Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets 2GB Patch on Xbox One, Introduces ‘Are You Crazy Enough?’ Loadout

Infinity Ward has rolled out a new patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One.

The update weighs in at little over 2GB for Xbox One (around 250MB for Xbox 360), adding a brand new “loadout generator”, along with spicing up the game’s multiplayer menu with a new background tune. It also adds some of the new SMG “buffs” that we detailed earlier. Keep your eyes peeled for full patch notes that we’ll have up once they become available.

Here are a few screenshots of the new loadout generator and Extinction’s new ‘Teeth’ System, courtesy of WePlayCod and FlammenwerferIV, respectively:

Loadout Generator

Call of Duty Ghosts Teeth System

Update: New menu music added below.

You can catch our video preview for Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation pack through here. Also, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will earn double XP on Extinction this weekend to celebrate the DLC launch.

  • Crossphyre

    At 2.1GBs, I don’t know how many more updates my HD can take. Microsoft better roll out external HD support soon!

    • Wargreymon559 .

      the updates just overwrite the old one.

      • Crossphyre

        Good to know, I am still going to need external HD support soon.

    • Jonah Thrillz

      External HD? Man, with the XBone’s bulky exterior and cumbersome Kinect, adding an external HD makes clutter an unsightly mess.

      Just get a PS4 and you can EASILY replace the internal 500GB with an insane 2TB drive. No clutter, no mess, and you’ll get to play Ghosts in 1080p unlike the XBone which sticks you at 720p.

      • Crossphyre

        I have a PS4 already. You are correct, Ghosts looks better on the PS4, but having to wait for DLC really hurts the PS4 for me. I enjoy both but play XB1 more just due to that fact alone.

        • Jonah Thrillz

          Maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities in life if you can’t wait a month for the CoD DLC’s on PS4.

          • YourDad

            Maybe you should reevaluate your priorities in life if you have nothing else to do with your time than trying to convince other people to buy the same gaming system as you on the Internet.

            Sony fanboys .. Jesus Christ, it’s worst than I thought.

            • MeisseN

              Ye Olde Pissing Contest, bring it on.

              The logic though……

            • HotHam

              yeah not all “fanboys” are like that

            • Jason Lane

              That’s funny because you have spent the last 10 days talking about the same shit you just jumped him for. Everyone look at this guys profile to see what I’m talking about. What an idiot.

            • Ryan Schulze

              Sony Fan here, but I support your statement 100%. Crossphyre actually had a perfect and honest response. Zero fan-boy. Just logic. I love my PS4, but if you love COD, the community is bigger on Xbox One and you get the maps sooner, so choosing the One over the 4 seems fair. I play on my PS4 over my PC and my PC has far better graphic capabilities. To each their own.

            • Myke Fletcher

              His points are valid but he loses all credibility when he starts referring to it as the “Xbone”. I understand why people prefer the PS4 over the X1 and vice versa but that is their decision.

            • George

              Whats wrong with calling it the Xbone? Thats its name but just condensed. I know its “derogatory” but I call it that with complete respect for the system even though I own a PS4.

            • Myke Fletcher

              Well I guess I don’t really get how you can use a derogatory term and still show respect. If you are being derogatory they you are belittling it.

            • George

              I meant that yeah I see how people think it is but I dont see it that way, its just a nickname for me.

            • Brandon Griffin

              I called it the Xbone after the disaster that was its reveal and it just sort of stuck.

            • Xtreme Derp

              Dumb as rocks, mentally ill, delusional, constantly WRONG, worthless Microsoft fanboy imbecile.

            • Angelreborn96

              Let him be. Doesn’t mean u have to reply and say all that shit^

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Explaining things logically is now considered fanboy?

              Man you really are an XBox tard.

          • Crossphyre

            The thing is, it is because I have prioritized efficiently so that I can focus on these trivial topics. Obviously you haven’t reached that level yet.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Not so efficient if you settled on playing CoD because of DLC release dates. Essentially you’ve chosen to play on a less capable console and settling on 720p even though a 1080p version is available.

              It’s kind of like buying branded designer glasses that doesn’t let you see as clearly as the competitor’s brand of glasses.

              If this is “trivial” to you then you have other problems dude.

            • Crossphyre

              I wouldn’t call learning key terrain, lines of sight, map flow, etc. ‘settling’. In a month when it drops for PS4, I will have a decided advantage of playing the ‘new’ maps already for a month or more.

              Having played the game on both consoles, the visual difference in Ghosts is negligible. I understand you probably only have the PS4, so naturally you will defend her to your death.

              I have both and I can honestly say that if the only thing PS4 can boast is the 1080>720 then they will lose this console battle. Comparing both on a purely holistic basis, the XB1 is the better system.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense at all. What advantage do you have getting a DLC a month in advance when you’re playing on the same platform?

              As for resolution differences being negligible, get your eyes checked or upgrade to a “true” HDTV flat panel. Otherwise all your writing is just pure bullshit. Yes I only have a PS4 but I got it after evaluating EVERYTHING and playing both systems in person. Even got to see multiplatform games on both and the difference is night and day.

