It’s Call of Duty Time – Check Out These Call of Duty: Ghosts Live Action Promos

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year when millions of gamers ranging from the hardcore to the casual will observe this unofficial, annual holiday that takes place every Fall: Call of Duty Time.

To get you pumped for the release of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts this November 5, publisher Activision has put together a series of humorous live action promotional videos demonstrating other folks getting pumped for Call of Duty in a series of unusual ways.

Check them out and let us know which one was your favorite!





Night Shift

Tea Time

  • That guy you might know

    I only knew of the first one, but damn Activision

    Slow the fuck down will you? Everyone knows you’re gonna hire a few celebs for another commercial.

    Any I personally think it’s kinda sad for ANYONE to go this length for advertising. It’s like they’re begging people to buy a seriously popular product or they’ll go out of business, so they’re appealing to as many people as possible.
    The announcement alone racks them a shitload of preorders.

    • Ryan Merrifield

      Why wouldn’t market your highest selling product as aggressively as possible? I would wager that any company would do this if they had the resources. Begging seems a little extreme. Call of Duty would not be nearly as successful if it wasn’t for their advertising which targets casual gamers which is CoD’s primary player base. So naturally they would try to appeal to as many people as possible because more people buying the game translates to more sales, which if you like it or not is the drive behind video games. It’s a product. They’re not doing this for free.

      • That guy you might know

        I can totally understand that, but these commercials are more like
        “Look at all of these people excited for our game, you should be too!”

        Rather than “This is what our game looks like, this should make you want to get it.”

        I know it’s just plain advertising, but it just seems like they put too much effort into it, especially if it’s already one of the most popular games of the gaming industry. There’s a CoD game every year, so why make it a big thing if it’s gonna happen again another year.

        • Ryan Merrifield

          Oh ok. Your comment just made me think you didn’t understand why they were putting so much effort into their advertising. But I agree, their ads as we have seen the past couple years with the Replacers and such is that their target audience is a lot more casual (Which I know I previously mentioned). Also, Call of Duty probably has the highest brand recognition among video games, and is now almost ingrained into pop culture which I think allows them to make ads like this as opposed to showing actual gameplay.

          And who knows, CoD’s audience is so large now I could imagine there are some who don’t know it’s an annual release, maybe that’s why. But to people at this forum and hardcore fans, yeah, these ads are kinda stupid.

    • BadCompany3

      Idiotic comment. The ads look normal advertising. Why would they beg if they still have the FPS crown? or the most profitable series? You have no idea about advertising.

      • That guy you might know

        I may not have much of an idea of advertising, but take a good look. Seriously.

        MW3 was announced, I’m playing Black Ops and I see the message bar ABOUT MW3.
        Go to buy a Monster, CoD Ghosts all over it.
        Go on some gaming websites and there are banners or whatever on every page about the newest CoD.
        Black Ops 2 had a Replacer video for pretty much all of their DLC, when they would slap you with a message about it every time you got on the game.

        I know advertising is to get people to get people to buy their stuff, but it’s overkill to me. Anyone who games as much as we all probrably do knows well enough about CoD. And those who don’t know of it (Which at this point seems impossible) know someone who does. Live action commercials shouldn’t sell a game, good gameplay commercials should.

        Begging may have been bad word choice, but we’ve all seen it before. Go to Battlefield 3 and see another EA game in the bottom corner with “Press square to buy now”

  • Leon

    They don’t even dare to include any actual footage of the game play. Quite smart, as it would look rather underwhelming in comparison with BF4 TV trailer. Besides, I didn’t find it very special or funny. Anyway, I am going to pre-order both, CoD:Ghosts and BF4 Premium.

    • BadCompany3

      Underwhelming in your own opinion. Maybe because you think no game could beat BF4’s destruction of the skyscraper that actually goes down in the same way, in the same pieces everytime?

      • Leon

        If you have seen BF4’s vidoes of game play and actually played BF3 or BF4 beta then you should know what I mean. The immersion and the amount of possibilities what can happen is incomparable with any CoD game. And although it is *just my opinion* it still comes from a BF and CoD vet.

        Why then your sarcasm? Did I touch a sensitive subject matter? If yes, then please accept my apology.

        • BadCompany3

          Funny that, I have reached already the max cap level 10 on the BF4 beta and still keep playing. How awesome BF4 looks and feels?, that is relative, if you play on a supercharged PC. But I play on console, as majority of the online gamers are and the looks and feels are less desirable, in fact, BF3 beta graphics look better than BF4 beta graphics.

          Not being sarcastic but wants to balance out facts.

          • Leon

            I play on PC and it look gorgeous. The fact is, that in my relative opinion, it looks much better than anything CoD could ever offer.

            But still I really like CoD game play. I’ve had an awesome experience with Black Ops 2 on PC, although I bought only 1st DLC, and didn’t like any of the later. Perhaps, I have been too spoiled with BF3 Premium, because what IW & Treyarch offer in Season Pass seems just ridiculous in comparison to what DICE offers.

  • David

    shhh dont fight it- liked that part haha

  • Jamie Marques

    they all sound a lot more like stories from a single game of bf4 😉 but seriously both games look good.

  • swipe_06

    After “the replacers”, this is quite underwhelming.

  • Guest

    this is beyond freaking retarded

  • Delta8A

    the last one is funny.

  • SamRock

    Tea Bag one was funny! All other looked stupid if u ask me

  • Angelreborn96

    “Rated mature” after seeing the night shift one, didn’t think was was so mature xD

    • FPS_GURU

      Thats my Fav…..Mybe because I’ve done it before lol.

  • jj16802

    The last one made more sense to me…

  • betosobreira

    Cool !! Can’t wait for this game anymore.