Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Xbox Interview With Sledgehammer Games Co-Founders

Sledgehammer Games co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield talk to Xbox about their debut solo Call of Duty project, Advanced Warfare.

The very first gameplay demo was unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing last Monday, which you can check out right here. But to hear a little more about what you saw from the creators of the project, have a listen to the interview above.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on November 4. You can pre-order to get the Advanced Arsenal pack that offers players a custom exoskeleton and a EM1 Quantum directed-energy weapon.

  • Rob

    I’ve already got mine pre order.

  • Ballistic Shield LMFAO

    As a long time hater on COD since MW2 I can say without question I will be picking this one up and giving COD a chance again. It looks fresh and the future setting has me excited. Sledgehammer looks to change up COD finally and for the better. Cannot wait.

    • leeroy_newman

      I will still the same shit, because acitivision.

  • utopiate

    Agreed, when they ‘consolized’ the franchise with MW2 I gave up on it. Have still bought each game but never got into any of them since COD4 really. This finally looks like they have upped the ante for COD so yep I’ll give this one a go. Besides DICE have disappointed with BF4 and Hardline is just a xpack for BF4 lol. Looking forward to winter lol, GTA 5, Civ: BE and maybe his will keep me at my desk lol

  • Tank Buster

    lol at the blatant titan fall rip off

    • SiftBlade

      It was in production at the same time, even before, Titanfall was announced. Therefore, how could they rip it off.

      • Tank Buster

        There are just too many similarities for me to write off as pure coincidence.

        Some could say that Activision is seriously butthurt that Respawn took all the talent away from Infinity Ward, so Activision is taking the gloves off with a low blow and replicating some major concepts from Titan Fall.

        • SiftBlade

          They couldn’t really replicate it and add all of these features in the game in the time that Titanfall was announced. They had to rebuild the engine from scratch to allow all of these new features, which was only possible because they had 3 years to work on the game, unlike previous CODs. They also have to build every MP map around the fact that you can jump high and move quickly, which would be impossible in the amount of time you’re saying, as well as build the entire story mode, cutscenes, script, and body tracking for Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker as well as the rest of the cast, based around the features they’re implementing. I suggest you watch this starting from the 7:06 mark.

  • tanile

    I’m glad they were able to finally get the visuals up to the same level as Battlefield. I have always enjoyed both Call of Duty and Battlefield so much, but lately, both brands have been having issues with quality (cod ghosts and battlefield 4). I believe that competition will make better games in the long run, and now that Battlefield can’t say “look, our game looks better”, maybe both development teams can push the bar visually and create a better looking, better playing game.

  • swipe_06

    This game lost me with its future setting. Its promising, and I’m glad they finally spent the effort to ditch quake 3, but I will wait till a not so advanced CoD arrives.

  • “we couldn’t have done it on last generation” “preorder now for ps4, ps3, xbox 360, xbox one, pc” …………. anyway, I’m definitely getting this cod for ps4, it looks fantastic. Can’t wait for their mp reveal (assuming it’ll be a Sep. 1st reveal as usual)

  • thatoneguy

    Have they shown off any multiplayer gameplay yet, or at least released anything about multiplayer as it pertains to killstreaks, gunplay, weapons, or anything of the sorts?

    • mixamax

      That’s not until August.

      • thatoneguy

        Alright, thank you.

    • SiftBlade

      The jump boosts, slide from ghosts (but a longer version), the quick dash (dash to the right or left quickly), and the power slam (jump up in the air, then punch and slam your fist into the ground) will be in MP. There is also a whole class of those laser weapons in MP. That’s pretty much all we know.

  • therapiist

    Yes, it looks really nice the sounds is pretty good. But, I still ain’t going to pre-order the game still until I see MP gameplay