Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – All Hardpoint Locations and Order of Appearance

Thanks to Reddit user gibbymanx, we’ve got the locations of all Hardpoint locations in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 mapped out as well as the order in which they appear.

Hardpoint is Black Ops 2’s take on the classic King-of-the-Hill game mode in which players battle over rotating locations determined by the game mode. In Black Ops 2’s case, these location are not determined randomly but, instead, appear in a set order.

If you’re dying to know the secrets, look no further. Check out the gallery below of all hardpint locations including order of appearance on each of Black Ops 2’s multiplayer maps.

Source: Reddit

  • MWsRAGE_5

    If you were a smart player you would had known since the beginning that there was a pattern going on… the only patterns i did not memorize were maps like yemen and slumps cuz those maps are terrible for hardpoint because it was hard for me to improvise and move on to the next location because of all the clusterfuck.


    Black Ops 2’s Brady Games guidebook has all this information times 10.

  • VindictivePersona

    Honestly they should set it up as random points throughout the match. I’m not a big fan of knowing exactly where the next point is going to be.

  • I think that they should have random spawn points instead of the same points in the same order every game. I agree it should start in the center (like it does every match), but it should be random after that point. Makes for more of a challenge in my opinion.

    • Agreed. Also means less camping. Random Hardpoints makes for more player movement and less falling back and hunkering down waiting for the next Hardpoint to pop up.


      But that is the point of THIS mode. Holding an area down, even if its predetermined. Its not camping, its called defending the zone. Socom had Death trap, where you almost always knew where an enemy may hide, yet it was intense and fun to infiltrate.

      Why do people get so mad? You want every map and mode to be easy, a big open box, where no one can stop for 3 secs, without being called a camper? lol

      Now, I don’t condone habitual camping, i’m only referring to Hardpoint. If its not something you enjoy, play any of the OTHER game modes. PTFO, and you’ll see how the enemies flock to you.

      • There’s a difference between camping and PTFO. Sitting on a Hardpoint two minutes before it pops up is camping, because it’s not the current objective. All I’m saying is randomize the Hardpoint spawn so people will have no choice but to play the current objective.

      • ayrtonsenna94

        You missed the point. People are camping in the next location. Randomizing it would prevent that or at least make it a 33% chance of success instead of 100%

        • I was never mad about how Hardpoint is set up, I was just saying that it would be better overall if the Hardpoint spawns were randomized. I feel that the game mode would be much more enjoyable that way, but that’s just how I feel about it.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          I hear you, but you missed my point. Infiltrating campers can be fun, if people stop running in there like rambo. Use tactics, teamwork. Which is why I referenced Socom’s map. We knew they’d camp, the fun part was destroying the defenses.

          Gamers need to start using tactics instead of running around like they just drank 2 Rebulls.

    • Joe

      They’ll have to change it to random soon. This is going to be exploited to all hell & ruin the gametype.

  • I played each map of hardpoint once and was already aware of this.
    After the first hardpoint, each new hardpoint that appears should be the one that is distanced the farthest from the most players.

  • codsuck

    Black ops 2 worst cod yet still full of campers hip firing newbs and spawn trappers. I defo wont be buying another cod because of the people it attracts

    • MWsRAGE_5

      true that.

    • Seeker_84_

      LOL hipfire owns you with the right weapon!


      LOL! Complaining about hip fire?

      KILL THEM!!!!

    • Glock Lover

      As a matter of fact it’s harder to camp on this game than on previous COD. You could get only 1 or 2 kills camping before getting killed by someone respawning behind you, if you think that staying on one corner will get you a lot of kills you’re wrong, you will get killed over and over again, there’s times that the enemy respawn right next to you lol and the maps are designed to keep you moving, like the ghost perk, that’s the treyarch objective. That’s the reason for lows K/D ratios, haven’t you read posts on every site? people complaining all over about how hard is to get positive k/d ratio, it is harder because the game was designed different than previous COD, that’s why COD fans hate BF3, because it’s harder, and this game it’s harder too, that’s why I love BO2 and the Treyarch approach on this one.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        I agree. Whenever I stop for too long, i’m nervous that i’ll get shot in the back. lol

      • Glock Lover

        lol true that, another reason for the lows k/d ratios is the problem with input lag, you shoot someone first but still you die first, if they fix this problem the game would be more fun to play.

