Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward To Patch Bizon Sub-Machine Gun in Future Patch

In response to overwhelming feedback, Infinity Ward will be altering the statistics of the Bizon sub-machine gun in a future Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer update.

The studio made the short announcement on Twitter today:

Twitter user Eric said it best in a very well thought out letter written to the Ghosts dev team:

“A huge component of gun selection in Competitive Call of Duty revolves around Balance. Pre-update, the Mtar has been the most popular gun because it is considered “Good” in the three main ranges (Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range). The Vector was also a popular option because due to its’ decent rate of fire and its’ strong damage. This made the vector good at close range, great at mid-range, and poor at long range (Too much recoil to be utilized long range). This meta, choosing between a gun that gives you an advantage at range while sacrificing damage up close and vice versa, was sufficient for competitive cod at this point. That meta is now essentially gone.”

“The patch has basically eliminated these two guns as options and is forcing players to only use Bizons.”

You can read the full list of feedback notes here, including a number of examples, which multiplayer designers at Infinity Ward have taken note of:

Also in response, eSports leagues like MLG will be banning the weapon from future competitions until it has been patched accordingly:

Stay tuned for more details!

  • MegaMan3k

    Does balance even matter in Ghosts? The game is so FUBAR tht every weapon is practically a OHKO.

  • jerrmy12

    The bizon is THE FIRST DAMM SMG! Of xourse its used the most
    Damm idiots.

    • MeisseN

      What? I don’t think there’s a specific unlock order anymore

      • jerrmy12

        Yea, but ita the default smg equiped, so they need to stop basing stuff off data.
        Nerf the ripper everyone uses it because its new, basically its that lol.

  • dieger

    “A huge component of gun selection in Competitive Call of Duty revolves around Balance.” Explain the Mtar,famas,acr, 870mc, etc.

  • Ricardo

    I still don’t see how the Bizon is considered “good”.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anybody else feel like COD is just throwing stuff at the wall at this point to try to keep a stale game going?

    • MeisseN

      At this point? No they’ve been doing this since ’09

      • thebulky1cometh

        Haha good point, but I mean, this is getting absurd. Voice packs, character skins, dog skins,camos, nerfs, buffs, free camos…on Xbox first, available to both immediately, never coming to PC…all on top of the regular DLC maps and weapons. I can’t keep this crap straight. You must admit- they’ve never pimped themselves out this bad before.

        • MeisseN

          Yeah. What’s the point of creating DLC skins for others to see (or for you through Killcams after you are killed xD). They’ve already saved a lot of work on announcer voice by creating only 2 factions, and the Snoop Dogg pack is just hilariously stupid. I can make a pack by myself at home in one day with a recorder and some post audio processing. And it gon’ be free, dawg *record scratches*.

  • Nathan Longardner

    They have no idea what they are doing.

  • thebigmack7

    They need to patch the mother effing dogs man.Those things take waaaay too many bullets.

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  • Hates bad writers.

    Call of Duty was never balanced to begin with, who gives a shit?

  • Johnny Neat

    I’m sorry, but when I hear competitive play and Call of Duty in the same discussion as a serious topic I laugh. Right because it takes a crazy amount of skill to find areas of its tiny and/or one sided maps to camp till kill streaks are reached and the true skill can begin. What a joke. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • roland0811

    Awesome. Glad I gave this franchise up after Modern-WTFery 2.

  • Emre

    give shotgun slight buff. In range and reduced hipfire.

  • awkenney

    The Bizon was certainly OP after the patch. It was on par with the MTAR before the patch, so there was really no reason to adjust it at all.

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