Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Map Pack Achievements/Trophies Revealed

With Black Ops 2’s fourth and final DLC, Apocalypse Map Pack, being released this upcoming Tuesday for the Xbox 360 – PC and PlayStation 3 platforms at a later date – you can now take a glance at what the latest update is set to add in terms of achievements/trophies.

The folks over at PS3Trophies, have recently released the trophy list for the Apocalypse map pack, despite the PlayStation 3 receiving this DLC at a later date then the Xbox 360.

Check out the trophies below:

Apocalypse DLC achievement/trophy list

Little Lost Girl

In Origins, release Samantha

Not a gold digger

In Origins, share a dug up weapon

All your base

In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop

Kung fu grip

In Origins, free yourself and another from the panzer soldat’s claw in one game

Playing with power

In Origins, build all the elemental staffs in one game

I’m on a tank

In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off

Saving the day…all day

In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game

Master of disguise

In Origins, use zombie blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game


In Origins, complete all 4 challenges in one game

Master wizard

In Origins, wield all the ultimate staffs in one game


In typical Black Ops 2 fashion, this DLC is set to include 10 new achievements/trophies which are all tied to the new Origins zombies mode.

The Apocalypse map pack will be available first on the Xbox 360 this Tuesday for $14.99. Those who have the Black Ops 2 season pass will receive this map pack at no extra charge.

  • Stev-oCoal

    I see we will be doing alot of reviving. Elemental staffs? Oh snap we get to do some magic?

    • James Horn

      Think thats the massive giant robot running around, seems pretty good that it can actually pick you up.

      • dieger

        i doubt that he will pick you up did everyone forget the zombie in the diving suit with the claw???

    • NiftyGam3r

      Yeah ive noticed that also. Have you noticed all the religious innuendo in all the maps? Tranzit having a church, die rise having a buddha temple, MOTD being hell, buried having another church and now origins.

      • Stev-oCoal

        It’s a sign! Religious areas are evil! (To anyone who is religious, I am merely joking around, please do not take it seriously)

        • dieger

          prepare for the burning/nailing/stoning at the cross/stake/pit etc 😛

    • dieger

      i may be wrong but the PAP camo for WAW had satanic emblems either way i don’t care though ive seen enough horror movies 😛

      • Stev-oCoal

        What if you were playing Origins and something in the game called out your name? Horror movies don’t do that, but I guess neither do games.

        • dieger

          lol that would be cool i hope they bring the friends list boss back like the astronaut in moon that was one of the coolest things ive ever seen in gaming.

    • fateassasin

      the claw on the boss zombies claw he can pick you up you have to free your self the boss zombie is the guy in the steam punk mech suit

      • Stev-oCoal

        yeah, already discovered that. 🙂 I have to admit the EE was really interesting. and I’m liking the gameplay.

  • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

    I am guessing the free Samantha is the EE, but I don’t understand it wasn’t this before Sam was born and she is just telling the story in the future?

  • NiftyGam3r

    This story is all over the place… The fact that we get to release samantha means that this map is just a flash back that samantha is doing like a filler to the story telling someone how it all began. Who is she narrating it to? And in bo3 do we continue the story with the original characters explaining how they escape moon or do they give a proper closure to the current characters or what. Smh

    • dieger

      no it makes sense remember MOON? richtofen got into control of the zombies and samantha possessed richtofen’s body so maybe she is still in his body in 1918

      • NiftyGam3r

        Zombies storyline in bo1 happens in 1960 tho. She probably time traveled back to 1918 to kill young richtofen so that he never gets in control in the future. Idk

      • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

        That doesn’t make any sense as Samantha was not even alive in 1918 (If Der Riese is in the 40’s and she was a child at that time she would not have been around in 1918), and that this is how the whole story began hints the name. Also it makes no sense for it to be after Moon as there seems to be no structural damage to the Earth from the missiles.

        • dieger

          remember samantha, maxis, and richtofen are/were in the ether and no one knows the limitations or lack of limitations in it if its like the spirit realm then time travel would (possibly?) not be a problem. Also time travel has existed before in zombies moon,shangri la,ascension etc. so the original characters (older versions) or just samantha (in richtofen’s older body) are in a time bunker like in call of the dead. The real question is if she survived moon and is alone what happened to the other part of the team and what will happens when she changes the story?

    • Stev-oCoal

      Perhaps we go from MOON back in time to the point of origins for the zombies to stop Richthofen but by doing so Samantha gets her soul trapped with him inside of his body and the EE has us completing objectives to allow her to gain control of him and end this once and for all. However by doing so she discovers the zombies were a necessity and so keeps Richthofen under control to make sure she ends up taking over the zombies again.

      Sadly she grows annoyed that she (Samantha controlling zombies) is making her life a living hell and so on MOON tries to swap bodies but by doing so she allows Richthofen into her body and both Samanthas end up in his body again, meaning they do the time travel again, causing a never ending cycle?

      That or I just wrote the most complex story ever.

  • zacflame

    master of disguise….
    decoy octopus as the spy (TF2) as you as Tank Dempsey (for example) as a zombie…..mother of god.

  • Enrique Villarreal Jr.

    maybe after moon they wanted to teleport back to earth but they ended up going back in time as their normal selves and start all over again. IDK man just a random thought.

    • dieger

      so they transferred their conciseness? hmm possible but transferring it back in time i highly doubt it

  • Emre

    this storyline is created by satanic jews, who want to deluded the youth.

    • dieger

      WRONG! don’t listen to this man its satanic jewish,alien zombies from mars!

  • Ash Ketchup

    mecha-streisand anyone?

  • Samuel Roman-Emerson

    When Sam was in control she could see everything that happened, happening and what is going to happen. This can be proven because of Richtofen saying on turned saying: “Was that a Max Ammo? I’m not sure I couldn’t see.” So she is telling what she saw.


    Can’t wait


    How much will it cost????

  • Kyle Marston

    what time is it coming out

  • George Domaceti

    Does anyone know why I cannot see Origins Map pack when I go to update and try and download it? I already did it once from another xbox but it isn’t letting me again.