Call of Duty: Ghosts – Spawn Updates an “Ongoing, Internal Testing Process”

Players attentive to Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ spawning system in game modes like Team Deathmatch may have noticed a few unannounced tweaks in last Monday’s hot fix update.

The update’s primary purpose was to tweak Ghosts’ killstreak system in an effort to promote objective play, but Infinity Ward senior community manager, Tina Palacios, announced on Twitter today that a few TDM spawning updates were also thrown in.

“Spawn changes are an ongoing, internal testing process,” she said. Followers then asked if any of the updates would be applied to other game modes as well. “We are continuing work at the office and will provide updates as the MP team makes progress,” she replied. You can likely expect more updates from Infinity Ward as they become available.

Notice any improvements? Also, what’s the verdict on last Monday’s update? Are objective games more enjoyable with the new Killstreak tweaks?

  • jordanxbrookes

    I don’t really play Team Deathmatch too much so I can’t exactly say if I can notice a difference in spawning or not. But I’ve definitely noticed more people going for flag captures in Domination and collecting dog tags in Kill Confirmed.

    • ColonelBoston

      I still see plenty of people who couldn’t care less about tags (or winning). But I’m getting my entire set of killstreaks 1-2 extra times a match & that’s cool by me!!!

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Omg, finally you guys notice the objective problems?! Lol, at least it’s fixed and I’m happy for it, it’s a shame you guys totally let that one go in the beginning, playing the objective and being rewarded well for it is what made Blops 2 great, follow them!

    • MrMultiPlatform

      LMAO Black Ops 2 was not great. In fact it’s the worst COD to date.

      • Bri

        Have you never played Ghosts? THAT’S the worst.

  • Mitch

    You know the spawns are fucked when you spawn in a Dropzone 3 enemies are holding…

    • MeisseN

      I can’t even find a dropzone lobby, actually I can’t find lobbies other than TDM and DOM, yay *PC master race*

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Without sounding like a complaining bitch, for the first time I saw an enemy spawn in front of me yesterday, on the DLC map Takeoff TDM. If anything it might be a little worse on some maps.

  • ColonelBoston

    Spawning & matchmaking are pretty much my only two gripes w/ Ghosts. I think it is a fantastic game that’s wildly underrated & plagued with a shitty, whiny community that can’t be pleased. I say that as a cod player who started playing cod in 2006.

    My problems with the spawns is that’s there’s literally no excuse for them being bad, let alone fuck-me-in-the-A-without-a-C bad. The maps are huge (which I like) so I can’t understand why I’m constantly spawning into danger when there’s clearly plenty of safe zones to dump me in — especially given that I’m in the 360 & only 6v6 exists (not inc TT).

    • Joseph Lan

      You can call me a “shiity whiner,” but I call them legitimate complaints.

      The maps are huge and poorly designed, which rewards campers.

      The weapons are overpowered and have little to no recoil, and that also favors campers.

      The whole game is a camper’s paradise. This may very well be the worst COD I have ever played, and that is truly saying something.

      • ColonelBoston

        What weapon is overpowered? They’re all fine w/in their effective range.

        There’s camping in every cod. I rush & spend my time patrolling in and around the map’s hot spots & don’t really have much trouble w/ campers. Every map in the game (except Siege) plays much smaller than its layout. Try a different gametype — killcon & cranked are pretty fast paced.

        And if it’s truly saying something that this is the worst cod (to you), that means you don’t like other cods either, so here’s an idea: quit fucking playing the series. There’s plenty of other games out there for you to bitch about.

        • Bri

          There’s been enough CoD Games that Infinity Ward shouldn’t be so stupid when it comes to designing spawns. They updated the menu music. Wow, thanks. Now at least I’ll have something different to listen to while I spawn in the middle of gunfire. The whole game is like training wheels for campers and scrubs. If I’d rather stay on MW3 with all the hackers instead of playing the new “cutting edge” piece of shit game, THAT’S saying something.

        • Bri

          And for the record, Kill Comfirmed spawns are the worst. People spawn directly behind you constantly. Cranked is the only game mode I actually like.

  • Joseph Lan

    Fix the lag compensation.

    Fix the overpowered, noob-friendly weapons.

    Then again, I think I should just wait for the next game from Sledgehammer or Treyarch.

    • thebulky1cometh

      I haven’t experienced much issue with lag, and I don’t necessarily think the guns are noob-friendly (there’s no FAMAS, Ak-74U, etc.). I think the overall health is just too low, so if you land a lucky few hits and you’ve got a kill. And the spawns are inexplicably bad. Then again, I’m probably done playing this game because I’ve started getting the damning “disc read errors” that have somehow flown under the radar from major video game sites.

      • Cycovision

        Health is and always will be 100.
        Besides DMRs, SRs, the Ameli all guns are a minimum of 3-4 bullets to kill, the standard of every CoD to date (except games with SP, which made guns 2-3 minimum)

        In fact Ghosts is the only game to have a gun with 7 btk maximum. All that means is hit detection is up to snuff.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Instead of making excuses for dying. Get better at the game you obviously are not good at.

  • Ricardo

    Ghosts is one of those games that’ll be more fun to play after everyone leaves to the new COD Game coming out later this year. Hell after BO2 came out MW3 was more bearable to play until the invisible hack took over the game.

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