Bungie’s Destiny Revealed

Bungie’s Destiny is, at last, revealed.

In this vidoc below, Bungie talks about their brand new massive universe, Destiny, and even shows off some of the first gameplay footage ever.

Enjoy and make sure to read on to learn more about Destiny.

Destiny ViDoc

Destiny is a first-person “shared world shooter,” similar to a massive multiplayer online shooter. It will constantly require an internet connection, but no paid subscription will be required.

Destiny will be primarily a console shooter, available only on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, later on “future generation technology.” A release date has yet to be announced.

You’ll be able to play Destiny like an MMO, either completely solo, or with friends in small co-op groups. Friends can drop in and out seamlessly, similar to games like Borderlands 2 with a mix of Borderlands to and, of course, Halo. Multiplayer is opt-in, meaning that you’ll have to volunteer to play online with others. “Lobbies” will not play a part in matchmaking, but there will certainly be more to come in regards to multiplayer.

Players will play as a generic hero called a Guardian but will be able to choose one of three classes available: the Titan (weapon-focused), the Hunter (stealth-focused) and the Warlock (magic-focused). Magic does play a part in the gameplay as it is tied to the story. Players “borrow” abilities from the mysterious “Traveler,” a gigantic alien space ship hovering over the last city on Earth, presumably protecting it from mysterious alien invaders.

Weapon and gear customization will also play a large role in Destiny’s gameplay, as will vehicles. Players will be able to travel between every planet in our solar system via space travel; however, it is unsure whether space flight will be an actual gameplay element.

According to the vidoc above, it appears that there will be a social companion tool, available on iOS devices, that will launch with Destiny.

Destiny can now be pre-ordered for either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 through Amazon for a Destiny Star Map digital wallpaper, or through GameStop for a sweet double-sided poster.

Check out the full Destiny FAQ put up by IGN right here as well as some concept art below.

  • Green117

    You had me at Bungie 😉

    • tanile

      You had me at Futuristic FPS/MMO with beautiful environments, crazy cooperative play, etc… 😀

  • Looks like PC is not considered so that counts me out. Also you can try to call it whatever you want Activision/Bungie but Destiny is an MMO (not having a subscription fee does not change that fact).

    • wolf onatshirt

      That’s Bungies way of saying “PC Elitist, your days are over”

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    The destiny youtube channel was made in 2009. (O_O) (and yes i took this off the youtube comments and decided to share that on here.)

    • Destiny was in the works since Halo 3: ODST was being made. And if i remember correctly thats around the time ODST was developed/release

  • buttfacebob545

    Wow. Why they choose to exclude us PC players is beyond me. Their reason about “it feels weird if it isn’t a controller” is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, let’s be rational Bungie.

    • john doe

      Maybe they know where the future is. Hate all you want but there is only a small handful of developers willing to go only pc. Sadly pc is dying slowly but shirly. Its only going to get worse when the new consoles drop.

      • you sir have no idea what you are talking about

        • couldn’t agree more pc is dying lmao

          • lolwut

            PC has been dead for ages, if anything it is on the increase. But it is still such a shadow of its former self that yes, no one wants to dev for it. Piracy is the main reason.

            To combat, devs put in always-online DRM, but then they (PC gamers) moan about it so devs say OK then, if we can’t prevent piracy, we’ll just not bother.

      • shirly

      • I am personally a PC gamer who intends to jump ship to console in the next generation. I originally got into PC because that’s where the competitive element lived… many years ago. Now it’s on consoles, no doubt. Also, PC has become the refuge for hardline casual gamers thanks to the independent games movement on Steam, and Facebook. I had a nice run with the PC, but I’m done.

      • shirly. yeah shirly pc is dying.

    • Its because none of us pc gamers have the hardware to play games ment for x360 and ps3, LOLZZZZ my pc can already do laps over the next gen… i LOL so hard why they try to defend console only titles.. its made on a damn PC, lolz

      • John Doe

        It does not matter how powerful your PC is if there is not games for it who gives a crap. I mean how many games really push the PC to there limits. The answer is not much. BF3 was the only game where I even considered building a PC for.I don’t think PC will die completely but the games that are designed specifically for it while die off slowly. I mean look at all the developers who is dying off. Is is cost effective to develop for only PC for a company. Of course not when more people on game specific consoles than PCs. There is a ton of games that never come to PC. If you only play PC only then you are missing out on some of the best games out there. I am not hating on PC by any means there is some games I would love to play that do not come out on console. Bottomline is developers are always gonna develop where the money is and like it or not consoles is where it is. The new consoles is only gonna make it worse for the hardcore PC fans. You guys can do what you want but i am a gamer first and foremost and I want the system where the most amazing games are and that is current and next gen consoles. Not to mention the biggest deciding factor of all is the price and accessibility of building a PC. Not everybody has got the skills to build a PC or even maintain one.

