Call of Duty: Ghosts To Introduce New Diamond Division in February, Next Clan War Dated

This February, the top Call of Duty: Ghosts Clans can look forward to a brand new division in Clan Wars open only to the best of the best.

The Diamond Division, only open to Clans with at least two first place wins in the Platinum Division, plays out on a schedule that’s separate to all other divisions. It also introduces a separate leaderboard to track your performance and the amount of “Diamond Points” you earn throughout the Clan War.

You can visit the Call of Duty App for yourself or check out the screen grab below for specific details on scheduling.


More details are expected closer to the launch of the new division this February.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start preparing for next week’s Clan War which begins on Wednesday the 15th at 12pm PST / 8pm GMT, according to a recent announcement from developer Beachhead Studio.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.39.38 PM

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read up on the incoming changes Call of Duty: Ghosts developers are making to Competitive Call of Duty in the coming weeks. You can also catch the next Call of Duty Championship announcement trailer right here.

  • ChrisBChillin

    This is kinda stupid if you ask me. My clan has been in the platinum division since the first one and we just won our second clan war with this last one that just past. But before winning this last one I would see kids with .50 KDR with the mask for winning two clan wars. My point is that with this change my clan will have to work even harder for a win while scrubs get it a lot easier? How is that right. Diamond devision should get something way better as a reward then.

    • DerpSlayer

      You sound like a kid yourself, with all the worrying about masks this and platinum and diamond that. Get a grip!

      • ChrisBChillin

        The whole point of the Clan Wars are the exclusive items that winning a clan war unlocks. As I stated above they aren’t that great to begin with so I really don’t know where you get off with your childest attitude about anything I said. I was just stating an obviousness flaw in the clan war system. You sir are the one coming off like a child. Go troll someone else.

        • webjogger

          Diamond division is an opt in clan wars so if you are worried about it being tougher tell your clan mates to NOT opt in. Go after the .50 KDRs. Which, by the way, doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing to the wins. Ever try capping a domination point or run in blitz against campers only worried about KDR? Hope that doesn’t hit too close to home for you.

          • ChrisBChillin

            I am the guy capping dom points and blitz points. I play the objectives in all game modes and I still have a 2.33 KDR so you actually didn’t even come close to hitting home on me bro. Nice try though.

            • webjogger

              Good job. So, don’t opt in like I said and you can have it easier. What’s your gamer tag?

            • justin

              Me thinks he has a gamer tag with a .50 KDR and is afraid to share it 😉

            • ABomb

              All I’m reading here is jealousy… and trolling. I agree that it should be a competitive thing and not a grind. Exclusive shit for the good players… That is all.

            • ChrisBChillin

              That’s all I’m trying to say. These guys have nothing better to do than come in here and troll. Reality is that they probably are the ones with a .50 KDR and are trying to sound tuff in a forum post to make up for it.

            • ChrisBChillin

              My gamertag is Da Iron Thumb so you and the trolls who liked your comment can go now. Back to the bridge trolls!

            • ChrisBChillin

              Da Iron Thumb

    • aRandomSalad

      i’ve seen some really good players in my day. but to have a 2. kdr while capping all the objectives in stuff…i call bs …just sayin

      • ChrisBChillin

        Because you don think it’s possible must make it true. Right? My gamertag is Da Iron Thumb. Now stop trying to troll and go get better.

        • ncidious34

          This is late but kd does not matter in objectives the win counts I have .87 kd but 2.00 win loss and my clan of 13 take out high kds all the time and we place first in platinum in our clan wars this last one by 600cp non of us have a bove a 1.45 kd but we work hard for are wins and thats what matters look us up all stars clan tag strs all caps

      • cMc_Dominator

        It’s easy with a good team, we do it every day, AtroX Clan, cMc_Dominator is my PSN gamertag. your comment makes me think you suck at the game, what’s your gamertag?

        • ChrisBChillin

          My guess is he’s not going to tell you after trying to call me out. He’s gonna hide behind his computer.

    • John

      I’ve got body count and I only won bronze division suck on the you pleb

      • ChrisBChillin

        Thanks for bringing so much intelligence to the conversation.

    • John

      I’ve got body count and I’ve only won bronze division suck on that you pleb

    • Krikke Saenen

      stop crying like a bitch and go play with youre lego if you cant stand it

      • ChrisBChillin

        Nobody’s crying about anything. Simply stating an obvious flaw in the system. You make a new account and the first thing you comment on is an article that’s a month old huh? Sounds to me like you’re one of the trolls from up top.

  • In my opinion the “winning” aspect is a cop out what happened to skill? Collecting tags caping dom points kills in TDM I think mw3 & bo2 had it best but hey who am I!

  • Husskie

    Can we participate in both wars since their on different days. Diamond and platinum. Is this possible