600. Those aren’t official though. $429 seems reasonable. Hopefully a price over $500 just means you don’t get Sony’s Kinect thing or an extra controller. I’ve got no interest in my console watching me while I play.

          • therapiist

            cant forget about tax..if its $529 plus tax it be pretty close to 600..

          • jameslara

            those rumors forgot to take into the controller and the camera

          • Thatbeastlytaco

            I don’t expect the PS4 to be any where in the 400 range. Anywhere in 500-650 is where I expect it to be.

          • Thatbeastlytaco

            If the rumor is true than Most online services will need a paid subscription.

  • I play ps3 and pc but exclusive content? That sucks. Give it to everyone! I as a ps3 gamer and pc player want xbox guys to be able to play it.

  • lolol

    Can’t wait for BF4 to crush this Craptivision game!

    • Glad to see that instead of playing Hide in vehicles for 20mins you come on forums to bash the greatest selling game of all time. Don’t worry one day puberty will hit. FYI BF4 will just be a copy & paste game like all BF games.

      • Katana67

        Fail counter-troll

      • QwietStorm

        The guy you’re replying to is an asshat. But you, your response is sitting right next to his.

      • The Army Ranger

        Activision is still a bad publisher.

  • Katana67

    PS4 looks pretty promising, waiting till I hear the specs for the next Xbox before I make a decision on which one to buy! 8 GB of DDR5 is pretty rad compared to whatever the hell hamster-powered memory we’ve got now on consoles.


    Activision’s New IP “Destiny” brings exclusive playable content to the PS3/PS4…but the Xbox 360/720 still gets to look at it first says insiders.

  • Imer

    If anything X-Box conference will be all about what the “X-Box 720” can do with the Kinect 2.0. Nothing really amazing. Tired of Sony and Microsoft trying to implement these features. I think it’s too early too be trying stuff out like this. Let technology advance a little more.

    • They’re getting pretty advanced with this stuff, but i agree that it has no impact on my purchase. Unless you require me to set up a Kinect…then you can keep your system.

      • Clayton Johnson

        I know they will all ship with one and I hope there is an option to opt out of getting Kinect. I lost all faith after Kinect ruined Steel Battalion which was a great exclusive on the original Xbox.

  • Really?

    Damn there already starting this exclusive crap. Bastards

    • Clayton Johnson

      Yeah I was really hoping the next generation of gaming would exclude more and more of this platform exclusive content for MULTIPLATFORM games. I fucking hate that as there is no reason for me to buy the game unless I have it for “insert platform here” It really screws the community as owners of other platforms won’t ever play. Oh well I suppose, now it goes from a definite buy to “let’s see what i’ll be missing first.”

  • Blaine

    LOLOL what a smack in the face to Microshit. I love it!

  • skeptical

    I don’t get it. Is it just another straight-foward FPS title? MMO? RPG?

    • Andrew Redwine

      Sounds like all of the above IMO.