Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward Clarifies What The Deal Is With Dedicated Servers

“So, what exactly is the deal with Call of Duty: Ghosts’ dedicated servers that we were promised so long ago? Why do I still have to put up with ‘Host Migrations’?”

These are a few of the questions you might be asking yourself a few weeks in to Call of Duty: Ghosts’ life cycle. Developers Infinity Ward do have the answer, however.

In a Twitter update earlier today from the studio, the team clarified that Ghosts is running on a hybrid system that combines both listen servers and dedicated servers. What you are using while you game depends entirely on your connection.

Here’s the official statement:

Just a reminder that we are using a hybrid system for Ghosts online play to deliver the best possible connection. So sometimes you might be on listen-servers and sometimes you might be on dedicated servers, depending on which offers the better connection. We’re making tweaks every day to improve the experience across all platforms, more updates to come. And yes, with today’s launch of Xbox One, there will be dedicated server support.

This falls in line with an earlier statement from Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin who said, “Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen and PC with Ghosts. And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible.”

So, no need to label any one as a liar at this point! How have you found your online experience with Call of Duty: Ghosts so far? Better, or worse?

  • VisceralVenom


  • dieger

    too cheap to just do all dedi huh activison?

    • Se7en

      Billions of dollars is not a lot of money. Give them a break. Besides how else will they pay for the Epic Megan Fox commercials. That is more important then dedicated servers dude.

      • dieger

        bwhahaha love your comment XD

      • Wrathchildx666x

        Amen to that

      • Se7en

        lol im soo stupid i cant count.

  • Zachary Myers

    I kept telling people that dedicated servers would be too expensive for the consoles. The only reason why Xbox One is getting them is because Microsoft is pitching in with their servers. I’m not sure about PS4 though.

    • Joe Neupert

      Why can battlefield do it and COD can’t?

      • Zachary Myers

        The answer: sheer numbers. While Battlefield is a popular title, Call of Duty has more population in their servers, making it more difficult for dedis to operate. Battlefield, on the other hand, doesn’t have a higher population, making it easier for dedis to function.

        However, from what I’ve heard, dedis for the console versions of Battlefield were only for one game mode, while everything else was P2P (but I’m sure the Xbox One version can support dedis because of the cost that is reduced thanks to Microsoft chipping in).

        In regards to the platforms, the PC versions of both COD and BF always have dedis because of the population count on that platform being nothing close to the consoles.

        • calcu007

          not all xbox one games use the MS dedicated serverd. BF4 use EA server not MS

      • DanDustEmOff

        Servers are only a part of the issue. Yes BF4 does have dedicated servers but it also has bad netcode. Ghosts netcode is excellent and kind of negates the need for every game to be ran on dedicated servers.

        • xSICKAMOREx

          Bad NetCode? Explain this to me BF supports 64 players on Large Conquest with Vehicles Planes Tanks Humvee s etc. how the hell can you tell me they have bad netcode and COD can’t get 6v6 to work on small maps.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Because BF games run on dedicated servers. Net code quality has little to do with player count. Player count is determined by the amount of traffic the server or host can handle. When hosting your console has to deal with everything that is going on, this is why BF games have servers. BF games just wouldn’t work on a p2p system there is too much going on for a console to handle it all.

            • xSICKAMOREx

              I do realize netcode has nothing to do with player count but it has allot to do with the data that this handle to and from host to client. This is network data were talking about which it doesn’t matter if it’s p2p or dedicated it still handles network data from a multiplayer standpoint.

              I understand the difference between a p2p and a dedicated server but I really don’t understand your claim of bad netcode when in fact netcode works in conjuction in either case whether it’s dedicated or p2p it still a method of taking data to and from. So if netcode plays a part on dedicated server how is it bad on BF4 again please explain your claim.

              Net = Network/LAN/WAN/INTERNET

              Code= DATA

            • DanDustEmOff

              Forgive me for dumbing my reply down. A lot of people who comment here are not well educated in areas like this. Sometimes my comments go over some peoples heads. You clearly have a good understanding of this subject, maybe more so than I do myself.

