Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC – IW Teases “Something Menacing” Coming January 28

Call of Duty: Ghosts developers Infinity Ward tease “something menacing” coming later this month, January 28.

The mysterious Instagram video in question refers to Call of Duty: Ghosts’ first downloadable add-on content, Onslaught, that was reported earlier to introduce four new multiplayer maps, a new weapon for use in multiplayer, and a new episode of Extinction.

“Something menacing is coming Jan. 28. Get ready for the #Onslaught,” writes Infinity Ward. The video, which you can check out in the featured section above, features our protagonist wielding an axe, walking through a mist-covered forest, and set to music that the studio hinted on Twitter might be familiar to some.

At first glance, you might think the scene is a peek at things to come in Onslaught’s new Extinction episode, Nightfall, but readers familiar with the “Mike Myers” game mode are saying otherwise and that it could be a new game mode on the DLC map, Fog.

Might be a little too early to tell, but what do you think? Check out the teaser and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also, keep your eyes open, for we anticipate a full on Onslaught trailer in the coming week.


Infinity Ward continues to tease Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Onslaught DLC with a new Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall image featuring a brand new enemy type:


  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    This game is so ugly its scary!!

    • Ricardo

      Then don’t play it.

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        I dont, i havent bought it. But every pc gamer that was stupid to buy it should get his money back NOW!

        • James K

          More females for me then.

        • Ricardo

          Which is why they shouldn’t buy games at launch. :p I feel bad for them though sucks :l

        • Leon

          I would, but I can’t.

  • Ricardo

    I would love this !:D It would be great if the map they showed for the Michael Myers game mode was only that dark foggy eerie map. Also if the player who was Myers had a creepy character model and blended in with the environment it would be kinda scary and creepy to play. :p

    • KillzoneVII

      Part of me wants it to be Mike Myers, the other part doesn’t because that would mean I’d have to buy the map pack, and I really dislike Ghosts.

      • Sad that I was thinking the same thing hate this shit game but this does intrigue my senses!

    • Brock

      No this idea is retarted. They shouldent make a game mode that US the community has made and played for a while now. They need to make it free in a update, not have to pay for it in dlc.

  • Leon

    “Something Menacing? Are they going to demand money from gamers with menaces because otherwise on PC version the number of people having DLC will be close to zero?

    • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

      I don’t like their DLC practices per-say, but I don’t understand why you feel the need to post comments that are almost 100% the same on all the recent CoD articles. We get it you do not like this game or the DLC, but there is no need to post the relatively same comment on every article that has to do with CoD.

      The DLC practices are bad, but you never seem to bring up how it is 100% optional. The most recent CoD to even remotely force DLC on people was WaW and that was due to the mixed lobbies, but that has not happened and DLC has not been forced since then. Don’t like it then don’t buy it, it is as simple as that.

      • Leon

        You are obviously not able to appreciate a word play. Relax.

  • Moeen
  • DerpSlayer

    Computerized Online Daycare is a menace to the entire FPS genre.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Someone has been studying. This is a new one for you.

      • Jason Lane

        Studied hard for his screen name also. It will be a few hours before he sees this because school doesn’t let out for a bit.

  • swipe_06

    Im just glad Ghosts getting a DLC cause EA will finally drop Second Assault to compete. Damn competition.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      An online german key store says its February 7th for pc

  • Mr. Thuggins

    I hope they add some game modes with this DLC or just sometime soon.

  • Brock

    I think it would be a mike myres game mode because the video showing the map doesnt even look like the pics map

  • Devin Jackson

    lol dem grafix

  • Roger Coleman

    Definitely Michael Myers. Can tell by song.