Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Create-a-Class in Single Player, Theater Mode in Zombies and 3D Returns

Treyarch lays out some of the fancy new features making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this November.

Speaking with GTTV, members of Treyarch reveal that there is more to Black Ops 2 than meet’s the eye. On top of the totally revamped multiplayer, which you can read all about right here, both the single player campaign and Zombies mode will be seeing some brand new additions that are sure to raise the level in which Treyarch is taking Call of Duty this year.

It looks like Black Ops 2’s multiplayer experience simply cannot be contained in one mode alone. For a first in the series, a feature introduced in the multiplayer will make an appearance in the single player campaign. During a demonstration of the new Monsoon level (in which a brand new camoflauge that makes its wearer invisible was shown off), it was revealed that “the little brother of Create-a-Class,” as game design director David Vonderhaar puts it, will be at the finger tips of players as they play through the campaign. This will allow players to alter their loadout before heading into a single player mission, just as you tweak your set-up before jumping into a multiplayer match. Studio head Mark Lamia also mentions that particular challenges in each single player level will require certain weapons to complete. In turn, completing these challenges will unlock additional weapons and attachments for you to use throughout the rest of the campaign.

But it doesn’t stop there. Black Ops 2’s multiplayer even manages to sneak its way into the highly popular Zombies mode. Black Ops 2 Zombies will now include the ability to record gameplay via the Theater mode, a first for the zombie-survival mini-game. Being built on the multiplayer engine, this allowed Treyarch to utilize similar features like the Theater mode in Zombies, providing fans with the ability to capture those intense zombie slaying moments.

Also demonstrated to GTTV was the multiplayer map Hijacked, which you can catch a glimpse of below:

Additionally, it was revealed that Black Ops 2 will ship with over 12 multiplayer maps at launch.

Returning to Black Ops 2, once again, is the ability to play in 3D. Players will also be able to utilize the technology to play co-op but without the limited view of the split-screen.

What do you think of these amazing features being added to both the single player campaign and Zombies mode? Surely we can expect some killer Zombie clips from the community when Black Ops 2 hits shelves this November 13th. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • MainStageNews

    Just whatched the info on TV not to long ago. Surprised to see a piece on the sight up so quick. Personally I cant wait to see some of the films people make on the theater in zombies. Its gonna be pretty sweet =) Also if we are gonna see create a class in campaign i imagine they will have it on zombies too….

    • Interesting point, but that might take away from the strategy of buying weapons and perks in-game. A specialized game mode within Zombies including that feature would be pretty cool though – Bowie knife with all the perks!

      • MainStageNews

        maybe just include the customization option, to make your guy look the way you want. You could also go as far as making the guns look the way you want or add the attachments you want when you do things like pack-a-punching. I actually made a video about it on my youtube channel =)

      • PS3Nicka

        they could maybe add this in one of the other game modes for zombies away from the story mode?

        BTW – anyone have a link to the GT-TV vid? was at work/in Australia so missed it….

  • MainStageNews

    Just watched this on tv not to long ago. Surprised to see a piece on the sight so quick good job. Personally I cant wait till I see some of the films that some people will make with the theater mode in zombies. Its gonna be pretty epic =). Also if we are gonna see create a class in the campaign, i would imaginge that it is in the zombies campaign some how too but i guess we will have to wait and see….

  • Over 12 maps? I thought it was confirmed to be 14 + Nuketown.

    • OVER 12.

    • AKIRA2020

      LOL! I won’t even touch your comment! <:D

  • uwantSAMOA

    Well single player campaign isnt all that relevent in a post-mw1 cod game so go nuts with it.

  • man NGT is gonna love theater mode in zombies!

  • when are we gonna see the zombies gameplay? please reply as soon as possible

  • leadfarmer153

    They can put all the bells and whistles they want on it. But it must have better hit markers and less lag then Blops 1. We all remember what a mess blops was for months after release.