              My main issue with the network code on BF3 more so than 4 is the hit detection, sometimes it just seems to be out quite a lot. This could be that the code for detecting hits is off or the lag compensation has a few issues or it could be the fact that the servers use client side hit registration rather than letting the server deal with it.

              I’m not saying the net code is the worst I have ever come across because BO2 wins that one hands down. There is however much room for improvement, Crysis 3, CS, MW1,2 and Ghosts are great examples of how network code should work and Dice should aspire to have great net code like these games.

              Unfortunately though I have had to uninstal BF4 because I have had several severe crashes and it got to the point where enough was enough.

      • opossumallawishes

        Bf doesn’t work at all

  • Alpine

    well if it is not fixed by december 5 I’m returning my copy..i have not opened it yet as i know the servers are shit and the spawns are fked up .

    • opossumallawishes

      You need to stop listening to all the little kiddies who can’t adapt to the new play style. The game works on old gen and weapons/perks are very balanced.

      • jbillini

        oh wow big shot know it all lol…. Just because you don’t lag doesn’t mean others don’t Einstein! Get over yourself lol….

        • opossumallawishes

          You replied to the wrong comment, tard. Try again.

  • born2expire

    still a better online experience than BF4 atm.

    • dieger


      *comment has crashed*

    • dpg70

      Better now, but still not the best. Those choke points on 64 player locker are lagfests.

      • born2expire

        I disagree, I get more trades and 1 hit deaths now than i did at launch. Seriously 50% of more of my deaths are “WTF just happened”.

    • Michael W

      No problems on Xbox One. 😀 64 servers work, no crashes yet!

    • Davee

      fail comment.

    • baha

      add 2000 ms ping to bf4 connection , triple the packet loss , and tell a friend constantly unplugging ethernet cable… and bf4 will still play 100 times better than cod ghosts at his best.. you do not know a single thing about online gaming .. and people like you are responsible for the current state of hideousness of cod franchise… you people do not know what is good , decent , bad or worse on online gaming … you will just take a pile of shit rub it all over your face and call it “hmmm , nice facial beauty mask , i know , cuz i paid for it and it has activision stamp on it! ..” .. retards…

  • Nothavingit

    I seriously haven’t had one host migration and I think this games online is one of the best……………….so far.

    • dieger

      true i only had laggy games once or twice at the most overall the online experience may well be the best since COD4

    • I don’t play often but I can tell you I’ve witnessed only one host migrations and that was on launch day. I can’t really say if the online has gotten better or worse but it’s a lot more stable than my shooter of choice atm

    • opossumallawishes

      This is the best COD in my opinion, and the mp works great. I’m on ps3 and have 4 days of play time without any major problems, unlike my bf4 or other COD titles.

  • thinh

    My connection experience in COD: Ghosts PS3 is pretty good at the moment where I have had only one host migration and one host disconnection. This is not as bad as compared to Black ops 2 where usually 1 in 5 of my game I would always suffer a ddos, lag spike, host migration or disconnection.

    My only problem is that spawns feels a bit off even after that 2nd patch and for some reason whenever I go a one on one gun fight with a sniper, its like they were able to quick scope me even though I shot so many bullets into them.

    But yeah, this game plays well for me despite the negative reviews.

  • MegaMan3k

    Infinity ward puts 1 dedicated server in the mix.
    “Guys, dedicated servers are now active on all platforms. We didn’t lie. See. We have a server up. :)”

    Activision / Infinity Ward / Treyarch need to get their crap together because Black Ops 2 and Ghosts are the most unplayable pieces of crap that it’s utterly embarassing to even see them on my “recent played” lists.

    Call of Duty is dead. All hail Resogun.

