Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars In Detail: Capturing, Defending and Losing Nodes

If you’re excited about participating in Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars, but are having a tough time simply figuring out what to do or how to effectively kick ass, you may want to listen up and hear what developers Infinity Ward have to say about capturing, defending and losing nodes.

“The primary objective of Clan Wars is to earn as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War,” writes Infinity Ward in a recent blog post. But you probably already have a good understanding of that concept. Your Capture Points will continue to add up, even if you lose a node to another Clan.

On an empty node, you might see something like this:


This indicates that your Clan needs to tbe the first to acquire 40 wins in Kill Confirmed. “Wins are counted individually on a per-player basis,” reads the blog. Kill Confirmed matches played in regular playlists also count towards your progress. Also important to note is that the more Clan members you are with when winning a game of Kill Confirmed, the more points you get towards your progress. Playing by yourself will earn you one point, while playing with five others will net you a total of six.

Should your Clan be the first to acquire 40 wins and capture the node, there are two things you need to consider:

  1. All your Clan Members now benefit from a +25% Multiplayer XP boost when playing Kill Confirmed. Congratulations!
  2. Any other Clan’s previous capture progress will be frozen. If Clan JoeSchmoe currently has 12 Kill Confirmed wins at the time your Clan locked down the needed 40, JoeSchmoe will stay locked at 12 wins until your Clan loses that node and it becomes available to capture.

Now that your Clan is holding on to the node, other Clans will be able to attempt to knock down your score of 40 to zero by winning matches of Kill Confirmed. You can get back into the fight and attempt to keep your score up to hold on to the node for as long as possible, but remember that you are facing off against every other Clan currently in the war. Infinity Ward’s blog also indicates that “there is also a maximum number of wins that your Clan can attain for each node to ensure the battle for each node is competitive. Once you reach that point, your win total cannot go up even if you keep winning matches although your in-game XP bonuses will continue.”

Should your score on that node be reduced to zero, it will once again become available to capture by other Clans and you will lose your XP bonus associated with that node. Other Clans – or your own Clan if you decide you want to recapture the node – will now have the opportunity to earn 40 Kill Confirmed wins once again, starting from where they last left off once the node became locked.

“Call of Duty Clan Wars was built in this way to ensure no one Clan can dominate every node and the associated XP boost for an extended period of time,” writes Infinity Ward.

In the end, it’s really up to you and your Clan how you want to play the game. You can focus on holding on to one or two nodes, recapturing them as soon as they are taken away from you, or you can simply move on to other nodes/game modes without worrying about previous ones you’ve captured. “There are in-game bonuses for a variety of strategies,” according to Infinity Ward.

Clan Wars is currently in its first week of operation, but there will be plenty of other opportunities to get in the game if you missed out. Be sure to stay tuned to the official Call of Duty App for details.

  • ChrisBChillin

    “Call of Duty Clan Wars was built in this way to ensure no one Clan can dominate every node and the associated XP boost for an extended period of time,” writes Infinity Ward.” Yeah right! On the 360 one clan holds all but two of the nodes. This needs reworked somehow.

    • Laser0pz

      Actually, it does help. Once a certain clan has control of the node, it essentially becomes a 1v6. Unless the clans you’re competing against are complete tools, or don’t play at all, it’ll be very difficult to defend them all. My clan now has 6 of the 10 nodes for several reasons:

      The first is that three of the clans seem to mostly play Hardcore. There are three HC nodes (TDM, SNR, KC) in Los Angeles, and those three clans have them each. Nobody else is attacking them, because my clan’s focusing on attaining other game modes

      The reason we’re are able to maintain all at once is because the clans aren’t doing a huge push to win. We lost Cranked, TDM and Dom but were able to get it up by playing a few full party games. With that, we got Cranked and Dom back, and just need to finish off TDM.

      There is also a big element of strategy. You can either wait for a big push in the last few days, or get ahead now and face the assault in the final hours. The other clans in your post may be doing just that.

