Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Map Inspired By Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard?

Yesterday, we got our first unofficial look at Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ first piece of DLC via a leaked promotional poster listing the add-on and all of its content, also putting it at a January 28 release date.

Along with a new episode of Extinction, as well as a new weapon (or two), the poster revealed four new multiplayer maps; Fog, Bay View, Containment, and Ignition. You can catch all the details we know so far and check out the poster for yourself right here.

Interestingly, and thanks to the sharp eye of Reddit user “YeahMann“, we learned that one of the new maps in particular, Ignition, bears a striking resemblance to the fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map, Scrapyard.

Clearly, it’s impossible to tell with 100% certainty from one blurry image alone, but the comparison is intriguing nonetheless. Check it out below:


In addition to the similar layout, you’ll notice that even the warehouse numbers on the left are placed in identical locations. Again, it’s hard to tell without access to a complete overview of Ignition, but from what we have to work with, we might have just have a match.

Being one of the Modern Warfare series’ most popular maps, it wouldn’t be completely surprising to see developers Infinity Ward release a DLC map inspired by Scrapyard in Call of Duty: Ghosts. While the studio hasn’t been known to “re-skin” or “re-imagine” older maps in the past, there have been instances of re-released replicas of older maps, albeit visually updated, in Modern Warfare 2 and then once more in Modern Warfare 3.

However, the suspicious similarity between Ghosts’ Strike Zone and Modern Warfare 3’s Dome might indicate that the studio is making an effort to avoid cut-and-paste jobs, and is instead focusing on delivering new, yet familiar maps inspired by fan-favorite classics.

What do you guys think? Do you think that’s the case here? How would feel about about a new DLC map inspired by Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard? Let us know!

  • Ricardo

    I loved Scrapyard in MW2 one of my favorite maps honestly in the game if not favorite. But I already know there’s going to be people complaining about IW being lazy…

  • MegaMan3k

    I generally disagree with the notion that Strike Zone is a remake of Dome.

    • That’s why I specifically called it “inspired by”. It clearly isn’t an exact cut-and-paste job, but the similarities are definitely there. Who knows? Maybe that particular map designer is just really good at making one style of map, lol.

      • dieger

        man the map looks cool as hell after a KEM strike

        • Mitch

          Yeah, map also is better after the KEM IMO.

      • MegaMan3k

        The similarities are there … but in that same vein, every single BO2 map is similar to a CS Aim map. =x

      • Dennis Crosby

        Honestly its a exact remake of dome just turned to the left I love that map but it’s not denying its dome

      • name

        Common guy…. “It clearly isn’t an exact cut-and-paste job”. That’s all COD has become is cut and paste. It’s become a joke. Time to stop paying for what you already have. Even the game Ghost itself is a idea ripoff from Ghost Recon. IW is idea poor at this point. No offense to you but I think for the money we should get something new. IW has gotten away with this cut and paste for to long.

      • CoDforever

        Hey david, strikezone isnt the only remake in ghost. Look at this :

    • TI_21

      It isn’t a remake, it’s an extension. there are a few new paths that change the map flow. It’s definitely based on Dome.

  • xHDx

    You know I find it disgusting how they advertise their game as they do, and yet they rip of their customers like this. I know it’s a rumour but I know it’s true. They did it with BO and WAW. Cliffside and that golfing course map are the exact same layout.

    I’m not saying it’s bad to reproduce maps that people like, but adding it into a premium map pack just makes it all the worse. I can’t wait to see the next COD so I can see if they recycled it again.

    • MegaMan3k

      But remakes are what the fans want

      • dieger

        its kinda sad that’s true because fans know most new maps are sh*t

      • xHDx

        Yes but that’s not what I’m anoyyed at if you read my full comment you would realise. As I said, it’s not bad to reproduce maps that people like, but sticking another price tag on defeats the point of remaking the maps.

        • MegaMan3k

          Your argument that remakes must be free does not hold much weight.

          • someone

            Terminal from mw2 was free on mw3 so i agree with HD it should be free

            • MegaMan3k

              that’s cute but lmfao

          • Leon

            Your argument that “remakes are what the fans want” neither, as I am an example of a customer who doesn’t want to be served re-heated dish from a year ago, in a restaurant, just because it tasted good a year ago. And I bet that I am not alone.

          • xHDx

            Your reply is pointless. Your stupid enough to pay twice for content you already own just rehashed in a *new* 10-year old engine.

            • Mr. Thuggins

              Your right to call somebody stupid was nullified when you used “your” instead of “you’re”.

              On subject… If the map is re-skinned, it’s okay to charge for it if that’s what the players are asking for. People continue to buy the DLC so, the market has spoken.