    • buddy i have to agree with u there but MW3 killed COD

    • AAAAA

      How is hip firing for “newbs”. if you’re in close range combat you don’t have time to ADS.

  • i hate all the teamplay modes in Bo2 now everyone spams C4 throwing :/

    • Bouncing betties are are pretty prevalent too.

      • Glock Lover

        Engineer+Hacker resolves that, for every action there’s a reaction.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Exactly!! People fail to use the correct countermeasures. Dont blame BO2, blame your tactics. 🙂

          • That argument is flawed. Yes they have a counter for everything but it is not possible to be able to counter everything at once… You have to pick and choose, and its like you HAVE to be running engineer or flak jacket just to counter the ocean of bouncing betties on the map… It goes back to the juggernaught/stopping power argument, and thats why it was removed from the game.

            • VEX_VEHIX

              No, its easy. Depending on what you are being attacked with the most in a particular round. If its heavy on Bettys, you use the right counter, etc. Adapt to the enemies, you cant do the same thing every single round. Is what I mean.

        • I wasn’t complaining. I was just stating that Bouncing Betties are used more. I use the damn things too, so why would I complain? Lol

  • TwiggiePantz

    Not surprised really, games on yearly releases are pretty much automated all across. Great for the first few weeks until peeps find workarounds.


    lagg comp pos headglitch city im just going to do gamebatles and play zombies cod has sold out mw2 was the best made cod excusing the fact that it had some bs in it best engine they should of kept it

    • Joe

      The most hacked, glitched & exploited game in console history is the best cod? Yet another example of a wrong opinion…

  • Glock Lover

    Best cod to date IMHO, this coming from a BF true fan and a level 100 colonel on BF3.

  • Glock Lover

    Hey David, where is my last comment? was removed for revision or what?


      I think DIsqus tends to act up sometimes. 🙁

      • Glock Lover

        lol ok, i’ll post again, sorry if there’s repetition.


    Thank, David!

    I love viewing the maps in birds eye view.

  • Seeker_84_

    Also on the maps with 4 Headquarters there is a BIG advantage to the “better” spawning team :/

  • Ol1VI3R

    Nice job man..

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  • matt

    there are 5 on raid a 5th one is in the center of the map

  • Ariana Canales

    Raid need two more, After the fourth one, there is one in the middle and another in the basketball court.


    Random will not appear. There are xp challenges to be at the next one 1st after holding it last time. I know it is stupid to post this intel here like this for the lazy dudes or dudes who didnt know in the 1st place. But good luck getting this next place captured with your new intel. Keep this kind of shit to the smart dudes, DONT PRINT ON MASS NEXT TIME YOU FOOOOOLS.

  • Josh

    why are the images so small? is it really rocket science to make them actual size?

  • eurgh

    There’s 5 points on raid, the 5th is the garden area in the centre of the map. How am I supposed to use these if I now know they’re probably inaccurate?

  • BO2

    raid hardpoint missing!!

  • PJ

    But where is the exact spawn its just a red somewhere in this place thing

    • Natalie

      There aren’t any set spawns in Hardpoint. You just need to keep at least one person on your team in the vicinity of the next hardpoint to try to manipulate the spawn points to your advantage.

  • iZacTaylor

    Raid is wrong, you are missing the central one

  • Natalie

    Raid is missing one. There should be a #5 on the center courtyard.

  • thizz43

    cry babys that’s why u play with an ancor who controls where you spawn and gets to hard points first. go play tdm if u don’t like objectives.

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  • Iain_Jarvis

    Update this

  • AlphaBreeze

    some of the maps are missing points…
    eg. raid is missing 5th middle point in rocks

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