              The XBone is hobbled by having 3 operating systems. 3!!! Is that necessary for a game console? Clearly Micro$oft wanted to focus on the TV features and cut back on the game hardware. I can tell you now as the games get more demanding, the XBone will start to struggle with the weaker processor and GPU. You’ll then realize I was right and agree the PS4 is the best system.

            • Crossphyre

              Add me on PS4. PSN ID: Crossphyre. We can play the DLC in May when it comes out and see if my reasoning makes no sense at all.

              Not trying to get in a pissing contest with you, but I actually play both consoles on a 70″ Sony Bravia
              KDL-70R550A, so I think I am getting the “true” HDTV experience you allude to.

              The crutch that PS4 fanboys lean on about resolution is about to give out and then there really is nothing left in your argument.

              I could care less if the XB1 has 300 operating systems. In the long run MS will bring better exclusives and early release of AAA titles and Sony won’t. History has already proven this point.

              I don’t play SP games so I could care less about Last of Us, Uncharted, or Infamous:SS. (I am aware that Uncharted and LOU have MP, but its a tacked on experience at best). Those exclusives are not enticing. Definitely not Halo or Gears of War exciting for a MP gamer.

              This article here sums up how I see everything playing out:


        • Miyagi

          The contract with Microsoft ends this year, its more likely that COD will now be PS4 biased because of the sales

          • Crossphyre

            Activision’s sales didn’t suffer on the PS3/4 because MS had early exclusivity. People still bought the game(s) for the PS systems. With that being said, there is no incentive for Sony to pursue the contract.

            MS is almost forced to renew because the Xbox owners have come to expect it. This means that when this contract expires, MS will more than likely work diligently to renew it and Playstation owners will continue to wait for DLC.

            • Miyagi

              Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. We’re both expeculating

            • Crossphyre

              I think you meant speculating, and yes its only speculation at this point. We’ll wait and see.

            • Miyagi

              hahaha face slap, thanks

      • TriPpKinGs

        I’m starting to lean towards buying a PS4. Honestly all this Microsoft bs is starting to wear on me. But then I remember Titanfall and Halo, and then I realize X1 has the games for me, a multiplayer gamer.

        • Jonah Thrillz

          There are plenty of multiplayer games right now on the PS4. It depends on what you like to play.

          I do know the multiplatform titles look way better on the PS4 but hey if you want second best, stick with your XBone.

          As more and more games need every ounce of CPU and GPU power, your XBone will start choking while the PS4 will keep on rocking!

          • TheGreaterGamer

            hey another ad for the ps4

          • Crossphyre


            This is an example of how the XB1 can leverage cloud computing to push visuals beyond what the PS4 is capable of.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              That ‘demo’ has left more questions than answers. Let’s see what the real world results will be like when you have hundreds of thousands of users relying on “da Cloudz”! Hope your connection and ping time holds up!

            • Crossphyre

              75 down/10 up. I think I am good. I appreciate your concern.

      • mathMaticks

        Not to mention, Rumor on the Street has it, Ps4 is getting Lead System support after the contract is up. -this year.

        • Xtreme Derp

          That wouldn’t be a surprise.

      • Chris Cousins

        its not 1080p dude! “they lied to you show poni”

        • Jonah Thrillz

          Denial seems to be problem with you. Keep yourself in the dark you silly fanboy.

          • Chris Cousins

            denial??? ive only ever posted one comment so how can you fathom that??.. clearly your making your statement because im sat firmly on xb1 (i own a ps4) i just dont like it. i also gave a year to ps3′ so i could making an informed desion’ when going to next gen. sorry i have to say ‘ i like xbox one.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Your first comment was just full of shiet. You still haven’t proven why it’s not 1080p for Ghosts. Where’s your proof son?
              Your second comment is laughable and verbal diarrhea.

              I also tested both consoles and it’s very clear the PS4 is the overall winner. That is as an informed decision as one can make.

      • TheGreaterGamer

        what a nice place for a ps4 ad, an xbox one article

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  • badger

    The only complaint I have is the time it takes to update. I live in a remote area and the last update took 2 weeks, dunno why cause that’s how long it took the whole game to download! Anyway maybe they could have the update download and install within a few minutes instead of installing over the whole download time!

    • ColonelBoston

      Two weeks? Either you’re the king of hyperbole or you need to update from AOL 95.

    • Miyagi

      Dude I have 3 megas and it took me 1:30 hour to download

  • Dennis Crosby

    Are people even playing ghost anymore? Its an honest question last time I played was back in January

    • Jason Lane

      Over 100,000 at any given time. It’s lowest point maybe ever, but still a lot of people for a console shooter.

      • thatoneguy

        Maybe on last gen, I decided to get on X1 last night actually, after I was taking a break from BF4. The total number of online players in playlists as of 8pm on Wednesday night was ~7k

        • Jason Lane

          I’m using Ghosts on 360 as an example.

      • Joshua Hoffman

        On X1 I get about 24,000.