            • xHDx

              That isn’t necessarily stupidity, that’s just laziness. Maybe you would like to check other people’s comments and tell me how many are all using ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’. It’s something people don’t do in commenting articles because people tend to use their informal text…

              ‘it’s okay to charge for it if that’s what the players are asking for’. Yeah you’re correct, but that’s not what the players are asking for. They are asking for a set of old map(s) without a price tag, and I can tell you for a fact that people don’t want to pay twice. Look at how many up-votes my first comment received for the obvious answer.

        • Josh Belcher

          Madden 26 has virtually the EXACT SAME maps/fields that Madden 2012 had, you know why?

          It doesn’t take a genius to answer that question..

          • Rip Rogers

            Why would you ask then?

      • Leon

        Then I can’t be consider a fan, I guess. I call a remade maps a laziness and a rip-off and don’t want them in any game.

      • Ryan Schulze

        If they packaged all the remakes in the original game, people would complain and saying they were getting cheated or something. Don’t buy them. I’m skipping the second DLC for BF4 because only one of the remakes looks interesting. If you don’t like the DLC, then don’t pay for the DLC. It’s that simple.

    • zacflame

      Yeah, ever since MW2, if it (First glimpse of a map)looks the same, then it (The map) IS the same.

      Funny thing you mentioned it, because Cliffside-Hazard is the only map that was done twice that is any good both times.

    • xiSpeedy

      Dude they know that cliffside map and that golf map was the same. It was an intended remake

      • xHDx

        I can’t stand people who don’t read comments properly, but I can’t help laugh at you. Your comment makes you look like an idiot.

    • Jason Lane

      You do realize that for every pack they’ve released the redone map is usually the best one. Whys that? Because it was a great map to begin with. Hazard was perhaps the greatest map ever made and I’m glad they brought it back. Well worth the cost considering how much fun everyone had with it. How are we being ripped off exactly?

    • patapon

      Is it just me, or does bayview look like boardwalk in mw3?

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  • teo2cry

    Hey guys I have an idea!Lets make new maps for the vanilla version and for DLC we rehash the old Call of Duty maps so we don’t have to think about the map design!Yay!Oh and we can rehash maps from this one for the next Call of Duty and charge 60$ ingenious!

  • Dennis Crosby

    I wouldn’t be surprised they already have maps in ghost that are model from other cod games strikezone/dome and sovereign/highrise and that map fog was shown off before the game released that kid Tmart had a video up of him playing it

    • Mitch

      TmarTn has a link of him playing Fog? Sure, show me.

  • DerpSlayer

    People are surprised by copy-paste maps in a copy-paste game?

    • rovwes

      I like the way you think

  • Blaine Reinsma

    When Treyarch remakes a map (like Cliffside -> Hazard) at least they admit straight up that it’s a re-skin. With Strike Zone in Ghosts, IW tried to keep it quiet and hope nobody would notice. I’m not necessarily against this concept (I’ve liked Treyarch’s re-skins and Strike Zone is hardly recognizable without looking closely) but I just wish IW would be up front about it and tell us straight that it’s a remake. The only thing I have a problem with is actual rehashes like the 4 COD4 maps they sold as MW2 DLC. As long as they put a lot of work into making the map look completely different and are honest about it, I’m cool with it.

    • Rob

      I’m not happy with it. That’s just like buying the old games over again. Only thing is different is the features.

      • Blaine Reinsma

        But why change what’s already good? Why fix what isn’t broken? Change for the sake of change is always a bad idea. If a map is genuinely good, then I’m happy to keep playing it with a fresh paint job. I’d much rather play a remake of COD4’s crash in a jungle setting with the weapons/streaks in Ghosts than the average vanilla map in Ghosts. And I actually like Ghosts maps.

        • Leon

          Why to make and buy a new game at all, if the old one was so good and fixed? People want a new experience and game publishers want more money.

          The problem is that game publishers try to cut corners and the final product is of a low quality, with 1 or 2 good maps, while all the new maps should be excellent. If the new maps where made very well, there wouldn’t be a question of re-hashing any previous maps, just because they were not broken.

          And again, that is clearly a symptom of lack of inspiration and trying to savie money and resources. Guess, who pays for it?

  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

    This shit is straight rip-off, I dont own ghosts but I was fucking mad when Treyarch did it last year. Paying 2x for the same map is just wrong instead they should put as a mothafucking bonus map, how hard can that be?

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    Anything from Modern Warfare 2. Anything. is welcome in Ghosts

  • cubs223425

    Are you KIDDING ME? A number in the same place? A narrow corridor flanked by two structures, one small, one large? This is TOTALLY unacceptable! If I EVER hear about Call of Duty DLC including a narrow path with structures on the side, I will burn the world to the ground.

    Why is it that CoD gets ripped for “stealing” from itself, while folks cheer that other games (Halo’s a really good example) legitimately re-release a map from an old game, while charging money for it? I’m not a massive CoD fan or anything (don’t have Ghosts, haven’t played Black Ops II but once in the past couple of months or so), but the things people complain about are pretty asinine at times.