  • PertAndPopular

    The running animation is so horrible! The game does look fun. I feel happiness when i see people get blasted…

  • Mr. X

    I seriously hope B-Ops 2 runs well on PS3 online, I will play it for a few weeks and give it a shot, I know the first week is going to be laggy and choppy, but if it doesn’t improve by the second week I don’t know dude, I don’t know what’s gonna happen man, I…err, ugghh…, fine I’ll just play zombie co-op 😀

    • maybe if the ps3 was not a developers nightmare then it would run better. (or at all in the case of skyrim dlc)

      • matonking

        Maybe if developers ensured that all versions of the game were consistent, instead of releasing half finished version on one, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

        The vast majority of games work just as well on ps3 as on xbox.

        • Dane Curbow

          It is not untrue that it is harder to develop for the PS3 though.

          • matonking

            That may be so, but it doesn’t negate what I said above. BO2 was damn near unplayable.

            If we are both charged the same price for the game, I expect mine to work just as well as the xbox version.

            • Dane Curbow

              I’m not saying it is an excuse, just that it is not untrue.

            • Do you know anything about the PS3? the way it was designed makes it really annoying to make games for. Do some research about your system before you go fan boy mode.

    • war

      don’t worry dude. It will run just fine and don’t forget you can play campaing co-op online!

  • Jason

    Good Video! I have to say the lighting looks better on this COD! I might have to pick this one up!? I love BF3 and it has only gotten better the Older it gets and the more content, But I am Happy for COD fans that they gave the Engine a little boost this time! If the Aftermath DLC is stale (which I doubt it will be!?) then I will get BLOPS2 in December, I will probably wait to get it otherwise since after March there will be no more DLC for BF3! The Character animations in COD still do look stale.

  • I don’t think the features that have been added are all that amazing. They are fundamental, basic changes, but they really do not shake things up all that much. That said, I don’t think Treyarch needs to change their formula all that much because their last two games were pretty damn good. I would have liked to see more emphasis on a barebones competitive mode with no killstreaks, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming.

    • HBK

      League play is ‘competitive’ and i’m sure barebones will be back, and they have adressed hardcore game modes a lot (such as the blood splatter on the screen, grenade launchers, etc.)

  • ghjg

    Did they have access to the IW 4.0 engine for Black Ops 2 or were forced again to use the Black Ops 1 engine?

    (i’m guessing it is the BO’s engine modified since its got 3d)

    • EcHo84

      If you look at all the videos thus far, it appears to be on IW 4.0. It’s also obvious and glaring that many of the gun models, animations, first person weapon bob while running, skins in general have been taken directly from MW3. With the exception of a warmer colour palette used…

      • dmier

        If by gameplay/mechanics change you want tanks, jets and bigger maps then you are doing it wrong.

  • cheeseburger eddy

    these ideas are really cool. creating your loadout before you start a campaign mission will improve the single player experience. the theater mode seems cool, cant wait for those moments in zombies i can finally show instead of just telling people!

  • I’m renting this first to make sure it doesn’t run like crap on PS3 like BO1 did. I haven’t seen one thing where anyone has said that they have specifically addressed the issues on PS3 with the last game leading me to believe nothing has been done.

  • Soldierofbullets

    I consider this the “true” sequel to COD 4’s mp.

    • DUMB

      Then you clearly didn’t play cod4

  • HBK

    Why is everyone concerned with how it looks and minor player animations? I’m concerned with the map design, the flow, pacing, and the balance of the game.

  • NejiHyuga900

    This is awesome news. Maybe the Campaign will finally get more love by players.

  • If they added Co-op campaign in WaW and are now adding Create-A-Class to campaign, they need to have Co-op campaign back.

  • i got it pre ordered on the Wii U so i know there won’t be any problems & lag issues,Nintendo Network is more revamped then the PSN

  • Any word on wager matches?
    This is why i loved black ops

    • Wager matches are back but it’s slightly different. They’re called party games and for private lobbies or offline. Since they no longer have cod points, it’s something where you will have to invite people to play. so basically, it’s the same wager matched but instead of them having lobbies to join to play, you set it up yourself as if it were a split screen or private match game

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  • This will be my final CodD game I buy. Been wanting a futuristic warfare title. BIG RUMOUR: saw it on TTG that next game will probably be MW4 hope not.

  • dex

    no single player zombie mode that shits lame