        • +1 i agree. I just hate that they think of PC last…

          • john doe

            I know. I mean im not hating on pc if the games was there. You bet your ass i would build one but there has not been a game yet besides bf3 where i said man i need to build a pc. Not to mention even amazing games like half life 2 i was jealous but they ported it to console.

            • I just bought a PC for HD video editing and my only game purchase so far is BF3. It blows away my 360. The Ultra settings are gorgeous and take the Campaign to a new visceral level. That being said, I’ll still go back to the 360. I like my controller and I suck with a mouse and keyboard. Honestly, I wasn’t great when all I did was play Unreal Tournament, but a decade of rust isn’t wearing off quickly. Still, it’s nice to have both options now. I’ll play on Console 90% of the time, but now I can see the beauty of what some games are truly capable of. Maybe something tilts the ‘game’ in the PC’s favor again in the future, but I doubt it. I’m just hoping our consoles don’t get devoured by the madness over mobile gaming.

            • MrSunshine

              You do know that you can connect your Xbox/PS3 controller to your PC and use that, right?

              The “it feels weird if it isn’t a controller” is the biggest bullshit excuse to ever be bullshitted.

            • Kind of an odd name to post under with your BS comment, but we all have preferences. I’d use a controller on a PC if i wouldn’t find myself at a distinct disadvantage. If all i want to do is play single player then i would be fine. However, I like to play online and so I’m working my skills back into passable shape so i can enjoy the online part of BF3. I truly don’t understand why people can’t accept that others have a preference. I prefer gaming with a controller on my TV and i don’t feel like ferrying my pc hooked up to my 50″ so i play on console. Besides, I sit in my office working on a pc for 50+ hours a week and i don’t really want to spend a while lot more time there.Wait…why am u explaining myself to someone who had no interest in someone else’s opinion…wasting my time.

        • Many games haven’t come to PC because the larger audience is on consoles. It’s as simple as that. It’s a money-based decision.

      • you realize how optimized console games are right? Thats why its still playing pc games at medium-ish graphics settings. Take a Pc from 7 years ago and play Bf3 or crysis 2 on minimum settings. You cant. I have a gaming pc, but ignorant cocksucking faggots like you are what make pc gaming gay. so LOL so hard and lolz when you need more ram and a new graphics card in a few months.

        • Dirtknap

          You maybe want to flesh that out a little? What was ignorant or gay about Ryan’s post? Your comment doesn’t make a ton of sense…

          • Retro

            I think he is responding to Tylers post.

            • Dirtknap

              Gotcha, Thanks. Seems my comment didn’t make sense, lol. My work laptop is pretty derpy at the moment and is doing this weird thing where comments appear to be replies to the previous poster. A refresh fixes this but makes me look like a prize jackass 😛

        • Who wants to play BF3 or Crysis 2 on minimum settings? Oh wait. You’d probably be forced to on a console.

        • Jason

          I agree with you except for your insults lol. You would think anybody who knows anything about Hardware optimization and utilizing would get this!? It’s funny because all these PC Elitist (not pointing fingers) are saying that the next Gen Xbox and Playstation are not going to be better than high end gaming PC’s of today, the same thing they said 7 years ago lol – Utilization of Hardware is why consoles prosper when it comes to Developing, PC’s don’t have this because most Hardware components like DDR3-4-5, V-RAM, CPU’s, GPU’s, etc are made to work with multiple Brands and Functions of other hardware and to be interchanged for future optimization where a console Is made and thats the end, then they program it to and run the best it can and get more out of the Hardware it holds.

          • I agree next gen consoles will be on par with PC due to optimization. Do I feel the same way about the current gen when they launched? Hell no. My ok-ish PC of the day had way better video and audio fidelity. But now the consoles have the larger audience due to their best asset – accessibility. It is stupid simple to get up and running on a console. And that’s the draw. Now more than 99% of that audience is on there. And you can add me to that 99% in the next gen, and I’m coming for you.

    • wolf onatshirt

      Oh noes, PC Elitist complaining they can’t get a game. Hey, who cares? Console gamers are SOL as well with some games. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Franko

    Well, it’s time to buy xbox again.

    • inFamous2-VIC

      This is your way of thinking. Lol

  • tludt888

    Sounds great, glad to see Bungie back on the cutting edge. Looking forward to this very ambitious project. I assume we’ll hear more at E3.