  • Blaine Reinsma

    I’m truly convinced they have a total of less than 10 dedicated servers up just so they can claim they have dedi’s as a marketing ploy to try boosting sales, yet they aren’t actually spending a dime to help improve connectivity. I understand it’s expensive to build an entire server network for a game as huge as COD across 6 platforms, but trust me, Activision has the money to do it, three times over.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Tbh with the connection quality that Ghosts offers compared to BF4 I am happy with the system that IW have put in place. After 3 years of horrible lag issues Ghosts is q breath of fresh air.

  • jahladagaming

    Now if they increased the health, really did dedicated servers (I still don’t believe it) and all the DLC maps were small and 9v9 was included on the bigger maps this may very well be a winning COD title.

  • cwatz

    I find it inconsistent. Its not absolutely terrible like MW3 and BO2’s, where every game felt laggy and terrible. On the flipside im still running into hiccups every now and then where it doesn’t feel as smooth as I would like.

    Overall im ok with it.

  • Austin Parker

    its been good sometimes the host will leave mid game and cause the match 2 drop out but thats only happened once

    • Austin Parker

      i have set my DNS servers to match COD’s so I get as good a connection as possible.

      • Tyler Johnson

        What are the dns servers for cod? I’m thinking about trying this as well.

  • Axel Lindström

    People who say that ghosts doesn’t lag, don’t know what lag or lag compensation is.
    Host migration is not lag… It’s when the game decides to switch host because he left, disconnected or had a bad host. What lag and lag compensation is, is when people have diffenent connections to the host or server, causing people to have a 1 second advantage when going around corners, or they’ll shoot you around corners, and stuff like people proning and jumping displays way too late. Lag doesn’t always have to be obvious and that’s what all the companies making cod are trying to do, hide the lag by making a lag compensation system. Lag comp increases everybodys ping to the guy with the highest in the lobby. In theory that would word, but it really doens’t. Im not technical proffesional but this is what i’ve heard and experienced myself. I’m personally having a horrible and laggy experience with ghosts even though i’ve only had 1 host migration in 28 hours playtime. (the lag im experiencing is not related to my connection: 107 Download, 98 Upload, 7ms Ping, and an open NAT Type).

    • 1BarIsCritikal

      The exact same thing is happening to me but nobody realizes! The thing is that even when there’s lag, there’s no host migration….the only time there is, is if the host leaves the game…this makes me hate cod soo much since they NEVER had this problem in HISTORY! I’ve been in lobbies where I see teammates teleporting and no host migration! Back in older cod games..when you detect lag yourself, it’s like the server read your Mind and there was host migration right away….I think we’re being trolled by cod because they promised no quick scoping(became easier than using a gun) as well as dedicated servers(still haven’t had them in the older consoles even after promised for all new and old consoles)

    • Jake

      If you have a DMZ option in your router, use it for the Xbox, that is the best option outside of buying a server and setting up a domain! Try it out, I’m no professional, just do it as a hobby , but before I used my DNS I always used DMZ., I’m running a 100mbps down 7mbps up, my own DNS, cat7 cables up to 1gb transfer speeds, TP-Link Ultimate gaming router.

  • Shad Amaron Stratton

    Infinity ward is so full of bull. A hybrid system? Its a cop out system. Dedicated servers will always be superior to host based games and more expensive. So infinity ward is using both and probably 95% host and 5% dedicated. Ive put 3 days into ghost and never once played on a dedicated server. Infinity ward is a bunch of everlasting infinite bull S$%#ers

  • Killingfetish

    Much better since the xbox one version released. It was damn near unplayable for me on 360

  • James Cole

    Im having a terrible time with this game. Spawn deaths in every game. Massive lag. I lose almost every 1v1. Its like everyone sees me a full second before I see them. I am a fair way away from those i play with but blops2 was far less delayed for me. And did i mention the spawns? I wentalways top 3 in blops2 to near the bottom. This is a very broken game. Oh, and the spawns…
    I find it surprising so many are having good online experiences. Maybe im tge poor bastard you are all shooting from across the map with a handgun before i have time to fire my sniper. And then spawn in front of you. Or on top of your i.e.d. Or both.

