Call of Duty: Ghosts – “Price is Coming”, Says Infinity Ward, M4 Carbine Returns? [Updated]

Is Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward hinting at the return of our beloved Modern Warfare hero, Captain Price?

On Twitter, Infinity Ward tweeted a picture of the fan-favorite Protagonist of the popular Modern Warfare series saying, “Price is Coming”.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.03.47 AMPresumably, Captain Price, pictured above on the Ghosts multiplayer map Stonehave, will make an appearance as a downloadable multiplayer soldier skin, similar to the way Simon “Ghosts” Riley was brought back as a Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus.

What’s interesting to us is that, judging by the weapon’s stock, he appears to be holding a more recognizable variant of the classic M4A1 Carbine, a popular weapon in almost all previous Call of Duty titles set in a modern era. Could it be making a return as well in the form of downloadable content? Maybe. Or we could just be overlooking things.



According to YouTuber TWiiNSANE’s findings, a Captain Price-themed personalization pack that includes a player skin, weapons camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background will be made available to download on February 18, this Tuesday.

  • therapiist

    OMG he coming back!! I must get this game now -_-

    • betosobreira

      It’s just a skin… stop the hype!

      • therapiist

        I know its just a skin lol.. I’m just saying on how some people would get hype for =)

        • Jason Lane

          By some people you mean like you. Seemed excited to me. OMG I think you said.

        • betosobreira

          Yeah I know… when I saw the smile -_- I knew you are begin a bit sarcastic… lol

      • dieger
  • Katana67

    IW uses the MW2 ARMS-railed M4 all of the time in WIP development for some reason. Has been used as a placeholder in every title since then.

    Take it with a HUUUUUUGE grain of salt.

  • MegaMan3k

    In Ghosts, the SC2010 uses the same LE-style stock.

  • Jason Lane

    Could be a care package character like Michael Myers. Would definitely crap my pants seeing him bearing down on me.

  • Shane Asman

    Wake me up when the P90 comes back.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    iw is pathetic

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Whats next? Soap and Makarov skins?

    • zacflame


      • Don’t forget Kamarov and Gaz(or was it Kaz?)

        • zacflame

          By the way- Ugh, Price themed weapon camo?
          I would prefer M4 themed player skins.
          (I’ll take that back if it’s actually CoD1 Price)

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          Price and Woods are the only characters i can care about. Menendez would be another one but he’s got 2-3 line of dialogue in the entire game

    • James K

      Makarov would be badass..

  • Zachary Myers

    I think the M4 stock is simply there for artistic purposes. I doubt the M4 will return in MP, but I could be wrong. Speaking of DLC weaponry, I was hoping they’d make a DLC shotgun!

    • dj

      No just no

  • T-51B

    …The M4A1 and the UMP were cut from the game.

    • MeisseN

      The M4A1 isn’t cut, it was used as a placeholder in the BTH video since it looked identical to MW3’s M4A1. The UMP45 was also a placeholder (albeit with Ghosts’ Holosight) since it was the same as MW3’s UMP45 in Snow camo.

      BTW I don’t think M4A1 is likely to make a return as SC2010 resembles MW3 M4A1 so much.

  • Olek

    Why do you put shit like this in the news category alongside with ACTUAL NEWS…

    • MeisseN

      i think an article about a tweet of some upcoming content of the most popular game of 2013 fits the definition of news… when i read about your comment of how you stood against EA-haters i was a bit concerned but right now i can tell that you are a complete EA fanboy.

      • Olek

        EA fanboy? I guess people like you are really gullible.

        • MeisseN

          Defending EA against haters + calling news of CODG “shit”

          Me gullible.. dude you are such a fail of a troll

          • Olek

            I’m an EA fanboy because i don’t like people with too much time on their hands who just always find a reason to bitch, complain and hate on something. Alright i guess i’m EA fanboy then.

            And no i don’t consider the release of a skin in your shitty CoD to be news next to an article about a Beta test of a new IP.

            Are you going to defend Activision and their business practices.

            Also please piss off with your troll insults ya fucking child.

            • MeisseN

              Lol it’s totally right for you to call something on this site “shit” and when I told you reasonably that what you did isn’t correct I’m defending Activision. I was wrong, yeah, since a stupid prick like you should be like a boss on this site, or you would be so hurt that you start throwing F-bombs at me. I think i have the liability to tell you that I dislike Ghosts/Activision as much as I dislike EA. People don’t find reasons to bitch about EA if EA haven’t bitched upon people, trolling all of them with a bug-filled pre-beta release called Battlefield 4.

              So because the site posted news of the Beta test of a new IP, other news that are less important become “shit”. Man your logic is simply stunning. So when Barack Obama suddenly dies I’ll wait and see if the whole reader base of New York Times call other news “shit”.

              Man, if you are gonna be a troll, LEARN. Calling me “ya fucking child” only makes you more childish, isn’t it so?

            • Olek

              You are one giant waste of my time, i won’t even argue further.

            • MeisseN

              Why do I hear “I can’t win if I keep arguing, it’s a losing fight, I gotta end this”, lulz.
              Anyways, save your valuable time by not commenting on stuffs you don’t give a shit about and waging a battle, please. Thanks 😉

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