  • Tomrd008

    i know they’re nervous that there won’t be a lot of people who have next-gen right off the bat, but it sure would make for a better game

  • KennyKyle

    i still don’t know the point of this game…

    • Then again, whats the point in any game except spend countless hours enjoying it. Not every game has to have a point like going against cod or anything like that and thats why this game might shine through that.

      • That’s really what has turned me away from gaming lately. But it’s OK. There are still some new games I like, and if not, I can always go back to an older game.

  • Blah… blah … blah.. you lost me at x360, ps3…. BLAH

  • The Army Ranger

    I still don’t like Activision to this day, but the premise of Destiny sounds pretty interesting.

  • seko us

    I think it is stupid to create an MMO on consoles that are already 7 years old. What will they do when people upgrade to next gen consoles after 3 years? Nobody will play their game anymore

    • Dirtknap

      They have a 10 year plan for his franchise, there will be another Destiny game for next gen two years after launch.

    • Retro

      It’s only the first game that will be released on 360/PS3. The plan is set for over 10 years with the other games appearing on next gen.

    • My guess is they plan to also launch the same game on the next Gen.

      • Dirtknap

        Perhaps they’ll give it the Halo 2 treatment with a high res pack for the next gen.

        • It will be more than just a hi res pack, I assure you. Developers are working on next-gen engines now and scaling them back to work on current gen consoles.

          • Dirtknap

            This is encouraging, it would be great to see a release on this generation perform as a legitimate next gen title on the new platforms.

  • MegaMan3k

    Lofty aspirations with no evidence of execution…

    Great pedigree, but I’m not excited yet. I had hoped for a more substantial reveal.

    • Dirtknap

      I’m feeling pretty hopeful but reserving my excitement for now. This was pretty much just a teaser, but with expo’s starting up shortly we’ll be sure to see more info drip fed with a more substantial reveal at E3 I would imagine.

      Some of my friends are less cautious with their expectations, here’s quote from one of them after reading this/watching the video

      “The concept in its entirety is boner inducing”


  • blondbassist

    This game looks really good.

    I just want Bungie to knock Halo out of the ring and give micro$oft and big middle finger for trying to turn Bungie into sellouts.

    • MegaMan3k

      Their deal with Activision has them releasing a new Destiny game every two years. That’s more frequent than MS was releasing Halo games.

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        Well you know it looks like their contract has changed a lot.

  • RyGuy

    So wait… I thought the first title was 360 only, and then the sequels would be on other platforms? Not complaining, just want to make sure I wasn’t wrong before.

    • Dirtknap

      You sir, are correct. It was originally confirmed the first title would be XBOX exclusive.

  • This has to be next gen, my xbox cannot render massive open worlds with those graphics ( the in engine shots) So unless its a 3 disc game with texture packs and its 100$ i doubt it will be Exclusively current gen. Mabye they will do what they do with big games that wew xbox and 360 like Cod 3 and Battlefield 2 modern combat. I cant see current gen running this, at least not xbox, that cant all fit on a disc. I mean, Killzone looks next gen worthy on pc, as does uncharted. Suprised sony didnt wait until every game looked like Killzone. but the 360 is definately maxxed out. Crysis 3 looks like dirt on the xbox.

    • xbox and 360 are the same thing dumb nut :p. sentence 3 error

      • Thomas

        Negative, Ghost Rider. I think he was referring to the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, which are two different consoles.

  • Andrew S.

    does it look a little like borderlands to anyone else

  • Waiting for the next gen consoles first. If this game turns out to be mostly open-world MMO, I won’t be interested at all. It should be no surprise that a reader who frequents a site called MP1st is looking for challenge and competition in an “MP” game. Say what you want, but MMO is MMO. CO-OP is CO-OP. And calling either of those MP is just plain confusing and dishonest.

    • Multiplayer is a mode of play for computer games and video games where two or more gamers can play in the same game at the same time, co-operatively as a clan (or team) or head-to-head competitively (often referred to asdeathmatch) . Multiplayer mode may be a split screen where the gamers play at the same time on one system, or where gamers play on separate systems connected to a LAN or Internet game server.

      • Thank you for copying and pasting some worthless punk’s definition.

  • THIS IS SO POINTLESS TO TALK ABOUT. They said, PC gaming will die, when those next gen consoles were released like 5-6 years ago. But look at today. I bought a PS3 and an XBOX360. But aside from those massive title games, like Uncharted and Halo, I still play games 90% on my uber duper PC.

    And I really still cannot understand people playing FPS games on consoles. I’am a software developer myself, and I understand how hard it is to develop for different specs. But, when the day comes, and consoles let me play with a solid keyboard and mouse, then I can think of switching to a console completely.

    And I’m definetely sure that, at least %40-50 of hardcore gamers think like me…