    • 1Hoss

      James, it’s you and me getting smoked like that. I see someone coming, all of a sudden they disappear, they reappear and I’m lying there dead. I’ve given up on the game.

    • Kevin Smith

      Im having a bad time with Ghosts to the point its boring me. Its taking me a full mag on any weapon to get a kill if im lucky yet when Im being fired at im a 1 shot kill everytime despite me having already had 5 or 6 hits on the player shooting at me. My best game so far is 7 kills 7 deaths. Its almost as if I appear on their screen before they appear on mine. Also on a more annoying note last night in several games I was killed by the same person everytime I died however on checking the screen to see who kept killing me it appeared that the player was on my team yet his kill count stayed on 8 despite having killed me more than 20 times.

  • TacTicToe

    Mark Rubin ‏@IWMarkRubin 7 Oct
    @Tintindye Matchmaking onto dedis. Hoping to add server browser and rent-able ranked server once we get through launch crunch. no info yet.

    Nice try. He is a liar.

  • Abovethelawifyouarethelaw

    horrible experience. the worst spawns – even enemy guard dogs spawn in front of me

  • David Gonzales

    I have COD Ghost for PS4 and it lags like crazy I’ll run through for ways then be right back outside running into the wall and I have a good internet service

  • Erythropygia

    Worst lagging online game I have ever played…. lag is so bad….. I guess that’s why they did away with the ping bars from MW3…. honestly I have been playing since day one and for the ;last week I have not been able to find one game with no lag

    • Allan A. Cabrera

      That’s on you, fix your connection. Well, sort of I suppose, I get into more good games then bad, however, it depends on console and whether you are wired or wireless. I get a 15 ms ping on my computer however Ghosts reads a 50 ms ping, which I suppose is a bit standard, at least as I notice with most games. I’ve yet to see a dedicated server though, a lot of gHOST MIGRATIONS..I would enjoy the ping bar back for the simple fact it allows me to know when i’m going to rage quit prior to dying a lot.

      • Killingfetish

        For me it ran flawlessly at launch on the xbox one and I never had a single host migration. Gun battles were fair , no getting shot around corners and then the last couple weeks it’s been a host migration laggy nightmare. Now I see “finding best host” between matches and every game has a diff connection. The population doubled over the holidays. What happened to the dedicated servers? Guess IW just rented them for a month to reel ppl in then shut them down. Smh

    • Peter Peltonen

      I tried playing tonight. BIG mistake! This has to be the worst lag i’ve ever experienced. I’ve bought every COD, and now i’m seriously considering giving it up.You guys have made soooooo much money and this is our thanks..After moving around the map with no assistance from my controller, i just said BS, and turned it off. BS, BS and BS….

  • Vegan Zombie

    Matchmaking is where I am running into issues. If I play alone I can get into a game fairly quick. If I am with my friends and it’s more than three we will sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes waiting to get put into a game. I’ve noticed it only happens in IW games. Never had the issue in Treyarch’s CoD.

  • Keepah Pon

    Screw that BS. We need a server browser.

  • Chris

    Are you serious about the “no need to label anyone a liar yet” or was that a tongue-in-cheek joke that I’m not picking up on because my rage about their bullshit?

  • hazy

    it’s shocking to say the least and getting worse with the latest updates, less and less players on Xbox one. the match making system puts you in a game strait away on the other side of the world and you can’t even check where your opponents are located because they even took that option away.

  • Craig Sloan

    Error the call of duty ghosts server is not available at this time please try again later or visit for updates. This is all I’m getting.

  • Reverse

    This game is just horrible. Nuff said.

  • Issa Saad

    big time worse, middle east people are getting very bad connection and lags all the time, getting killed with 2 bullets and taking us a full mag to kill only one.

  • Shane Cattell

    complete bullshit.
    if there was dedicated servers then the hackers would be getting vac banned and there not.

    because there is no dedicated servers,.

    so i am and will label them liars

  • Mo’ Fiya’ FungShwaYy

    will not link to server . error what the fukk i spent too much money on this whole system COD is only reason i bought ps4 and server won’t connect to online game play. waste of time and money. another unsatisfied customer.

