Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 Patch Offers Additional Security Measures

Alongside the launch of four new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 personalization packs on Xbox Live earlier today, Treyarch’s shooter on the Xbox 360 has also received a small 87 MB game update.

The patch adds “a number of security system enhancements,” and that’s really all that makes the notes. So, in case you were wondering what’s new, that’s about it.

If you haven’t yet, check out some of the new personalization options on the in-game store. You can grab each for $1.99 USD.

  • iM Vuze

    Trying to milk that cow as much as possible Treyarch?

    • Gince

      They are adding more camos becaus more people play black ops 2 than ghosts

      • Grif

        No they need the money lol.

    • Mitch

      When will people realize is Activision’s call?

    • Ricardo

      God people are you are so stupid it’s Activision telling Treyarch to do this. Treyarch can’t do anything without Activision ok-ing it. Anyways it’s a business they want money they know people will fork over 2$ or even 8$ for the camos multiply that by a good 10,000 maybe and you got a lot of easy money.

  • Call Of Duty 2 4ever <3

    I hope IW would patch MW3 invicibility hack/glitch/bug

  • Timothy David Medric

    Not a huge fan of CoD online. how’s the story mode?

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