  • ChrisBChillin

    “Call of Duty Clan Wars was built in this way to ensure no one Clan can dominate every node and the associated XP boost for an extended period of time,” writes Infinity Ward.”

    • Silent

      We hold every node right now

      • ChrisBChillin

        Yeah we’ve done it as well. It’s a broken system. Most of the time you and one other clan will be the only ones playing the clan war anyways.

  • appsucks

    this app is awful… and too many glitches in clan wars. winning doesn’t even register on the nodes. needs some serious work

    • StrongIsland

      Works flawlessly for my clan.


      Exactly why I’m here… My win’s aren’t registering and I’m a Lt Commander of a 1st place gold div clan… All week it ran smooth for me, my phone broke on friday and my wins haven’t counted not once… I’m wondering if it has something to do with not having the app online but that doesn’t make sense…

  • FMannishTheArtist

    what if you are playing with another clan as the party’s host. would the wins count then? As an example, me in a party of 6 with the other 5 being with another clan and I am not the party leader.

    • Candy Rice

      You shouldn’t receive anything. To receive cp, it’s supposed to be 2 or more clan members on a team to get the points.

      • Mike Mansir

        You only need one clan member to win a point. Ie 5 clan members 5 points

        • Candy Rice

          We never received a single point with solo players. I was pretty sure the limited info on clan wars said you had to have 2 or more clan members playing together to receive points. We had to have 2 or more playing to receive points. We did play with 3 of our clan and 3 of another clan with both receiving points.

  • FMannishTheArtist

    Also I just played a large amount of games that for some reason didn’t count in the clan wars app. Needs fixing. Honestly.


    Ok noobs… clan is in 1st place and ha held that with currently 147 clan points!!! If you are trying to capture a “Node” , NONE OF YOUR WINS COUNT, until you bring the node holding clan down to zero!!! The your wins will start counting towards your progression of capturing the NODE!!! LMS For Life!!!


    w w w. lmsclan .c o m

  • Alex Romero

    My clans first in platinum division all our wins count we currently hold all nodes they can’t stop us!!!! 2+KD Clan all the way!

  • GewoonRay

    What do you get. If you are having nodes on the end of the time. Do you get extra cp or not. Cause i don’t see the point of defending any nodes. Accept that no other clan can have points. But its better to just recapture nodes everyday. Unless you get 50cp for every node you got at the end of the deadline. They should have explained that. Cause we are currently first but don’t have any nodes now. If they get bonus cp for having nodes at the end we are fucked. If they don’t well i can lay back and taste the victory already.

  • J_Acura

    They should really have a website to back the app. I know my app has been working fine, but quite a few of my clan members have been having trouble with it and it’s kind of annoying managing your clan and invites solely from the game or your phone.

  • dethgnome720 .

    this was a terrible idea, i’m currently in a platinum division clan and we were just beaten by another clan because of the flaws in clan wars. we were beaten because the clan war ends on a monday and while me and all of my clan members were busy the clan we were competing against beat us in the last 15 hours left because they were able to play when we weren’t. The flaw with this is they basically made clan wars a test of who can play more and has more people on then who is more skilled.

    • Candy Rice

      The timer lets you know when the war ends. It was your decision when and if you played. Although my clan placed 2nd, we all seemed to enjoy it. It was especially exciting coming down the wire where we made up nearly 20 points in the final 2 hours of the war and we were out of first by 3 points.

  • tristan

    Join my clan XUBR on PS3 were in platnium

  • tristan


  • Robert Erickson

    They need to get a webpage to back the app like stated below. I have the app but find it stupid that someone needs to go buy a $200 phone just to receive full benefits of Clan Wars

    • Educate…Dont Discriminate

      Its a windows app to Robert. Just look in the Microsoft store, its there and free.

  • James Gasiewski

    i play on xbox with a clan and im still part of the clan on ps3 do my wins on ps3 count wards the clan wars

    • Educate…Dont Discriminate

      Yes they do. Its cross platform so it doesnt matter if your on Xbone, 360, Ps4 or 3.

  • Evan Drake

    How much and often does your cp go up holding on to all the nodes?