  • name

    Let’s clear this up….it’s not a remake it’s just plain lazy and they have no new ideas. It’s so sad a company has mad so much and spent so little. Will they ever have a new game engine for COD. Unlikely. All their DLC content for COD is remakes and yes they should be free. If I wanna play the old outdated game I have it and I would so these remakes should all be free. There is only one way we can stop this and that’s not to give them our money for redone crap. And no! The fans don’t want this. If you read that they do it’s just IW telling us it’s what we want and they produce no data no prof for this wishful thinking. IW is lazy. Rant over.

  • Leon

    The title should read:DLC Maps uninspired…. There is nothing inspirational neither in Ghosts nor maps copied and pasted from previous games.

    • MegaMan3k

      oh wow sick burn kiddo thats sick trick nasty 360 you sure noscoped this game into oblivion!!!!!!!!!

      • Leon

        Come again, please? Or perhaps, it would be better if you don’t come anymore.

        • Mr. Thuggins

          Couldn’t pass it up…

          • Leon

            I knew it! lol

  • xHDx

    When will these two companies go out of business, or at least the game series ends? I think they need new ideas or at least a new studio. COD isn’t going to last as long as people think. Look at VGCharts if you don’t believe me. It will be good to see their new IP if they even have the thinking power to create one.

    MW3 sold 2x as many units as Ghosts.

  • Hates bad writers.

    Wow, a narrow pathway is inspiration now? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t most maps have some sort of straight-ish pathway at some point in the map? That isn’t inspiration, hell it isn’t even enough to make an article about.

    What’s wrong MP1ST? Slow week? Don’t make useless dribble at the cost of our far more valuable minute that you have now wasted on trash.

    Can’t wait for maps to be shown off for some other game, the instant they have a straight path I’ll mention it to you guys so you can say it was inspired by Call of Duty.

    • If you paid attention, you’d notice that the similarities go a little further than a “straight-ish pathway”. You can look up some YouTube videos if you need it spelled out for you.

      Also, I do not apologize in the least bit. If you honestly believe you’ve atrociously wasted your “far more valuable” time, perhaps you should be doing other things than reading Call of Duty news? Fortunately for our readers, you’re in the minority.

      You seem to forget that MP1st isn’t an all encompassing website that covers any and all gaming news. Readers come here to get the details, big or small, on a more limited selection of popular multiplayer titles that bigger sites tend to overlook.

      If that’s not to your taste, feel free to refrain from visiting us. I won’t change the direction of our website for one pretentious commenter.

      Have a nice day.

      • Hates bad writers.

        So what you’re saying is that you gave as a half truth, and a stretched one at that? We have video evidence and YOU don’t provide it? You have no details to give, just a click seeking title. Gaming journalism is in the shitter, why add to the pile? It’s pathetic.

        I did pay attention, a long cylindrical mass next to a narrow path, next to something that may, or may not be a building. Hardly anything to go on, and proves my point that this was for the hits. I’m disgusted that I gave you two, and I’ll give you no more.

        Pretentious, hilarious. Regardless if that rings true or not at least I’m not a crappy journalist that posts half truths, and writes click bait.

        Have a horrible day. You’re scum to gaming journalism, and you have no integrity for reporting on the game that single handedly put us in a gaming drought.

        • ^ Guy can’t even have a nice day…

        • Look, man. It’s really simple.

          I find something that I think is cool and that our readers might want to see, I share it with them, and properly credit the source.

          Fuck me, right?

          • xHDx

            Ignore the troll’s. They can’t be told that they are wrong by anyone else or they start to cry and throw a tantrum.

          • Jaimy Kortenhoff

            I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed this. It’s good to see when people believe in something and want to share their views/opinions. Thats exactly what this site is all about, not only pure journalism, but also a lot of feedback from readers and gamers alike. By having David here, replying to your message is all the proof that this isn’t a “1-way-cheap-journalism” gaming site.

            Keep up the good work David. Love it here.

  • mts210

    These guys are getting so damn lazy. Just straight up rehashing old maps. With COD as big a cash cow as it is, I guess there’s no need to make any effort. The sheep will all make it #1 seller of the year. Keep up the good work fellas!

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      No shit. Yeah, fuck this game

  • Jason Lane

    If a map layout works then I don’t care if they reskin and release. I would rather have a fun map then play something that doesn’t work. These reskinned maps have their own personality. I never have played strikezone and thought I was playing dome, not once in hundreds of games. You guys are the most over reactionary consumer group of any industry ever. Freaking relax already and grow up.

  • dapaintrain

    I never brought any of the COD DLC when i purchesd cod (cod4, MW2 and i did purchase BLOPS from the bargain bin 2nd hand)

    I think its disgusting how much money it costs for 4 new maps almost the same as the game itself and doesn’t come with a new campaign.

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