Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Teased, Loading Screen Image Leaked

Call of Duty: Ghosts developers Infinity Ward have, at last, acknowledged the mysterious game mode spotted in recent trailers and who’s achievements and trophies were recently revealed, suggesting it is the studio’s answer to Treyarch’s (and World at War’s/Black Ops’) Zombies horde mode.

Going in a slightly different direction, this mode in particular appears to be centered around alien creatures, rather than zombies, and a recent official teaser coming from Infinity Ward’s Instragram suggests as such.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.32.55 AM

Check out the Instagram teaser by following this link.

Leaked images of the game mode’s loading screen go even further to point to some sort of alien infestation that players will most likely need to defend themselves from. You can see how the creature closely resembles the skull that appears in the teaser above.

With just over a week until we get our hands on the new mode and find out for ourselves, how pumped are you for Infinity Ward’s take on yet another exciting Call of Duty mini game? Have you always wanted to battle aliens in Call of Duty?

Thanks, Polkaan, for the tip!

  • dieger

    next up MUTANTS!

  • CoDforever


    • 8inister


  • CoDforever

    Some additional info (POTENTIAL SPOILERS) – you can customize your soldier before the game, and you can choose what type of role you want to be. It is suggested when playing with others that each of you choose different rules. You must destroy the alien hive and alien eggs. You can supposedly also choose the strike package, such as IMS in your loadout.

  • Alex Melendez

    they cant compete against BF4 because they’ll lose badly. all they have left is to go against halo XD

    • CoDforever

      HAHAHAHA Thank god Charlieintel was invented, i just cant stand this much stupidity ..

  • jj16802

    This is reminding me way too much of Resistance…

  • One point

    “call of duty is the same every year,nothing new”. I have heard this too many times,treyarch and infinity ward give evidence that theyre wrong but they keep on regurgitating the same line

    • MegaMan3k

      That’s because gamers are, on a whole, complete morons.

      • One point

        your one point is very valid

  • Devin Jackson


  • Devin Jackson

    Hopefully has similar elements to zombies. like the upgrading and buying weapons and perks

    • Greg

      It would be nice if you could use your own classes.

  • CoDforever


    • MegaMan3k

      Is that persistence? Could they be taking cues from Killing Floor? Unfgh, yes please.

  • Mohammad Nassir

    You must be fuckin’ kidding Infinity Ward

  • SamRock

    Probably these aliens are part of the SP campaign too. Do you think they might be responsible for the fall of government, Earth disastrous condition?

    • Michael Oakley

      no i dont

  • George

    Fuck, YES!!!

  • Enrique Villarreal Jr.

    IDK were I read this but the article said that in order to play this mode u need to finish the campaign first.

  • 8inister

    Zombie Mode: Aliens

  • Brandon Stern

    I am anti-CoD in every way shape and form and Pro Battlefield, but I am not going to lie, this looks badass. I love these horde type game modes. If only DICE and EA would just put a Dino Mode in Battlefield…

  • jj16802

    Trailer is released:

    Great, now they use the Specter callsign as well, the same name used by the special ops group from Resistance 2 co-op. Too many similarities there…

  • Erin Smyth

    i can not find it in the menues someone plz help