  • James Cole

    Worst lag ive ever had. Black ops 2 was no real problem. This game i have to use a marksman in hardcore just to have a chance. Still k/d is 1.97 since stopping with automatics so im making the most of a bad situation but you really have to be on the money, and approx half the time i dont get hitmarkers so its still a bit crap. No more running around for me

  • Anonymoz

    Its like i deal with lag/lag compensation every game im in. (Im on ps3 btw) other than that idk what else to do. The spawns are f****ed up its like you can turn you back and be like 2 feet away from their main spawn and they’ll still spawn there when the whole other side of the map is open. Agility and marothon is Over Powered you basically have godmode when you use the m-tar with it. Then the knifing OMG I didnt know you can grab me and knife me right through my bullets. This game is so stupid im suprised I still play it. Support squad mate is stupid ballistic vest+riot shield WOW. Its like every1 else can kill them except me. The perk system is so complicated and stupid all you did was break everything down the assault streaks are so boring. Im just….I cant believe I play cod iW is like my last hope because I dont like treyarch so…idk man

  • TheMichaelMoran

    Was fine until about a week ago. Since then, 100% unplayable.

  • tosh

    The game COD Ghosts gets better the faster you get as you get used to it, but the lag ruins any fun you are having. Constantly being disconnected from the game and getting new hosts all the time really grinds you down as well. I thought my internet connection was the cause of all the problems I was having and had many arguments with my internet provider, but these issues don’t happen when I play the other games I have and the action and shooting is much faster when I play Black Ops2. I enjoy the other games and even have a laugh, but when I play COD Ghosts I get angry and swear a lot at the TV because it gets right on my thruppenny bits, but I paid for the game so the sooner I get through it the better. I wouldn’t recommend COD Ghosts to anyone and if you have just started playing it, stop and bin it before it drives you nuts.

  • Peter Peltonen

    What the hell are you people doing there? You’re at work everyday like most of us, but you’re not making anything better. If the hospital where i work lagged like Ghost, you might as well take your loved ones out back and just put a bullet in their head.FOR GOD’S SAKE’S’ FIX THE FRICKING LAG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Peltonen

    PS: All other games are working just fine. It’s NOT our service provider.Stop shifting blame.

  • Shahrukh

    Its simple: Old is Gold….. i bought ghosts played the single payer version and finished it in like 2 to 3 hrs… when i switched to multiplayer mode it took a while to get connected and then automatically connected me to some random server..

    Anticipating my statement “Old is Gold” i still prefer playing COD4 modern warfare wherein everything is so realistic and so smooth and user friendly… u get to choose from the list of servers.

    I had a convo with infinity ward team on twitter askin them about introducing dedicated servers like the ones on cod4 wherein we get to chose. ( I personally prefer playing sniper servers. so when i had put this up with the IW team all they said was keep yourself tuned to the next updates and further more we cannot comment anything on this.
    Frankly speaking todays world expects the gaming industry to understand the needs of their customers. you just cant launch a game wherein the pre launch promotions indicates an amazing gameplay like never before but post launch everyone finds it being the easiest of all the call of duty games. Also by far the worst user interface!

    I am very sure for the near future there is not gonna be an update that will change the entire picture. The updates will be for bug fixes and lags thats it. And that for sure is not enough.

  • Nicholas Bailey

    probably time to switch to Battlefield… don’t you think?

  • Michael Mike

    Fuck you infinity ward, people abuse being host with tools! MW3 has less lag and the same amount of cheaters, games broke and COD is dead the end.

  • Jake

    Ghosts last, I get host 99.9% of the time because my DNS is located in the next room. This is the only reason I have good games. When I don’t have my DNS set in the console I see lag, sometimes I’m 1 second behind other players, because the new way to cheat is by reducing their broadband to take advantage of lag comp. One thing is for sure dedicated servers are needed or IW needs to start banning cheaters for funneling connections!